Jason having grown up to manhood in the woods, is warned of what his life shall be.

IN Thessaly, beside the tumbling sea,

Once dwelt a folk, men called the Minyæ;

For, coming from Orchomenus the old,

Bearing their wives and children, beasts and gold,


Through many a league of land they took their way,

And stopped at last, where in a sunny bay

The green Anaurus cleaves the white sea-sand,

And eastward inland doth Mount Pelion stand,

Where bears and wolves the centaurs' arrows find;


And southward is a gentle sea and kind,

Nigh landlocked, peopled with all kinds of fish,

And the good land yields all that man can wish.

So there they built Iolchos great of girth,

That daily waxed till these had left the earth,


With many another, and Cretheus the king

Had died, and left his crown and everything