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'Some Hints on Pattern Designing'

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'Some Hints on Pattern Designing'

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William Morris Literary Manuscripts, Vol. XXXVII (5)


William Morris




British Library Add MS 45,331 (5)


Lectures and addresses on artistic subjects


ff. 126-159b


Lectures and addresses on artistic subjects. The items in 45331, 45332 are arranged in the order given in the list (ff. 1-8), which is possibly in the hand of Jenny Morris, with notes by May Morris. Since not all of these listed items are in the present collection, the list numbers are quoted in square brackets after each article. The note (f. 1) 'Sent to W. R. Lethaby 15 Dec. 97' refers to an attempt by Sir Sydney Cockerell to get Lethaby to edit the art lectures (Briggs, op. cit., p. 5).
Lecture delivered to the Working Men's College at Queen Square, London, 10 Dec. 1881 (ff. 126-155b), with cuttings from The Architect for 17 Dec. 1881 containing a report of the speech (ff. 156-159b) which differs from the MS. The text found in The Architect is printed in C.W ., xxii, pp. 175-205. The lecture is listed under the title of 'The Art of Pattern Designing' by Briggs, op. cit., p. 10. [No. 5].