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11 July 1871 Thorshaven [1]

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Martin Stott, photographer, “11 July 1871 Thorshaven [1],” William Morris Archive, accessed May 18, 2024, https://morrisarchive.lib.uiowa.edu/items/show/1661.


11 July 1871 Thorshaven [1]


Martin Stott, photographer


‘ . . . at last at the bight’s end we saw the pleasant-looking little town of Thorshaven, with its green-roofed little houses clustering around a little bay and up a green hillside: thereby we presently cast anchor, the only other craft in the harbour being three fishing-smacks, cutters, who in answer to the hoisting of our flag ran up English colours, and were, we afterwards found out, from Grimsby for Iceland’ (IJ p 12)