Völsunga Saga: The Story of the Volsungs and Niblungs, with certain Songs from the Elder Edda. Translated by Eiríkir Magnusson and William Morris. London: Ellis, 1870.

Morris's Letters on the Sigurd Story in the Volsunga Saga & Morris's Notes on Northern Religion and Mythology

Morris, William, Letter to Charles Norton, 21 December, 1869; to Algernon Swinburne, 21 December, 1869, from Norman Kelvin, ed., The Collected Letters of William Morris, vol. 1, 1984.

Morris, William, Manuscript Notes, c. 1876, "The Mythology and Religion of the North," William Morris Gallery J149.

May Morris's Commentary

Morris, May, "The Influence of the North," William Morris: Artist, Writer, Socialist, Oxford: Blackwells, 1936, 468-492.Composition of Sigurd: meter, manuscripts, revisions, 47-92.

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Morris's The Wooing of Swanhild

Morris's Translations from the Elder Edda:

8. “The Prophecy of the Vala” ( Heath-Dame they called her / At each home she came to, )

9. “The Song of Atli” ( In days long gone / Sent Atli to Gunnar / A crafty one riding, / Knefrud men called him; )

10. “The Whetting of Gudrun” ( Words of strife heard I, / Huger than any, / Woeful words spoken, / Sprung from all sorrow, )

11. “The Lay of Hamdir” ( Great deeds of bale / In the garth began, / At the sad dawning / The tide of Elves’ sorrow )

12. “The Lament of Oddrun” ( I have heard tell / In ancient tales / How a may there came / To Morna-land, )

13. “Lay of Thrym”

14. “Baldur’s Doom” (Also "The Lay of Way-Wearer" [Vegtamsgruđa])

15. Part of the Lay of Sigrdrifa” ( Now this is my first counsel, / That thou with thy kin / Be guiltless, guileless ever, / Nor hasty of wrath, )