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Autograph Poems (British Library 45,298B)

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Autograph Poems (British Library 45,298B)

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Drafts of numerous titles


William Morris




British Library Add. MS 45,298B






ff. 2-51v



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"The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice" (copyist version)
"Autograph Poems"
"Earth the Healer, Earth the Keeper" ("So swift the hours are moving / Unto the time unproved")
"The Mother Under the Mould," copyist version, ("Svend Dyring rode on the island-way / Yeah have not I myself been young")
"State-Aided Emigration in 1889," copyist version, ("Lo trim on the rollers all ready for sea")
"The Doomed Ship," copyist version, ("The doomed ship drives on helpless through the sea,)
"Near But Far Away," copyist version, ("She wavered, stopped, and turned; methought her eyes,")
"Everlasting Spring," copyist version, ("O my love my darling, / what is this men say")
Song: "Twas one little word that wrought it," copyist version
"As this thin thread on thy dear neck shall lie"
"Silence and Pity," copyist version, ("Thy lips my lips have touched no more may speak / The words that through my sorrow used to break;")
"Rhyme Slayeth Shame," copyist version, ("If as I come under her she might hear, / If words might reach her when I go away")
"Why Dost Though Struggle," copyist version, ("Why dost thou struggle, strive for victory)
"Fair Weather and Foul" ("Speak not, move not, but listen, the sky is full of gold,")
"O Far Away to Seek" ("O far away to seek, close-hid for heart to find,")
"Peevish and weak and fretful do I pray," copyist version")
"Dear God praise thee much more many a thing," copyist version
"Deep Sea, mighty wonder," copyist version 2, (from "Earth the Healer, Earth the Keeper")
"Sad-eyed and soft and grey thou art, O morn!" copyist version
"Alone and unhappy by the fire I sat," copyist version
"They have no song, the sedge is dry," both autograph manuscript copyist versions
"Three Chances and One Answer," copyist version, (O love, if all the pleasures of the earth)
Songs from Orpheus (copyist version):
"While agone my words had wings"
"O ye who sit alone and bend above the earth"
"Once a white house there was"
"O if ye laugh, then am I grown"
"O my love how could it be" 
"O hollow image of the very death"
"O love, love, love, folk told me thou wert dead"
"O hollow image of the very death"
"The Man who Never Laughed Again," copyist version


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