Location: In camp at the same place

Published in Collected Works, Volume 8, 1911

Notes by Gary Aho

'disdaining a worm, came home empty'

Yet another dig at Evans, the proud and meticulous military man, one who uess only the best equipment, and the sort of personage not normally a part of the Morris circle, so one that he and Georgie can chuckle over.

'and the expedition seemed on its legs again'

That the trek would be crippled if Faulkner had returned to Reykjavik is not an exageration, for he was WM's closest friend on the trip, one who shared assumptions and attitudes about people, situations, hairdressing, and the like. And the Icelandic Journals would be diminished, since WM delights in telling Faulkner stories to Geoerge. (For Faulkner, see the William Morris Society-US Newsletter, Winter 2014, 18-21).

'talking prodigiously, and so to bed after a very merry evening.'

Faulkner and Morris, sharing memories and ideas, both great talkers and story-tellers--this is the pair responsible for the 'prodigious' talk and thus the 'merry evening.' Proof that the expediton is indeed 'on its legs again.'