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11 July 1871 Kirkiuboe [4]

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Martin Stott, photographer, “11 July 1871 Kirkiuboe [4],” William Morris Archive, accessed June 10, 2023, https://morrisarchive.lib.uiowa.edu/items/show/1668.


11 July 1871 Kirkiuboe [4]


Martin Stott, photographer


‘From the church we went into the bonder’s house which was very clean, and all of unpainted deal, walls, floor, and ceiling, with queer painted old presses and chests about it: he turned up with his two children presently, and welcomed us in that queer northern manner I got used to after a little, as if he were thinking of anything else than us, nay rather, as if he were not quite sure if we were there or not: he was a handsome well-dressed man, very black of hair and skin, and with the melancholy very strong in his face and manner’ (IJ p 16).

"Descendents of the same family live in it as when Morris visited!" (Martin Stott)