Aeneid, calligraphic trial, Society of Antiquaries, Book I, lines 34-89, f. 1 and verso

Lancelot of the Lake, MS 905.4, vol. 1, ff. 1-76

Lancelot of the Lake, MS 905.3, vol. 2 ff. 1-307

The Tale of Haldor, the Son of Snorri the Priest,"unfinished calligraphic manuscript, Mark Samuels Lasner Collection

Egil's Saga, Society of Antiquaries Soc. of A. MS. 907, 1873-74

The Story of Halfdan the Black, Morgan Library MA 3471

The Story of King Harald, Morgan Library MA 3471

The Tale of Thorstein and the Story of Gunnlaug fragment, Bodleian Library misc. e. 233/1

The Story of Frithiof, fragment, Morgan Library MA 1494

Odes of Horace, Bodleian Library, Oxford

Odes of Horace, Cheltenham Library, Song 12

Image from the Rubaiyat (1872)

Rubaiyat, Bodleian Library, Oxford Don f. 3

Rubaiyat, Cheltenham Library

The Story of the Men of Weaponfirth, Cheltenham Library

Virgil, 2 ff. Latin text

Ynglings Saga, variants, Society of Antiquaries Soc. of A. MS. 906, with marginal drawings by Philip Webb and C. F. Murray


A Book of Verse

Catalogue of Morris's Books

Illustrations for the Aeneid by Edward Burne-Jones, Morgan Library

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