Völsunga Saga: The Story of the Volsungs and Niblungs, with certain Songs from the Elder Edda. Translated by Eiríkir Magnusson and William Morris. London: Ellis, 1870.

Morris's Letters on the Sigurd story in the Volsunga Saga; Morris's notes on Northern Religion and Mythology

Morris, William, Letter to Charles Norton, 21 December, 1869; to Algernon Swinburne, 21 December, 1869, from Norman Kelvin, ed., The Collected Letters of William Morris, vol. 1, 1984.[pdf]

Morris, William, manuscript notes, c. 1876, "The Mythology and Religion of the North," William Morris Gallery J149.

May Morris's Commentary

Morris, May, "The Influence of the North," William Morris: Artist, Writer, Socialist, Oxford: Blackwells, 1936, 468-492.[pdf] Composition of Sigurd: meter, manuscripts, revisions, 47-92.

____. Intro. Collected Works, ed. May Morris, London: Longmans, 1911, vol. 12, xxii-xxx.

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Morris's The Wooing of Swanhild

Morris's Translations from the Elder Edda:

8. ““The Prophecy of the Vala” ( Heath-Dame they called her / At each home she came to, )

9. “The Song of Atli” ( In days long gone / Sent Atli to Gunnar / A crafty one riding, / Knefrud men called him; )

10. “The Whetting of Gudrun” ( Words of strife heard I, / Huger than any, / Woeful words spoken, / Sprung from all sorrow, )

11. “The Lay of Hamdir” ( Great deeds of bale / In the garth began, / At the sad dawning / The tide of Elves’ sorrow )

12. “The Lament of Oddrun” ( I have heard tell / In ancient tales / How a may there came / To Morna-land, )

13. “Lay of Thrym”

14. “Baldur’s Doom” (Also "The Lay of Way-Wearer" [Vegtamsgruđa])

15. Part of the Lay of Sigrdrifa” ( Now this is my first counsel, / That thou with thy kin / Be guiltless, guileless ever, / Nor hasty of wrath, )