William Morris Archive

1. “Hafbur and Signy: Translated from the Danish” ( King Hafbur & King Siward / They needs must stir up strife, )

2. “The Lay of Christine: Translated from the Icelandic” ( Of silk my gear was shapen, / Scarlet they did on me, )

3. “Hildebrand and Hellelil: Translated from the Danish” ( Hellelil sitteth in bower there, / None knows my grief but God alone, )

4. “Knight Aagen and Maiden Else: Translated From the Danish” ( It was the fair knight Aagen / To an isle he went his way, / And plighted troth to Else, / Who was so fair a may. )

5. “The Son’s Sorrow: From the Icelandic” ( The King has asked of his son so good, / “Why art thou hushed and heavy of mood? )

6. “The Mother Under the Mold” ( Svend Dyring rode on the island-way / Yea have not I myself been young )

7. “Agnes and the Hill Man: Translated from the Danish” ( Agnes went through the meadows a-weeping, / Fowl are a-singing. / There stood the hill-man heed thereof keeping. / Agnes, fair Agnes! )

8. “The Prophecy of the Vala” ( Heath-Dame they called her / At each home she came to, )

9. “The Song of Atli” ( In days long gone / Sent Atli to Gunnar / A crafty one riding, / Knefrud men called him; )

10. “The Whetting of Gudrun” ( Words of strife heard I, / Huger than any, / Woeful words spoken, / Sprung from all sorrow, )

11. “The Lay of Hamdir” ( Great deeds of bale / In the garth began, / At the sad dawning / The tide of Elves’ sorrow )

12. “The Lament of Oddrun” ( I have heard tell / In ancient tales / How a may there came / To Morna-land, )

13. “Lay of Thrym”

14. “Baldur’s Doom” (Also "The Lay of Way-Wearer" [Vegtamsgruđa])

15. Part of the Lay of Sigrdrifa” ( Now this is my first counsel, / That thou with thy kin / Be guiltless, guileless ever, / Nor hasty of wrath, )

* 16. “Iliad,” translation. ( Singer of the wrath O Goddess of Achilles Peleus seek/ Baleful that laid on Achaeans ten thousand folded need )

17. The Aeneids of Virgil

18. Part of the Second Lay of Helgi Hundings-bane” ( Dag: Loth am I, sister / Of sorrow to tell thee, / For by hard need driven / Have I drawn on the greeting; )

19. “The Short Lay of Sigurd” ( Sigurd of yore, / Sought the dwelling of Guiki, / As he fared, the young Volsung, / After fight won; )

20. “The Hell-Ride of Brynhild” ( THE GIANT WOMAN “Nay, with my goodwill / Never goest thou / Through this stone-pillared / Stead of mine! )

21. “Fragments of The Lay of Brynhild” ( HOGNI SAID: “What hath wrought Sigurd / Of any wrong-doing / That the life of the famed one / Thou art fain of taking?” )

22. “The Second or Ancient Lay of Gudrun” ( A may of all mays / My mother reared me / Bright in bower; / Well loved I my brethren, )

* 23. “Nibelungenlied” ( In the words of the ancient stories Are many wonders told )

* 24. Axel Thordson and Fair Walborg

25. Beowulf ( What! we of the Spear-Danes of yore days, so was it/ That we lear'd of the fair fame of Kings of the folks )

26. The Odyssey of Homer ( Tell me, O Muse, of the Shifty, the man who wandered afar, / After the Holy Burg, Troy-town, he had wasted with war; )

27. The Ordination of Knighthood