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Description of Early Draft, MA 5073.1-3

From the Morgan Catalogue:

News from Nowhere, or, An epoch of rest: being some chapters from a Utopian romance: autograph manuscript of a portion of the first draft [1889-1890].

This manuscript comprises chapters 1-15, three words from the beginning of chapter 16, and some material intended for chapter 17.

Purchased by the Gordon N. Ray Fund, 2000.

Inscribed by Cockerell: "1st draft of the beginnings of News from Nowhere. The book was continued in two copy books which passed into the possession of F.S. Ellis after WM’s death and were given by him to me and enclosed in a red morocco case - They end abruptly in ch. XVI. The additions A1-3 were given to me by Emery Walker. They were intended for ch. XVII."

The Morgan Library also holds a later draft of this work (MA 4591).

MA 5073.1: Original holland-backed Kelmscott boards; MA 5073.2: a copy book with original cloth-backed marbled wrappers; MA 5073.3: a copy book with original limp leather.

MA 5073.1: Nine pages were presented by Morris to Sydney Cockerell and 3 pages marked A1-3 presented by Emery Walker to Cockerell. MA 5073.2-3: presented by F.S. Ellis to Cockerell, each copy book marked "S.C. Cockerell (given to me by W.M.)" MA 5073.1 and .3 with the bookplate of Freeman Bass. All three volumes purchased by the Gordon N. Ray Fund in 2000.

Bass, Freeman, former owner.

Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, Sir, 1867-1962, former owner.

Ellis, Frederick Startridge, 1830-1901, former owner.

Walker, Emery, Sir, 1851-1933, former owner.

News from Nowhere was serialized in The Commonweal, the Socialist League journal, between Jan. and Oct. 1890; it was published in a trade edition in 1891 and by the Kelmscott Press in 1892.

With clipped signatures of Morris pasted in each volume; and formerly with a Festival of Britain card loosely inserted.

Pierpont Morgan Library Dept. of Literary and Historical Manuscripts

Transcription of Early Draft