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11 July 1871 Thorshaven [4]

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Martin Stott, photographer, “11 July 1871 Thorshaven [4],” William Morris Archive, accessed May 20, 2024, https://morrisarchive.lib.uiowa.edu/items/show/1664.


11 July 1871 Thorshaven [4]


Martin Stott, photographer


‘We were to go a walk under the guidance of a Faroe parson to a farm on the other side of the island (Straumey), and so presently having gone through the town we met on a road that ran through little fields of very sweet flowery grass nearly ready for the scythe: it affected me strangely to see all the familiar flowers growing in a place so different to anything one had ever imagined, and withal (it had grown a very bright fresh day by now) there was real beauty about the place of a kind I can’t describe’ (IJ p 13).