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Giles of the Long Frank

Kilian of the Closes



Giles of the Long Frank

Kilian of the Closes 


The Story of the Flower


British Library Add. MS 45,327 (Giles of the Long Frank)

British Library Additional Manuscript 45,328

  • Novel on Blue Paper, ff. 1 - 54v 

  • Poems in Roots of the Mountains ff. 54-58  

    • "How is the rain upon the day,"ff. 54-55

    • "In meadowtide through day new born," ff. 55-56

    • ff. 57 and 57v, "Tis over the hill and over the dale," "Why sit ye here in the spinning room"]; See List of Poems Written After 1875, no. 36

  • Kilian of the Closes, ff. 59-109

  • Unfinished Romances, ff. 110-125v  ["Folk of the Mountain Door," 6 songs: song 1, f. 111v, 112v, 113; song 2, f. 113; song 3, ff. 114-115v; song 4, f. 115v-116; song 5, f. 123; song, f. 124, unfinished]

  • Desiderius, f. 127-149 

  • Pencil draft, unfinished metrical romance, f. 149v 

  • Story of the Flower ff. 150-186, 194-201v; ff. 150-183, draft marked "Story of the Flower," most in pen, 5 and part of 6 are in pencil. See List of Early Poems, #39. Ff. 196-97v, "For the Story of the Flower," Morris autograph on better quality paper.

  • May Morris on "The Story of the Flower," Collected Works, xvi-xvii.

  • King Peacock ff. 187 - 193 Morris ink autograph with corrections.

  • "I have heard say that there was once a fair house built by the side of a forest," ff. 194-95, 2 romance fragment

  • f. 198 plot summary for a romance in Morris autograph, "In times when there was"

  • f. 199 titled "fable," in Morris's hand.

  • f. 200 fragment of prose tale, "He would not slay be these and then"

  • f. 201 in Morris's hand, "That queer story" 11 lines, poetic opening for tale; see List of Early Poems, no. 56

Fitzwilliam Library, Cambridge, Manuscript of Phillis M. Ellis, "Introduction to "The Story of the Flower." Manuscript of Phillis M. Ellis. See Early Poems, no. 39.

"Lady of the Wasted Land," (prose fragment), Fitzwilliam Library, Cambridge, Manuscript 3. Autograph manuscript of 7 poems, prose fragment. 


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