Location: On board the "Diana," somewhere between Iceland and the Faroes

Collected Works (PDF)

Djupivogur (the trading station)

Images are of photographs taken by Martin Stott in July 2013 during a William Morris Society expedition which retraced the route of Morris's 1871 and 1873 journeys.

3 September 1871 - Djupivogur

‘The first turn of the screw woke me about three this morning, and we were soon in the head of Berufirth but had to wait for a pilot to take us in to Djupivogur (the trading-station) as it was still rather thick. A sad dripping misty day it was when we cast anchor in the harbour; after the first quarter of an hour the mountains were not to be seen, nothing but the dripping shore, and the black houses of the merchant-stead. We went ashore for an hour or two, had coffee in the merchant’s house, looked over his store for fox-skins and found none: then C.J.F. and I wandered away among the rocks inshore, happy enough if not exactly extremely well’ (IJ p 181).

  • ‘The red black roofed building in the picture was put up in 1790 and Morris would have had his coffee in there. It still serves coffee!’ (Martin Stott)