William Morris Archive

Pub. CW, XXIV, 3-51.

Draft in British Library Add. MS 45,321, ff. i + 65, some written out fairly well, some in messy draft, some in pencilled outline. A portion of this MS was copied by Murray and another portion by Emma Morris. Also in British Library MS 45,298A, ff. 107-109, there are 2 pp. of the opening verses copied in Morris's fair hand in calligraphic script, followed by a page of rejected draft in couplets, perhaps an attempt at an introduction.
In Fitzwilliam MS 3, f. 27 is a one-page fragment on Paris and Helen in Morris' handwriting, containing as Helen's song the lyric "Ah how lone how lone it is," and about 20 lines of narrative couplets.

Scenes from the Fall of Troy

British Library Add. MS. 45,298A, f. 107Of Argo and the golden Fleece and her
That made and marred thm all in a short while
As any potter might do with his clay
Medea the Colchian. We shall come one day
To land in Greece and all shall cry at me
See her who slew the sons of Priamus
Who threw to earth that right fair town of Troy
Who slew full many a mother's sons of Greece
See how she walks still like a Queen by the Gods
Is there no faggot for her false white limbs
No sack wherein, close sewn and crying out
She may roll down the steep gulfs of the sea
Is there no butcher's knife--Paris               Nay Helen nay
The walls of Troy have got no faggot yet
Nor is the Bay of Troy choked-up with sacks
Full of dead Torojans: it will take at least
One knift to cut the throat of your poor knight
Perhchance a long one; kiss the place across
Here on the apple (she kisses him) lower down again
See near the collar-bone (He kisses her) and dear long knife
I shall be glad to die soHelen               O Paris
Lips upon lips we think we think a right sweet game
But I have ruined you my poor Paris,
My poor kind knight that never for himself[f. 108]Would look a yard before his sweet grey eyes[f. 109]Alas Paris that thou should keep alive
The apple to Venus to give
Wherefore is burning mighty Troy
That else might well have been a joy
To many a man when thou art dead
Paris in arms again behold
And Helen clad in gown of gold
He takes fair Helen by the hand
And leads her down unto the strand
Over the sea they sail away,
To Troy they come upon a day
And there all folk make them good cheer
They have no knowledge and no fear
So Venus kept her promises true
But God I pray keep me & you
From suchlike gifts & suchlike joy
For so they set alight to Troy.