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11 July 1871 North Coast [4]

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Martin Stott, photographer, “11 July 1871 North Coast [4],” William Morris Archive, accessed June 10, 2023, https://morrisarchive.lib.uiowa.edu/items/show/1673.


11 July 1871 North Coast [4]


Martin Stott, photographer


‘ . . . I could see nothing at all of the gates we had come out by, no slopes of grass, or valleys opening out from the shore; nothing but a terrible wall of rent and furrowed rocks, the little clouds still entangled here and there about the tops of them: here the wall would be rent from top to bottom and its two sides would yawn as if they would have fallen asunder, here it was buttressed with great masses of stone that had slipped from its top; there it ran up into all manner of causeless-looking spikes: there was no beach below the wall, no foam breaking at its feet’ (IJ pp 17-18)