"The Garden of Hesperides"
Edited by Florence S. Boos


General Introduction

Introductions to the Apology, "Prologue: The Wanderers," and Classical and Medieval Tales


Text of The Earthly Paradise

The Earthly Paradise, London: F.S. Ellis, 1870

The Earthly Paradise, London: Reeves and Turner, 1890

Kelmscott Press Edition, 1868-1870

Texts of Individual Tales, 2002 edition, with annotations


Beinecke Library IpM834 870a

  • "The Lover's of Gudrun," proof sheets

British Library Add. MS 45,299

  • "The Death of Paris," early draft
  • "The Story of Rhodope"
  • "The Hill of Venus" The Hill of Venus British Library MS. transcription
  • "The Land East of the Sun and West of the Moon"

British Library Add. MS 45,300

  • "The Fostering of Aslaug"

British Library Add. MS 45,301

  • "Bellerophon at Argos"
  • "Bellerophon in Lycia"

British Library Add. MS 45,302

  • "The Ring Given to Venus"

British Library Add. MS 45,304

  • "The Story of Rhodope," rough draft and transcription

British Library Add. MS 45,305

  • "The Story of Cupid and Psyche"

British Library Add. MS 45,306

  • "The Proud King," rough pencil draft

British Library Add. MS 45,309a

  • "The Palace East of the Sun and West of the Moon," copyist's version

British Library Add. MS 45,309c

  • "The Proud King," copyist's version

Fitzwilliam Library FW EP 25

  • "The Hill of Venus"
  • "The Lover's of Gudrun," draft
  • "The Land East of the Sun and West of the Moon"

Huntington Library HM 6418

  • The Earthly Paradise Volumes I, II, III
  • "The Story of Rhodope," final draft
  • "The Lovers of Gudrun," final draft
  • "The Fostering of Aslaug," final draft
  • "Bellerophon at Argos," final draft
  • "Bellerophon in Lycia," final draft
  • "The Ring Given to Venus"

Huntington Library HM 6423

  • "The Hill of Venus," copyist version


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