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Collected Works, Volume 8, 1911.

Stykkishokm (Stykkisholmur)

Images are of photographs taken by Martin Stott in July 2013 during a William Morris Society expedition which retraced the route of Morris's 1871 and 1873 journeys.


‘A two hours’ ride hence over the same kind of country by a road winding among the little creeks of the peninsula brought us to the edge of the sea where is a trading-station, called Stykkisholm, from a little islet of pillared basalt that standing in the mouth of the bight here makes a little harbour. There are so many houses here that to our unaccustomed eyes it looks quite a town: they are mostly neat wooden ones with trim closes and gardens about them . . .’ (IJ p 120).


Steaming Mudpots near Dettifoss


‘… on the other side of the lake were a small pyramid and teeth of lava, that led up to a great low flat crater of grey sand some mile across; then came more teeth of lava and grey-green slopes that led up to the wretched drab waste of the sulphur fields tossed up into little cones: and so slopes of grey and burnt up to N[amafiall] again’ (IJ p 228)