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'Art and the Beauty of the Earth'

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'Art and the Beauty of the Earth'
William Morris Literary Manuscripts, Vol. XXXVIII (6)

Alternative Title

Essays on Art and History


William Morris




British Library Add. MS 45,332 (6)


ff. 106-113


British Library Add. MS 45,331


'Art and the Beauty of the Earth' delivered at the prizegiving of the schools of Science and Art of the Wedgwood Institute at Burslem Town Hall, 13 Oct. 1881. For text see C.W ., xxii, pp. 155-174. The MS. lacks the first part and beg. at '...something should be done with it which is specially natural to it, something which could not be done with any other'. The lecture is listed under the title of 'England and the Arts' by Briggs, op. cit., p. 10. A MS. of a different version is in 45330, of which a typescript is the following article.