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11 July 1871 Kirkiuboe [2]

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Martin Stott, photographer, “11 July 1871 Kirkiuboe [2],” William Morris Archive, accessed June 24, 2024, https://morrisarchive.lib.uiowa.edu/items/show/1666.


11 July 1871 Kirkiuboe [2]


Martin Stott, photographer


‘We hastened down, along the high mowing-grass of the homefield, full of buttercups andmarsh marigolds, and so among the buildings: the long-nosed cadaverous parson who guided us took us first to the ruin, which he said had never been finished, as the Reformation had stopped the building of it: in spite of which story it is visibly not later than 1340 in date, which fact I with qualms stoutly asserted to the parson’s disgust, though ‘tis quite a new fault to me to find local antiquaries post-date their antiquities: anyhow it was or had been a rich and beautiful “decorated” chapel without aisles, and for all I know had never been finished . . .” (IJ p 15)

‘The medieval church ruin is covered in a metal structure to prevent further deterioration while extensive conservation work is undertaken’ (Martin Stott)