Location: In the church at Ingialdshóll

Collected Works, Volume 8, 1911.


Images are of photographs taken by Martin Stott in July 2013 during a William Morris Society expedition which retraced the route of Morris's 1871 and 1873 journeys.


‘Found we had gone wrong – too high up; down again along hillside till this side died away, and a plain before us running up into another valley: high table mountain at the tongue and great screens of mountains pushed out from the other side to meet: other side of Bard[ardalr] steep but green: clouds on very top of it – reek of G[oda] foss a little way over the plain. So past the foss, I just seeing it and a lower one smaller, in deep gorge, strange spiky roofs half pierced with caves all about: across river by a little stead and down it to foss – heathy ground – several streams of river, two hot, coming over foss: foss not high, moonshaped, a big rock splitting into two (Grettir’s-rock) – most character about that – not much just below foss till it got into rapids again, then a very narrow gorge all eddies, below which great rocks stuck out into the stream all mined into caves till it came to the little fall and rocks above-said’ (IJ p 232-33).