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No. 1 (January, 1856)
Sir Philip Sidney, Part 1. The Prelude. [Wilfred Heeley]. 1
Alfred Tennyson. An Essay. In Three Parts, Part I. [William Fulford]. 7
The Cousins [a tale by Edward Burne-Jones]. 18
The Story of the Unknown Church [a tale by William Morris]. 28
The Rivals [a tale by R. W. Dixon]. 34
The Song of Hiawatha, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. [a review by H. J. Macdonald]. 45
Essay on the Newcomes. [an essay on Thackeray. By Edward Burne-Jones]. 50
Kingsley’s Sermons for the Times. [a review of Kingsley’s 1855 work. By Wilfred Heeley]. 61
Winter Weather. [a poem by William Morris]. 63

No. 2 (February, 1856):
The Barrier Kingdoms. [a political essay on the Britain’s geopolitical interests in Scandinavia by R. W. Dixon]. 65
Alfred Tennyson. An Essay. In Three Parts. Part II. “In Memoriam.” [William Fulford]. 73
A Story of the North, [a tale by Edward Burne-Jones]. 81
The Churches of North France, [an essay by William Morris]. 99
The Two Partings. A Tale. [poss. William Fulford] Shakespeare’s Minor Poems, [an essay on Shakespeare’s sonnets. By Cormell Price]. 115
In Youth I Died, [a poem by William Fulford]. 127

No. 3 (March, 1856):
Sir Philip Sidney, Part II. The Learner. [Wilfred Heeley]. 120
Alfred Tennyson, An Essay. In Three Parts. Part III. “Maud, and Other Poems.” [William Fulford]. 136
A Dream, [a tale by William Morris]. 146
Found, Yet Lost, A Tale. [William Fulford]. 155
Men and Women, by Robert Browning, [a review of Browning’s two-volume edition of 1855. By William Morris]. 162
Mr. Macaulay. [a essay on Macaulay’s A History of England from the Ascension of James the Second. By Wilfred Heeley]. 173
The Prospects of Peace, [an essay on the Crimean War by R. W. Dixon]. 185
A Few Words Concerning Plato and Bacon. [William Fulford]. 189
Fear, [a poem by William Fulford]. 191

No. 4 (April, 1856):
Carlyle, Chapter 1. His “I believe.” [Vernon Lushington]. 193
Mr. Ruskin’s New Volume, [a review of Modern Painters, Vol. III, Part IV (1856). By Edward Burne-Jones]. 212
Fank’s Sealed Letter, [a tale by William Morris]. 225
Oxford, [an essay by Godfrey Lushington]. 234
Remembrance, [a poem by William Fulford]. 258

No. 5 (May, 1856):

Prometheus, [an essay by Lewis Campbell]. 259
Unhealthy Employments, [an essay deploring manufacturing conditions. By Cormell Price and Charles Faulkner]. 265
The Sacrifice. A Tale. [Henry J. Macdonald?]. 271
Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida. [an essay by William Fulford]. 280
Carlyle, Chapter II. “His Lamp for the Old Years.” [Vernon Lushington]. 292
A Night in a Cathedral, [a tale probably by William Fulford]. 310
On Popular Lectures. Considered as an Irregular Channel of National Education. [an essay on adult education. By Bernard Cracroft.]. 316
Riding Together, [a poem by William Morris]. 320
The Suitor of Low Degree, [a poem by William Fulford]. 321

No. 6 (June, 1856):
Thackeray and Currer Bell. The Newcomes. Vanity Fair. Our Street; The Perkins’s Ball. Jane Eyre. [Bernard Cracroft]. 323
Carlyle, Chapter III. Another look at “The Lamp for the Old Years.” [Vernon Lushington]. 336
Ruskin and the Quarterly, [a response to Lady Eastlake’s attack on Ruskin in the Quarterly Review, XCVIII (March, 1856), 384-433.
By Edward Burne-Jones]. 353
Froude’s History of England, [a review of James A. Froude’s History of England from the Fall of Wolsley to the Death of Elizabeth (1856). By Wilfred Heeley]. 362
The Singing of the Poet, [a poem by William Fulford]. 388

No. 7 (July, 1856):
On the Life and Character of Marshal St. Arnaud, [an essay by Robert Campbell]. 389
Gertha’s Lovers. In Five Chapters, [Chapters I-III of a tale by William Morris]. 403
A Study in Shakespeare. Timon of Athens. [William Fulford]. 417
Lancashire and “Mary Barton.” [an essay by Cormell Price]. 441
To the English Army Before Sebastopol. Written in August, 1855. [a poem by William Fulford]. 451
Hands, [a poem by William Morris]. 452
No. 8 (August, 1856):
On Popular Lectures. Considered as an Irregular Channel of National Education. [a continuation of the essay by Bernard Cracroft in No. 5]. 453
Woman,  Her Duties, Education and Position, [an essay by William Fulford]. 462
“Death the Avenger” and “Death the Friend.” [an essay on woodcuts of the 19th-century German artist, Alfred Rethel. By William Morris]. 477
Two Pictures, [an essay on Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s “Dante’s Dream” and Ford Madox Brown’s “The Last of England.” By Vernon Lushington]. 479
Svend and His Brethren, [a tale by William Morris]. 488
Gertha’s Lovers. [Chapters IV-V of the tale by William Morris]. 499
The Burden of Nineveh. [Dante Gabriel Rossetti]. 512
No. 9 (September, 1856):
Robert Herrick, [an essay by W. Aldis Wright]. 517
Lindenborg Pool, [a tale by William Morris]. 530
Cavalay, A Chapter of a Life. [Chapters I-V of a tale by William Fulford]. 535
Alexander Smith, [an essay by William Fulford]. 548
The Work of Young Men in the Present Age. [author uncertain, poss. Cormell Price]. 558
The Hollow Land. A Tale. [Chapters I and II. By William Morris]. 565
The Chapel in Lyoness. A Poem. [William Morris]. 577
A Year Ago. A Poem. [William Fulford]. 580

No. 10 (October, 1856):
Twelfth Night, or What You Will. A Study in Shakespeare. [William Fulford]. 581
The Skeptic and the Infidel. [Part I of a philosophical essay by Bernard Cracroft]. 605
Cavalay, A Chapter of a Life. [Chapters VI-IX of a tale by Wiliam Fulford]. 620
The Hollow Land. [Chapter III of the tale by William Morris]. 632
Rogers’s Table Talk, [an essay by William Fulford]. 641
Pray but One Prayer for Me, [a poem by William Morris]. 644

No. 11 (November, 1856):
The Skeptic and the Infidel. [sequel to essay by Bernard Cracroft in no. 10]. 645
Cavalay, A Chapter of a Life. [Chapters X-XIII of tale by Wiliam Fulford]. 664
The Druid and the Maiden. [a tale by an unknown author]. 676
Carlyle, Chapter IV.  “Carlyle as a Writer.” [Vernon Lushington]. 697
The Blessed Damozel. [a poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti]. 713
Childhood, [a poem by William Fulford]. 716
No. 12 (December, 1856):
Recent Poems and Plays, [a review of Sydney Dobell’s England in Time of War and George MacDonald’s Within and Without: A Dramatic Poem. By Henry J. Macdonald]. 717
Golden Wings, [a tale by William Morris]. 733
Carlyle, Chapter V. “His Lamp for the New Years.” [Vernon Lushington]. 743
The Staff and Scrip. [A poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti]. 771
The Porch of Life, [a poem by Georgiana Macdonald], 77