William Morris Archive

Prepared by David Latham

0.1 The Wanderers] [Untitled a1]
0.2-0.27 how ... was] [No argument CW]
0.8 them] \them/ a1
0.11 How] [folio 1 verso a1]
0.21 how] [folio 2 recto a1]
1 Oho!] OHO! [Oversized initial O] CW
1-1080 Oho! ... need.”] [No corresponding lines. a1]
117 knees,] Kneeling to Venus (big) CW [May Morris records this note, from the verso of
the previous folio, identifying her father’s notation as a request for Edward Burne-Jones to illustrate this scene, thus indicating that Morris and Burne-Jones intended an illustrated edition of the poem from an early date between 1860 and 1865.]
261 Alas!] The Ships splitting (big). CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to
Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene.]
269 Still] *Edward on his galley at Sluse (big). CW [May Morris adds this asterisk note:
“*It will be noticed that this incident does not occur in the poem here, though it is referred to later on. It was evidently to be added on revision, and is happily preserved in the published Prologue.”]
865 We came unto another land] A ship sailing (small). CW [May Morris records
Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene.]
1025 But as we waited,] Ladies chained to rock, lions coming (big). CW [May Morris
records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an
illustration of this scene.]
1081 we came] [folio 1 recto a1]; they came, CW
1082 case] case, CW
1083 fame] fame, CW
1084 race] race, CW
1085 Sirs] “Sirs, CW
1085 ladies ... be] Ladies’ Land we be,” CW
1086 said and] said, “and CW
1088 yoke] yoke. CW
1089 speak] [folio 1 verso a1]; speak, CW
1090 fame] fame, CW
1091 Greek] ‘Greek’ CW
1092 name] name. CW
1093 was] ‘was,’ CW
1094 base] base, CW
1095 folk alas] folk, alas! CW
1096 bitter case] evil case: CW
1097 he] [folio 2 recto a1] we CW
1098 Emperor] Emperor, CW
1099 must ... year] these beasts must slay CW
1101 Hercules] Hercules: CW
1102 Yea Sirs &] <# ##> \Yea/ Sirs & a1; Yea, Sirs, and CW
1104 this] <our> this a1
1104 hear] hear.” CW
1105 have ... said] [folio 2 verso a1]; “Have no fear, fair “maidens,” we said, CW
1106 We] <Of this Lord have we no gr> We a1; “We CW
1106 might] might, CW
1107 God] God, CW
1107 dead] dead, CW
1108 sight] sight. CW
1110 some in wild] \some/ <oft> in \wild/ a1.
1110 been] been, CW
1112 the moors have seen] Greek fire seen. CW
1113 Or else] [folio 3 recto a1]; Yea, and CW
1113 flee] flee, CW
1114 hide] hide, CW
1115 there] there, CW
1116 our] ours CW
1116 side] side.” CW
1117 as] <while> \as/ a1
1117 spoke] talked CW
1118 afar] afar, CW
1119 & piteous] and piteous, CW
1120 And ... point] <But all> \And blown/ unlike a \point/ <####> a1
1120 war] war. CW
1121 And] [folio 3 verso a1]
1122 Folk] <A> \F/olk a1
1122 nobly] nobly, CW
1123 music] trumpets CW
1124 And] And <will she> a1
1125 banner] banner, CW; Procession of other ladies with banner (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1128 knee] knee. CW
1129 in ... black] [folio 4 recto a1] <with them was there a great> \in the midst a great black/ a1
1130 All ... trees] <try with black cloth & wrought with
trees> \All wrought about with cypress trees/ a1
1130 trees] trees, CW
1132 We] <Th> \W/e a1
1132 ladies] ladies. CW
1133 us] us, CW
1134 Amazed a while] Amazed, a while, CW
1134 forward] forward, CW
1136 &] and CW
1136 sward] sward, CW
1137 And caught] [folio 4 verso a1] <Then presently we> And caught a1; Caught up CW
1138 aloud] aloud, CW
1139 & yellow hair] and yellow hair, CW
1140 And] Or CW
1140 soft] soft. CW
1142 And] And, CW
1143 & torn & piteous] and torn, and piteous, CW
1144 said we] said, “We CW
1145 damsels] [folio 5 recto a1]; damsels: CW
1147 wells] wells, CW
1148 will we] \will/ we a1; we CW
1150 ye ask] you ask, CW
1151 evermore Sirs] evermore, Sirs, CW
1152 handmaidens] handmaidens; CW
1152 task] task <Shall be too m> a1
1153 will] [folio 5 verso a1] will. CW
1156 men] men, CW
1156 be] be.” CW
1157 We] “We CW
1157 fellows we said] fellows,” we said, CW
1158 Left] “Left CW
1159 by Gods head] by <th> \G/ods head a1; By God’s Head CW
1160 There have we many a full fair thing
1161 both] [folio 6 recto a1]; all CW
1161 & new] and new.” CW
1162 we] w\e/ a1; we, CW
1163 ship except we] ship, except a CW
1164 stay] stay. CW
1165 fellows] fellows, CW
1168 ladies sake] ladies’ sake. CW
1169 ourselves] [lines 1169-72 follow lines 1173-76 but Morris’s arrows reverse the order a1]; ourselves, CW
1170 lack] lack, CW
1172 back] back. CW
1173 There] There <God> a1
1173 Garland] Garland: CW
1175 Heathen] heathen CW
1176 rotted] rotted <away> a1
1177 So] [folio 7 recto a1]; SO [Oversized initial S] CW; All riding away together (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1179 pain] pain, CW
1181 meet] meet, CW
1183 armed] armed, CW
1184 thigh] thigh. CW
1185 & rough] [folio 7 verso a1]; and rough, CW
1186 4th day] fourth day. CW
1189 For ... on] <We travelled on> for two days more \we travelled on/ a1
1190 &] and CW
1190 still] still. CW
1192 hill] hill. CW
1193 then] [folio 8 recto a1]
1194 valley &] valley, and CW
1195 A] <T> \A/ a1
1195 down] down, CW
1196 espy] espy.
1197 Then] [Asterisks indicate that the second stanza on folio 9 recto belongs here a1]; Thence CW
1197 messenger] messenger, CW
1198 place] place, CW
1200 case] case. CW
1202 &] and CW
1203 drew] drew, CW
1204 past] passed, CW
1225 And saw our knights with wild eyes gaze
Upon those maids fit to entice
1205 &] [folio 8 verso a1] and CW; Inside with people riding (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1206 about] about, CW
1209 came] came, CW
1211 raiment] gold raiment, CW; The Queen, old, by herself (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1212 &] and CW
1212 behold] behold. CW
1213 their] [folio 9 recto a1] <her> \their/ a1
1213 fell] fell, CW
1215 full] full well; CW
1216 there] down CW
1217 & said] [folio 9 verso a1] and said: CW
1218 Which ... lord] “Which is your Lord, CW
1219 off] \off/ a1
1219 head] head, CW
1220 live] live? CW
1221 you Sirs] you, Sirs, CW
1222 & houses] and houses; CW
1223 bold – ] bold.” CW
1224 hear] hear, CW
1225 And] [folio 10 recto a1] <Now when> And a1
1225 gaze] stare CW
1227 ways] ways, CW
1228 thought] thought, CW
1228 paradise] Paradise. CW
1229 & said] and said, CW
1230 O Queen] “O Queen, CW
1231 gift] thing, CW
1231 head] head! CW
1232 this fair lady] my sweet lady,” CW
1233 Therewith] [folio 10 verso a1]
1234 Who came that] Who came tha<n>\t/ a1; shoulder leant; CW
1235 hand] hand; CW
1236 &] and CW
1237 Her] <His> \Her/ a1
1237 shoulder leant] \shoulder/ leant a1
1238 maidens] maidens, CW
1239 blushing] <Their> blushing a1; Blushing, CW
1239 bent] bent; CW
1240 hum] hum, CW
1241 all] [folio 11 recto a1] \all/ a1
1241 &] and CW
1242 eyes] eyes – CW
1243 Sirs] <Sirs \There/ could ha> Sirs a1; Sirs, CW
1244 paradise] Paradise, CW
1245 & say] and say, CW
1246 O Sir] “O Sir, CW
1246 enow] enow, CW
1247 grey] grey. CW
1248 brow] brow: CW
1249 Yea] [folio 11 verso a1] <we> \Yea/ a1; And CW
1250 us all] us \all/ a1; us CW
1251 save] save, CW
1252 & ... are] and grievous as they are.” CW
1253 again] again, CW
1254 O Queen] “O Queen, CW
1254 this] this: CW
1256 kiss] kiss. CW
1257 ye] [folio 12 recto a1] <the> \ye/ a1
1258 knight & soldiers] knights and soldiers, CW
1259 sake] sake; CW
1260 men] men: CW
1261 fair hair] Fair-Hair CW
1262 line] line, CW
1263 God] God, CW
1263 sung] sung. CW
1265 armour] [folio 12 recto a1] armour; CW
1267 give me in] give, upon CW
1268 Sleuse ... land] Sluse hard by the Flemish Land. CW
1269 &] and CW
1270 That ... fear] Who know no fear, CW
1272 are] are. CW
1273 country folk] [folio 13 recto a1]; country-folk CW
1274 I] we CW
1275 save ... yoke] you from this felon’s yoke; CW
1277 ought] ought, CW
1278 ye ... wit] you ... wit; CW
1279 ye] you CW
1280 sit] sit, CW
1281 day] [folio 13 verso a1] day.” CW
1282 Sir ... then] “Sir,” said the Queen, “so be it then, CW
1284 &] and CW
1284 men] men. CW
1285 And] And, CW
1287 And] With CW
1288 That] Which CW
1288 grave] grave.” CW
1289 Lady ... by] [folio 14 recto a1] “Lady,” he said,”by CW
1290 lions jaws] lion’s jaws, CW
1291 & wan] and wan: CW
1292 read ... learn] rede you know CW
1292 laws] laws, CW
1294 all Hallows] All Hallows; CW
1295 And] <The \She/> And a1
1295 Gods – silently] Gods. “Silently
1296 brows] brows, CW
1297 While] <Then> \While/ a1;
1297 mass priest] mass-priest CW
1298 our faith] her faith, CW
1299 Lord] Lord, CW
1300 saith] saith, CW
1301 said Sir] said, “Sir CW
1302 show] show; CW
1303 all] \all/ a1
1303 can] can: CW
1304 now] now. CW
1306 suddenly] suddenly – CW
1307 &] [folio 15 recto a1]; and CW
1308 Devils] Devils, CW
1309 we must believe] must we believe, CW
1330 And for the rest I dare well say
1311 Receive] receive, CW
1312 woe] woe. CW
1313 Sirs] Sirs, CW
1313 noble &] noble, and CW
1314 lie] lie, CW
1315 well head drink] Well head/ drink a1; drink. CW
1316 faithfully] faithfully, CW
1317 away] [folio 15 verso a1] away, CW
1318 if ... sin] <Our> if so ye please our forebear’s <grin> \sin/ a1; If so ye will, our forebear’s sin CW
1319 say] say; CW
1320 therein – ] therein. CW
1321 you tell] ye tell, CW
1322 days ... good] life ... good, CW
1323 peopple passing well] people passing well; CW
1324 whom] whom, CW
1324 wood] wood, CW
1325 hung] hung – CW
1326 day] day: CW
1327 sung] sung, CW
1328 way] [folio 16 recto a1] way. CW
1329 be] be – CW
1330 rest] rest, CW
1331 whoso choses] whoso <w>\c/hoses a1; who will choose as CW
1332 chief] chief, CW
1332 nay] nay. CW
1333 therewithal Sirs] therewithal, Sirs, CW
1334 &] and CW
1335 each] each; CW
1335 ye] ye live CW
1336 need] need.” CW
1337 go] [folio 16 verso a1] go; CW
1340 maids] maid’s CW
1340 bent] bent. CW
1342 & smiled gently] and smiled gently, CW
1344 inwardly] inwardly. CW
1345 Then] [folio 17 recto a1]
1346 Where being unarmed] Where, being unarmed, CW
1348 Cesars ... rid] Caesars ... rid. CW
1350 feast] feast, CW
1351 histories] \hist/<st>ories a1; histories, CW
1353 & took] and took: CW; Feast (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1354 &] and CW
1354 ladies sweet] maidens sweet, CW
1355 white bosoms set] their white bosoms set, CW
1356 arms ... feet] arms, and gold-shod feet. CW
1358 may bush] may-bush; CW
1360 summer] summer, CW
1360 thrush] thrush; CW
1362 years] years, CW
1363 tales] tales, CW
1364 eyes] <he> \eyes/ a1; ears CW
1364 & causeless tears] and causeless tears. CW
1366 noble &] noble, and CW
1367 &] and CW
1368 hall] [folio 18 recto a1] hall. CW
1370 beast by aid] Beast, by help CW
1370 may] may, CW
1371 true] true; CW
1373 sea side] sea-side; CW
1376 fleece of gold] Fleece of Gold. CW
1377-94 O ... delight] [lines 1395-1406 precede lines 1377-94 CW]
1377 O love wither] O LOVE whither [Oversized initial O preceded by sub-title SONG CW]
1378 & belted so] and belted so? CW
1379 I] [New stanza CW]; Two lovers in garden (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1379 crown] crown, CW
1379 love] love, CW
1380 above] above, CW
1381 &] and CW
1382 more] [folio 18 verso a1] more. CW
1383 I] [New stanza CW]
1384 between] between, CW
1388 Round] All CW
1388 head] head; CW
1390 me] me. CW
1391 love] [New Stanza CW] Love, CW
1391 day] day, CW
1392 night] night; CW
1393 away] away, CW
1394 delight] delight. CW
1396 green] green; CW
1397 And] <With her that was my joy & qu> And a1
1398 & Queen] and Queen. CW
1399 & did] and did, CW
1400 off ... old] now, being old: CW
1401 know] know, CW
1401 half hid] half-hid CW
1402 gold] gold,
1405 And] [folio 19 verso a1]
1406 west] west. CW
1407 CW God] O GOD: CW [Oversized initial O CW]
1408 & breast &] and breast and CW
1409 hair] hair – CW
1410 folly] [Stanza remains a quatrain CW] folly, CW
1411 die] die! CW
1412 Sirs] – Sirs, CW
1412 went] passed CW
1414 play] play CW
1415 spear] [folio 20 recto a1] spear, CW
1416 & in halls] and in halls, CW
1417 Sweet] And CW
1417 dear] dear, CW
1418 & Dancing] And dancing CW
1418 gilded walls] golden walls. CW
1420 minstrels] minstrels <men> a1
1421 hung.] hung CW
1422 palaces &] palaces, and CW
1422 green] green. CW
1423 And soon the maids were christened] Wedding (big) and ladies being christened CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1426 all] all men. CW
1427 And] [folio 20 verso a1] NOW CW [Oversized initial N CW]
1428 &] and CW
1429 by] in CW
1430 thereto] thereto. CW
1431 indeed] indeed, CW
1432 Herald] herald CW
1433 fay] fay, CW
1434 & flame] and flame: CW
1435 salt] salt, CW
1436 yoke] yoke <the> a1
1436 plough] plough, CW
1438 That] [folio 21 recto a1]
1439 land] land: CW
1440 best] best: CW
1441 scourge &] scourge CW
1442 rest] rest. CW
1444 Unto] <In> \Un/to a1
1444 country] <#>\c/ountry a1; country, CW
1445 and] <there> \and/ a1
1446 then] then. CW
1448 water] water, CW
1448 out] out, CW
1449 he would] would he CW
1450 about] [folio 21 verso a1] about. CW
1451 we when] we w<e>\h/en a1; we, when CW
1451 heard] heard, CW
1452 near] nigh CW
1452 evilly] evilly; CW
1453 last] last <##> a1
1453 &] and CW
1455 paint] paint, CW
1457 Now] Then CW
1458 For ... good as] <For if we faltered we were> \For then were we as good as/ a1
1458 dead] dead. CW
1459-1554 I ... say] [lines 1555-1670 precede lines 1459-1554 CW]
1459 If ... here] [Morris changes his style of penmanship and writes in pencil a1] IF here my tale CW [Oversized initial I CW]
1459 end] end, CW
1460 masters] masters, CW
1461 That though] Although CW
1462 we] <our> we a1;
1462 enough] enow. CW
1463 our] my CW
1464 ways] ways, CW
1465 woes] woes; CW
1466 & heavy days] and heavy days. CW
1467 For] [folio 22 verso a1]
1469 &] and CW
1469 die] die: CW
1470 Then ... alone] <And troubles came on one by one> \Then on a day I walked alone/ a1
1470 alone] alone, CW 1471 walked] walked, CW
1473 by ... shout] by, with many a joyous shout; CW
1474 may] may. CW
1475 Thereby] [folio 23 recto al]
1476 stone] stone, CW
1478 alone] alone. CW
1479 In] [“In” is preceded by a drawing of a flower in the left margin a1] IN CW [Preceded by the title SONG and the identification of the speaker SHE CW]
1479 brake] brake, OD CW
1480 Sweet] Love BV; Love, OD Sweet, CW
1480 sake] sake; OD BV CW
1481 flowers] blossoms OD BV
1481 hair] hair, OD BV CW
1482 fair] fair OD1868; fair; OD1896; fair, CW
1483 Ah ... love] Kiss me, love! OD; Kiss me, sweet, BV; Ah! kiss me, love, CW
1484 death] death! BV; death? OD CW
1485 Love hold] <Let me put> \Love hold/ a1; Nay the OD; Nay thy BV;
Love, hold CW New stanza preceded by HE CW]
1485 back the golden] garlanded gold OD BV
1485 hair] hair, CW
1486 That ... are] Hides thee where thou art OD BV
1486 fair] fair, OD BV CW
1487 Let me kiss] [folio 23 verso a1] Hides OD BV
1487 rose tinged] rose-tinged hills of OD BV
1487 snow] snow – OD1868 BV; snow. OD1896 CW
1488 Ah! ... slow] Ah, sweet love, I have thee now! OD; O my love I hold thee now! BV
1488 Ah] Ah: CW
1488 goes... slow] goes, fast or slow – CW
1489 me sweet] me, love! OD; me, sweet, BV; me, my sweet: CW
1490 death] death! BV; death? OD CW
1491 a dead days] <passing> \a dead/ days a1; a dead day, OD; a dead day BV CW; [New stanza preceded by SHE CW]
1492 Or ... way] <Bring> \Or set/ sorrow <in our merry ways> \in our way/ a1; Or set Sorrow in our way? OD
1492 way] way? OD BV CW
1493 Will ... wear] Hidden in my golden hair OD BV
1494 Hidden ... hair] Wilt thou weep that sweet days wear? OD; Wilt thou weep that the days wear? BV
1493 wear] wear, CW
1494 hair] hair? CW
1495 me love etc] [Morris writes “etc” in place of the two-line refrain. a1]
me, my love, for who knoweth
What thing cometh after death? OD CW; ... death! BV
1497 O ... days] Weep, O Love, the days that OD; Weep O love the days that BV
1497 Love] Love, CW [New stanza preceded by HE CW]
1498 As ... breath] Now, while I can feel thy breath; OD; Now while I can feel thy breath; BV
1498 my] <your> \my/ a1
1499 That I may then] [folio 24 recto a1]; Then may I OD BV
1500 When I am old] Sad and old, OD BV
1500 & ] and OD BV CW
1500 death] death. OD CW
1501 Kiss ... &ce] [Morris writes “&ce” in place of the two-line refrain. a1] Kiss me, love! for who knoweth OD; Kiss me sweet, for who knoweth BV; O kiss me, love, for who knoweth CW
1502 &ce] What thing cometh after death! BV; ... death? OD CW

1479-1502 In ... death? [The original version of this song was written as Helen’s arming song for Paris in “Helen’s Chamber” from “Scenes from the Fall of Troy” (1856-61). Its four quatrains roughly correspond to the twenty-four lines written for “The Wanderers” and as “Song” in the “Ogier the Dane” tale for August in volume 1 of The Earthly Paradise (1868; revised by Morris, resulting in two variants in punctuation, for his Kelmscott edition in 1896) and “Love and Death” in A Book of Verse 1870. There are two manuscripts of “Helen’s Chamber,” the first is on paper watermarked “1856”; similar to the second copy, its variants are cited beneath this second copy:

Love, within the hawthorn brake
Pray you be merry for my sake
While I last, for who knoweth
4 How near I may be my death.
Sweet, be long in growing old
Life and love in age grow cold,
Hold fast to life, for who knoweth
8 What thing cometh after death.
Trouble must be kept afar
Therefore go I to the war;
Less trouble, love, among the spears
12 Than with harsh words about your ears.
Love me then, my sweet and fair
And curse the folk that drive me there,
Kiss me sweet, for who knoweth
16 What thing cometh after death. SFT2

4 What thing cometh after death SFT1
5 Sweet SFT1
6 Life & love ... cold; SFT1
7 life SFT1
8 death SFT1
9 <Tr> Trouble SFT1
10 war SFT1
11 Less trouble is there among spears SFT1
12 Than mid hard words about your ears SFT1
13 then my sweet & fair SFT1
15 sweet! <W> \fo/r SFT1
16 death SFT1

1520 Unto the master of the house,
1503 Whether] WHETHER CW [Oversized initial W CW]
1503 music or with] music, or the CW
1504 quick] quick, CW
1505 not] not, CW
1506 thick] thick. CW
1507 away] <far> \away/ a1
1508 play] play, CW
1509 on] of CW
1509 thought] thought, CW
1510 some] the CW
1510 day] day, CW
1511 ate] [folio 24 verso al] ate, CW
1512 half hidden] half-hidden CW
1512 hill] hill, CW
1513 pier] pier, CW
1514 & still] and still, CW
1515 gold coped chanters] gold-coped singers CW
1515 quire] quire, CW
1516 mothers] mother’s CW
1516 head] head, CW
1517 yule fire] yule-fire, CW
1518 tower lead] tower-lead, CW
1519 vassels] va<ll>\ss/els a1; vassals, CW
1520 master] Master CW
1520 house] House, CW
1521 wand] wand, CW
1522 Yea . . . mouse] The squires slim and amorous – CW
1523 Rose up] [folio 25 recto a1] All rose CW
1524 & clear] and clear, CW
1525 extasies] ecstasies, CW
1526 ear] ear. CW
1527 An old crone] Young lady singing Crone and Rafe (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1529 bandage] bandage, CW
1530 chide] chide. CW
1531 & entered in] and entered in: CW
1532 singing] s<\ong/>inging a1
1532 away] away, CW
1533 sin] sin, CW
1534 day] [folio 25 verso al] day. CW
1535 distraught moody] distraught, moody, CW
1536 Doubtful] Doubtful, CW
1536 heart] heart; CW
1538 part] part. CW
1539 quay] quay, CW
1540 & small] and small, CW
1541 away] away, CW
1542 their anchors fall] the anchor fall. CW
1543 There] [folio 26 recto a1]
1544 year] year; CW
1545 Yet ... was] Ye<a>\t/ moody of speech he was a1; Moody of countenance he was, CW
1546 near] near. CW
1547 gazing] gazing, CW
1549 From] <Of> \From/ a1
1549 ring\ ring <that> a1
1550 shore] shore: CW
1551 At ... round] Round at my touch CW
1554 say] say: CW
1555 Now] [folio 26 verso a1] [lines 1555-1670 follow line 1458 CW]
1555 blow] blow; CW
1556 3rd] third CW
1558 city &] City; and CW
1559 within] in through all CW
1559 gates] gates, CW
1560 Men] Men,
1560 folks] folk, CW
1560 weeping] weeping; CW
1561 mates] mate a1; mates, CW
1562 go] <issue forth to g> go a1
1564 village &] village, and CW
1565 100] hundred CW
1566 worse] worst CW
1567 orderly] [folio 27 recto a1] orderly; CW
1568 the foe came] they came on CW
1569 city] city, CW
1570 men] men. CW
1571 came] came, CW
1573 shame] shame, CW
1574 not] not: CW
1575 straight] straight, CW
1575 learned] learned, CW
1576 fled] fled, CW
1577 burned] burned, CW
1578 dead] dead. CW
1579 folk ... show] folk, and great show, CW
1580 sounding] sounding, CW
1581 There] [folio 27 verso a1]
1584 dog] dog, CW
1585 city] city, CW
1586 souls &] souls, and CW
1587 men] men, CW
1587 women] women; CW
1588 young women alive] younger ones alive, CW
1589 them ... pen] them, fettered, in a pen. CW
1599 the] the<se>\e/ a1
1590 then ... give] they then did give, CW
1591 & harm] and harm. CW
1592 day &] day, and CW
1592 next] next, CW
1593 alarm] alarm. CW
1594 With] [folio 28 recto a1] And CW
1595 flights ... stones] arrows, quarrels, and big stones. CW
1596 wild fire] wild-fire CW
1597 burnt] burned CW
1597 & bones] & the bones a1; and bones. CW
1599 die] die, CW
1601 out] out, CW
1601 only] o<nel>\ln/y a1; only, CW
1602 & late] and late. CW
1603 Kings] King’s CW
1605 Who] <And found him> a1
1605 asleep ... also] about him drunk also; CW
1606 did . . . 8] .[folio 28 verso al]; took we him with
eight CW
1607 away] away. CW
1609 Thereof] Thereof, CW
1609 day] day; CW
1610 cry] cry, CW
1611 gone] gone; CW
1613 & stone] and stone, CW
1614 & spear] and spear, CW
1614 side] side. CW
1615 defence] defense, CW
1616 ever] ever, CW
1616 &] and CW
1617 armed] [folio 29 recto a1]; armed, CW
1620 ravish ... slay] ravish, torture, and to slay, CW
1621 To] T<he>\o/ a1
1622 away] away. CW
1624 the slaughter ceased] <We ceased> th<is>\e/ slaughter \ceased/ a1; The slaughter ceased, CW; A triumph (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1625 we] we, CW
1625 bless] bless, CW
1626 prison] hold we CW
1628 curse] curse, CW
1629 tear] [folio 29 verso a1] tear, CW
1630 worse] worse; CW
1631 So] Yea, CW
1632 market ... came] market-cross he came,
1633 heavily] heavily, CW
1634 shame] shame. CW
1635 his . . . off] was his vile head smitten off; CW
1636 king] king, CW
1637 scoff] scoff CW
1639 words &] [folio 30 recto a1] words; and CW
1641 put] laid, CW
1641 villainy] villainy, CW
1642 willing] wishful CW
1642 now] now. CW
1643 harm] evil CW
1643 do] do, CW
1646 &] and CW
1647 dead] dead, CW
1648 peace] peace, CW
1649 And] [folio 30 verso a1]
1650 captured friends] folk taken CW
1650 release] release. CW
1651 So] And CW
1651 nowise loth] nothing loth, CW
1652 & much good] and much good, CW
1653 oath] oath, CW
1654 them ... rood] ourselves upon the Rood. CW
1655 And ... done] So now that ended was this strife CW
1656 lords &] Lords and CW
1657 long time dwelt] <ever> \long time/ dwelt a1; long
time lived CW
1658 And ... roam] Nor yet had any will to roam. CW
1659 But 1 [folio 31 recto a1]
1660 ladies] Ladies CW
1660 things] <a> things a1; things; CW
1661 sand] sand, CW; River of sand lions with wings fiery well, ox over hell mouth (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1662 eagles wings] eagle’s wings. CW
1663 land of darkness ... showed] Land of Darkness ...
showed, CW
1664 & fiery well] and fiery well; CW
1666 Over . . . Hell.] <And many another great marvel” \Over
the going down to Hell./ a1 [This revision is in ink.]
1667 these] these, CW; Two pictures (big) one in hall one in garden of joyances CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1668 all] of CW
1668 had] had, CW
1669 With] The CW
1670 Where ... glad – ] Wherewith the Ladies made us
glad. CW
1671 Do] [folio 31 verso a1] “Do CW
1672 Garland] Garland, CW
1673 first ... seem] evil did our voyage seem; CW
1674 you ... land] you <f>\w/ished for a Xtian land a1;
that you wished a Christian land? CW
1676 christened] christened, CW
1677 quest O Nicholas] [new stanza a1] quest, Sir Nicholas, CW
1678 end] end. CW
1679 And] Yea CW
1680 Gods] God’s CW
1681 Girt] [folio 32 recto a1] Girt round \ with saints/ a1
Rayed round with gold, CW
1682 Who] That CW
1682 Endymion] Endymion.” CW [Endymion was loved by the moon-
goddess Selene who descended each evening to caress him
as he slept.]
1683 said our] said, “Our CW
1683 well] now CW
1684 true God] high God: CW
1685 wish O Rafe] wish, O Rafe, CW
1686 was ... sod] were underneath the sod, CW
1688 days] <l#>\da/ys a1
1688 long are overpast] now are overpast – CW
1689 fool] fool! CW
1690 last] last! CW
1691 Yea] [folio 32 verso a1] Yea, CW
1692 first] first: CW
1693 How ... seem] Now do all past days good days seem CW 1694 Now] When CW
1694 worst] worst.” CW
1695 said like] said, “Like CW
1696 Time . . . I] Overpast time; yet still I CW
1697 yet] yet – CW
1699 itself] itself: CW
1700 friends goods &] friends, goods, and CW
1701 That day] <A ##> \That/ day a1; That day – CW
1702 Sea] Sea. CW
1703 worth] [folio 33 recto a1] worth, CW
1704 these] <And soon> these few <ye> \last/ a1; These CW
1706 last] last. CW
1707 Behold] Now here are \behold these/ ships all boun a1
1707 all boun] all-boun CW
1707 sea] sea – CW
1708 go] go? CW
1709 sovreignty] sovreignty, CW
1710 no] no.” CW
1711 He ... of] Then said he, “Rafe, I thought on CW
1712 ago] ago, CW
1712 deed] deed, CW
1713 bliss] bliss, CW
1714 meed] meed. CW
1715 now] [folio 33 verso CW] now, CW
1716 sea] sea, CW
1718 In ... be] We thought in Paradise to be. CW
1719 short I fear] short, I fear, CW
1720 & grey] and grey, CW
1721 year] year, CW
1722 day] day. CW
1723 go] go; CW
1724 men] m<ind>\en/ a1
1725 no] no, CW
1726 mind] mind, CW
1727 this] [folio 34 recto a1] this.” CW
1728 again] again, CW
1731 last] last, CW
1731 then] there CW
1734 lords] lords, CW
1735 again] again. CW
1737 pain] pain; CW
1738 dead &] dead, and CW
1739 loves,] [folio 34 verso a1] loves; CW
1740 make] make, CW
1742 sake] sake. CW
1743 weep] weep, CW; Ships going people of shore (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1744 valley] valley, CW
1746 enemy] enemy, CW
1748 us,] us: CW
1749 The ... there] We saw the folk pass here and there,
1750 things] <folk> \things/ a1
1750 before] before. CW
1751 river mouth] [folio 35 recto a1] river-mouth CW
1753 south] South CW
1754 easterly] easterly. CW
1756 west] West, CW
1758 best] best. CW
1759 fear] fear, CW
1759 Scarcely ... clear] [Two rushed stanzas with penmanship growing larger and more awkward are followed by a small, neatly written stanza with succeeding stanzas growing more sloppy again, as Morris appears to be transcribing. a1]
1761 in us dead] now dead for CW
1762 Now] [folio 35 verso a1] But CW
1763 thought] thought: CW
1764 were] were, CW
1765 weariness] weariness, CW
1766 clear] clear. CW
1768 &] and CW
1769 Evil ... now] Or good or evil CW
1769 find] find, CW
1770 hand] hand, CW
1717 short winged ... rack] [folio 36 recto a1] short-winged ... rack. CW
1772 40th day] fortieth day, CW
1773 way] way. CW
1776 less yet past] less <and> yet \past/ a1; less; yet
passed CW
1777 day] day, CW
1778 on] <##>\on/ a1
1778 fall] fall. CW
1779 just at the] day just at CW
1779 sunrising] sunrising, CW
1780 cried land] cried, “Land CW
1780 now] now!” CW
1782 bow] bow. CW
1783 steered] steered, CW
1784 thereto] thereto, CW
1786 new] new. CW
1787 sea] sea, CW
1788 around] around; CW
1789 noisily] noisily, CW
1790 sound] sound, CW
1792 cries of men] <men> cries of men a1; cries of men, CW
1793 stirs] stirs, CW
1794 such like] folio 37 recto a1] such-like CW
1794 thing] thing. CW
1795 And ... nigh] <None the less was> \And though/ the
harbour Was nigh/ a1
1796 new] <tall> \new/ a1
1796 around along side] <and> \around/ along side a1; yet
alongside CW
1797 Harbour Tower] harbour-tower CW
1797 a] <the> \a/ a1
1798 tide] tide. CW
1799 harbour mouth] harbour-mouth CW
1799 narrow] narrow, CW
1800 So as] <Wherefore> \So as/ a1
1802 therein] therein. CW
1802 as] <Now> as a1; Now as CW
1803 were passing] passed it, CW
1804 with with] , who with CW
1805 suddenly fellows] out aloud, “O Sirs, CW
1805 there] there: CW
1806 Man] Man!” CW
1807 stood] [folio 37 verso a1] stood, CW
1808 &] and CW
1808 gold] gold, CW
1809 Yea and beside] Yea, and beside, CW
1810 old] old. CW
1811 And] <The> \And/ a1
1812 Nicholas] Nicholas; CW
1814 was] was, CW
1815 0 Jesu Mercy] “O Jesu Mercy.” CW
1816 well] well, CW
1818 us] us, CW
1818 tell] tell, CW
1819 What] [folio 38 recto a1] What! CW
1819 30] thirty CW
1819 dream] dream, CW
1820 still.] still? CW
1821 stood] stood, CW
1822 faces] faces, CW
1823 Was] [lines 1847-50 follow lines 1822 but an asterisk indicates that the stanza is meant to follow line 1846 on folio 39 recto a1]
1823 hood] hood. CW
1824 answer] answer: CW
1825 all] all,
1825 rood] Rood – CW
1826 all and presently] all, and presently, CW
1827 Death] [folio 38 verso a1] death CW
1828 place] Place; CW
1829 Yea] Yea, CW
1829 thereto] thereto, CW
1830 face] face. CW
1831 fellows] fellows, CW
1832 time] time, CW
1832 on] on, CW
1833 Just] <##> Just a1
1833 flaw] flaw? CW
1835 Doubtless] Doubtless, CW
1836 us] us, CW
1837 Death] death, CW
1838 while] while? CW
1839 Or] [folio 39 recto a1] Or <had> a1
1839 life] life, CW
1840 they] they <the> a1; they, CW
1842 gate] gate? CW
1843 brain] brain, CW
1845 tell] <utter> tell a1
1845 again] again: CW
1846 ship] ship, CW
1847 Now ... quickly] Until, as we went slowly CW
1848 grapnel] <boat hook> \grapnel/ a1
1848 &] and CW
1849 it] it, CW
1850 Man] Man; CW
1852 The ... hand] <Home to my hand> the grapnel came
\home to my hand/ a1
1852 hand] hand. CW

1854 sand] sand. CW
1855 boarding-spear] [folio 39 verso a1] boarding-spear CW
1856 side &] side, and CW
1860 old] old; CW
1861 right] all CW
1862 behold] behold. CW
1863 said anymore] did any more CW
1864 the] our CW
1865 until] <With wind & ###> until a1; Until CW
1865 shore] shore; CW
1867 And] [folio 40 recto a1]
1869 battle] battle; CW
1870 grace] grace, CW
1871 quay] quay. CW
1872 saw we] sa<y>\w/ we a1; saw us CW
1874 ill] ill. CW
1875 thing] thing, CW
1877 marketing] marketing, CW
1878 there might be] might be. CW
1879 And] [folio 40 verso a1]
1880 The] The<re stood> a1
1880 less] less; CW
1882 motionless] motionless. CW
1884 rope] rope, CW
1884 shroud] shroud <one> a1
1885 foot – Yea] foot. And CW
1886 aloud] aloud. CW
1888 think never] never think CW
1889 be] be: CW
1890 on] on, CW
1891 & ... wonder] [folio 41 recto a1] and ... wonder, CW
1893 uncorrupted] uncorrupted: CW
1894 Their ... drifted] The<re>\ir/ raiment <as the wind
hurried> \and their hair drifted/ a1
1895 &] and CW
1895 wind] wind, CW
1896 That] Th<en>\at/ <did it> a1
1896 noisily] noisily. CW
1899 That ... seeking] We were in search of: CW
1900 happily &] happily; and CW
1901 oerwhelmed] <destroyed> \oerwhelmed/ a1; o’erwhelmed CW
1901 his] His CW
1902 men] men. CW
1903 Along] [folio 41 verso a1]
1904 stately] stately, CW
1905 & great] and great, CW
1906 same] same. CW
1907 city] city <a> a1; city, CW
1909 tell, for] tell; for CW
1910 If] <O> \I/f a1
1910 win] win, CW
1912 this] this; CW
1913 lacked] lacked, CW
1913 save] save, CW
1914 dead] dead. CW
1915 And] [folio 42 recto a1] On CW
1916 & meat] and meat, CW
1916 things] things, CW
1917 Whereto we] Whereto CW
1918 cravings] cravings, CW

1919 &] and CW
1920 the ... but] <dead> men who stood but a1; those that
stood and CW
1920 stir] stir, CW
1922 powder] powder. CW
1924 away] away, CW
1926 pray] pray. CW
1927 wide] [folio 42 verso all wide, CW
1928 to] to, CW
1929 Here ... we] Here <for a while> \on the land/ we a1; There on the land we CW
1930 the whole ... through] all the ... through. CW
1931 long] <fair> \long/ a1
1931 went] went, CW
1932 man ... &] man, and maid, and CW
1933 goodly ... Ghent] painted ... Ghent, CW
1933 Ghent] Ghent, CW
1934 Cathedral set] cathedral set. CW
1935 So] Now CW
1936 fountain] conduit CW
1938 through . . . square] throughout the square. CW
1939 ran] [folio 43 recto a1] ran, CW
1940 drouth] drouth; CW
1941 when unto] when <with cooling> unto a1
1942 mouth] mouth, CW
1943 lips] mouth CW
1943 air] air: CW
1944 round] round, CW
1946 it] it, CW
1948 vast] <f>\v/ast a1
1950 roaring – then] roaring; so CW; Men going into palace (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1950 past] passed CW
1951 & rich hall] [folio 43 verso a1] and rich hall, CW
1953 & ] and CW
1954 flaw] flaw. CW
1955 guard room] guard-room, CW
1956 There] <And> There a1
1956 half hid] half-hid CW
1956 veils] veils, CW
1957 loom] loom, CW
1958 tales] tales. CW
1959 close-shut] close-shut, CW
1960 stood] <was> \stood/ a1
1960 spear] spear, CW
1961 as] <Who stood> as a1; As CW
1961 there was put] had been put; CW
1962 passed by] passed him by CW
1962 fear.] fear CW
1963 white] [folio 44 recto al] white, CW
1964 orange trees] orange-trees, CW
1968 midmost] midmost, CW
1965 light] light, CW
1966 pool] pool, CW
1967 Naked] Naked, CW; Ladies bathing (small) The Knights don’t come in any of these three pictures [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1968 water stood bathing] water, stood bathing; CW
1970 and . . . ring] with many a chain and ring. CW
1971 thereat] thereat, CW
1972 We . . . old] <Our case was evil – and right old> We
were an evil case – and old a1; We were in evil case,
and old; CW
1973 went] went, CW
1974 were] where CW
1975 sat half dressed] [folio 44 verso a1] sat, half- CW
1975 sweet] sweet. CW; Lovers (small) [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
1976 her] her, CW
1977 feet] <fair> feet a1; feet – CW
1978 had] had <had> CW
1978 day] day. CW
1979 again . . . these] again <on> \when we/ seeing these a1;
again, when we saw these, CW
1980 love] love <ends> a1; love, CW
1980 done] done;
1981 trees] trees, CW
1982 sun] sun. CW
1983 There] There, CW
1983 side ... hall] side, we saw a hall, CW
1984 wide] wide; CW
1986 on] <of> \on/ a1
1986 side] side, CW
1987 Into which] [folio 45 recto a1] In which, thereto CW
1988 destiny] destiny, CW
1991 round] round, CW
1992 face] face; CW
1993 ground] ground, CW
1994 The ... all] <Gold hangings lighting up> \The light
of gold through all/ a1
1994 place] place. CW
1995 gallery] gallery, CW
1996 silent] silent <and> a1
1996 mouths &] mouths, and CW
1998 citern] citern; CW
1999 moved ... hall] [folio 45 verso a1] stood ... hall. CW
2000 there] there were CW 2000 cost] bost, CW
2001 Histories] histories CW
2002 kings] kings, CW
2002 very] <w> \v/ery a1
2003 looked] seemed CW
2004 awere there] <& goodly things> \awere there/ a1;
things as were there, CW
2006 set on] upon CW
2006 fair] fair: CW
2007 &] and CW
2008 fish] fish, CW
2008 cate] cate, CW
2009 golden bowl] jewelled bowl, CW
2010 therefore ... fate] therefore, ... fate. CW
2011 then] [folio 46 recto a1]
2012 that ... we] th<ose bran# ## – ah how> \at food then
were we/ a1;
2012 food] food: CW
2013 past] <We were to find> past words a1; Past CW
2014 human] real man’s CW
2014 had] had. CW
2015 eat] ate CW
2016 folk] folk; CW
2018 broke] broke. CW
2019 last ... worst] last, ... worst, CW
2020 bold] bold, CW
2021 folk] folk, CW
2022 cups yea &] cups, yea and CW
2023 morsel] [folio 46 verso a1] morsel: CW
2025 hell] Hell. CW
2027 weeping] weeping, CW; The Feast (big) [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2028 dim] dim, CW
2031 eyes &] eyes, and CW
2032 tears] tears; CW
2033 burnt the] burned all the CW
2034 years] years. CW
2035 lay] [folio 47 recto a1] lay, CW
2036 masters] masters, CW
2036 told] told, CW
2037 day] day, CW
2038 winter] winter, CW
2038 cold] cold. CW
2039 know] know <manny> a1; know, CW
2040 filled full whereof] filled; whereof this CW
2041 of – ] of: CW
2042 ships] ship’s CW
2043 heed] care CW
2043 or] <&> \or/ a1
2044 sea] sea; CW
2046 look] look: CW
2047 it] [folio 47 verso all it, CW
2048 Germany] Germany, CW
2049 Who ... old] Who, ... old, CW
2051 taken ... slave] taken, ... slave, CW
2052 before] before, CW
2054 hands] hands, CW
2054 shore] shore. CW
2055 torn] torn, CW
2056 go] go, CW
2057 knight forlorn] knight, forlorn, CW
2058 &] and CW
2058 toe – ] toe. CW
2059 legs] [folio 48 recto a1] leg<g>\s/ a1
2059 saw] saw, CW
2060 & old] and old, CW
2061 Raw] raw, CW
2062 lack] lack. CW
2064 league ... me] league, ... me, CW
2066 sea] sea CW
2067 her] <the> \her/ a1
2068 shallop] a <####> shallop a1
2068 speed] speed, CW
2069 fair] fair; CW
2070 her] <their>\her/ a1
2070 heed] heed. CW
2071 They] [folio 48 verso al]
2072 withal] withal; CW
2073 history] history, CW
2074 all] all, CW
2075 happeneth] happeneth; CW
2076 Nay] Namely CW
2077 death] death, CW
2081 land – ] land; CW
2082 about] about, CW
2083 sunk] [folio 49 recto a1] <###> s<i>\u/nk a1; was sunk CW
2083 sea] sea, CW
2084 gold] gold, CW
2085 company] company, CW
2086 white bearded &] white-bearded and CW
2087 onward go] outward go, CW
2088 we] we, CW
2088 tales] tales, CW
2089 &] and CW
2090 sails] sails. CW
2092 us] us, CW
2093 brown ... skies] brown, ... skies, CW
2095 beach] [folio 49 verso a1] <sp> beach a1; beach, CW
2096 what poor] all the CW
2096 might] might, CW
2097 Lept ... brook] Leapt out, the happy stream CW
2098 sight] sight. CW
2099 bank] bank, CW
2100 was] was, CW
2101 sank] sank, CW
2102 glass] glass, CW
2104 was] was, CW
2106 Italy] Italy. CW
2107 And] [folio 50 recto a1]
2109 noise] noise, CW
2110 anguish ... blood] anguish, froze our very blood. CW
2111 brink] brink; CW
2112 long in line] in long line, CW
2113 be] drink CW
2114 pine] pine. CW
2115 waited] waited, CW
2116 lost] lost, CW
2117 falling – ... piteous] <of us fell down \fell oer/> falling – with a piteous/ a1; falling, with a piteous CW
2118 & ... yielded] And frightful face, gave CW
2119 cried] <###> \cried/ a1
2119 my ... head] [folio 50 verso all “My head, my head:” CW
2120 staggering fell into] <head long> \staggering/ fell into a1; staggering fell in CW
2121 sank] sank; CW
2121 wished we to be] did we count us CW
2122 that dream] the dream. CW
2123 goaded by] <then stung with> \ goaded by/ a1
2124 lept] rushed CW
2125 that all ... ring] wherewith ... ring, CW
2126 To ... last] That this our death might soon be past. CW
2127 now] now<#> a1
2127 marvel] marvel; CW
2129 to tell] [folio 51 recto a1] of Hell, CW
2130 Mid waist] Waist-deep CW
2130 go] go, CW
2131 But] And CW
2132 off us] from us; CW
2134 &] and CW
2134 be] be. CW
2137 hair] hair, CW
2138 anything] anything. CW
2139 life] [folio 51 verso all <strife> life a1
2140 before &] before, and CW
2140 friends] friends, CW
2141 foes &] foes, and CW
2142 For] W.M. For [Morris’s initials precede this line in the margin. a1]
2142 ends] ends: CW
2143 this] this, CW
2144 torn away] snatched away, CW
2145 the] that CW
2146 lay] lay, CW
2147 sleep ... by] sleep, ... by, CW
2148 noticed ... bad] spoke to me good words or bad, CW
2149 lie] lie, CW
2150 clad] clad, CW
2151 weed] folio 52 recto a1] weed. CW
2152 Then ... upon] <Like men in pictures to> \then I arose upon/ a1
2153 And ... further] <I then arose and still no> \And seeing they took no further/ a1
2153 heed] heed, CW
2154 street] street:
2155 fro] fro, CW
2156 clad] <g>\c/lad a1; clad; CW
2157 All ... &] All young the<re>\y/ were & a1; And young they were, and CW
2158 heavily] <Full> heavily a1; Full heavily, CW
2158 seemed nowise glad] <were> \seemed/ nowise glad a1; seemed not glad. CW
2159 At last] So soon CW
2160 round about] in his cloak CW
2160 way] way, CW
2161 bent] bent, CW
2162 say] say. CW
2163 Speak ... up] [folio 52 verso al] “Say on,” said he, nor raised CW
2163 head] head. CW
2164 Fain] “Fain CW
2164 here] here, CW
2165 young I said] young,” I said, CW
2165 And] “And CW
2165 fear] fear, CW
2167 such a case] such-like case?” CW
2168 said would] said, “Would CW
2168 die] die! CW
2169 man flee] man, get CW
2170 presently] presently – CW
2171 die] die – CW
2171 die] die! CW
2172 rest] rest, CW
2173 & misery] and misery:” CW
2175 drew] [folio 53 recto a1] drew, CW
2176 manner] fashion CW
2176 seal] seal: CW
2177 This] “This CW
2177 heaven] <guerdon of our> heaven a1; Heaven CW
2177 won] won, CW
2178 zeal] zeal.” CW
2179 screams] screams, CW
2181 fear] fear; CW
2182 is] is, CW
2182 stay] stay. CW
2183 folk] folk, CW
2183 high] high, CW
2184 out] out, CW
2185 God ... die] “God, let us die! God, let us die! CW
2187 face] [folio 53 verso a1] face, CW
2188 And] And, CW
2188 arise] arise, CW
2189 suddenly] suddenly, CW
2190 eyes] eyes, CW
2191 The ... on] There burned thee fire CW
2192 ladies] ladies, CW
2194 seas] seas. CW
2196 off] off, CW
2198 scoff] scoff. CW
2199 head] [folio 54 recto a1] face CW
2200 shame] shame, CW
2201 lay] lay, CW
2202 came] came. CW
2203 brushed] swept CW
2204 there] there, CW
2205 such like] such like CW
2206 myself] myself; CW
2206 hair] hair, CW
2208 raiment] raiment; CW
2209 rust] rust, CW
2210 had] had. CW
2211 then] [folio 54 verso a1] there CW
2212 say] say. CW
2213 This meeting] – Masters, this CW
2214 saw] sa<y>\w/ a1
2215 Garland] Garland, CW
2218 happily] happily. CW
2219 said fellows] said, “Fellows, CW
2220 done] done, CW
2221 the ... shows] in sleep God shows, CW
2222 done] gone. CW
2223 grace] [folio 55 recto a1] grace, CW
2224 grown] grown CW
2225 place] place, CW
2226 alone] alone, CW
2227 either] else CW
2227 on ... husbandmen] <with husband men on land> \on land with husbandmen/ a1
2228 sea] sea; CW
2229 Come ... here] <With such strength as is left us then> \ Come sirs before we die here/ a1]; Come Sirs, or else we perish here, CW
2230 toward the quay] to the quay. CW
2231 myself] myself, CW
2232 therein] herein, CW
2234 kindness] kindness, CW
2234 sin] sin.” CW
2235 us ... this] [folio 55 verso a1] us, ... this, CW
2236 & fear] and fear, CW
2237 turmoil ... bliss] turmoil, sorrow and bliss, CW
2238 weep] weep, CW
2238 were] were. CW
2240 death] death, CW
2242 breath] breath CW
2243 pressed again] went again CW
2244 wide] wide: CW
2245 brushed the] <on the> \brushed the/ a1
2246 Against ... side] <Fresh out that lovely smiling bride> \Against that ladies naked side/ a1; Against that lady’s naked side; CW
2247 stood] [folio 56 recto a1] stood <there> a1
2247 dames] dames, CW
2249 press] press, CW
2250 think] think. CW
2253 Ghent] Ghent, CW
2254 down ... shore] unto the shore. CW
2256 others] others, CW
2256 sail] sail, CW
2257 new ... well] new strong and <fastened> \sheeted/ well a1; new, strong, and sheeted well, CW
2258 gone,] gone – CW
2258 its tale] the tale. CW
2259 Now] [folio 56 verso a1]
2261 heartily] heartily, CW
2262 the good] our old CW
2264 full] but CW
2264 oar] oar, CW; Ship rowed out (small) [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2265 &] and CW
2266 before] before. CW
2267-70 [Four lines left blank with dashes a1]
2272 round] <to>\r/ound a1
2272 west] West CW
2273 white topped] white-topped CW
2273 ran] ran, CW
2276 oar] oar, CW
2278 westward] westward, CW
2278 yore] yore, CW
2279 day] day, CW
2280 isle] isle, CW
2282 while] while CW
2283 there] [folio 57 verso a1] there, CW
2284 well ... fair] well-watered and fair, CW
2285 sea birds] sea-birds’ CW
2285 abound] abound, CW
2286 there] there. CW
2287 these] these, CW
2289 upon trees] upon the trees, CW
2290 or bow] nor bow. CW
2291 &] and CW
2291 sea] sea, CW
2292 And ... days] <And <for 5 days> nothing happened for 5 days> \and in such case for 15 days/ a1
2292 15] fifteen CW
2293 We ... folk] <But what to any folk> \ We were as any folk/ a1
2293 were] were, CW
2294 sail] go CW
2294 ways] ways. CW
2295 And] [folio 58 recto a1] But CW
2295 hight & bright] high and bright, CW
2296 rosy light] <fair pink cloud <then>> \rosy light/ a1
2297 midnight] midnight, CW
2300 near] near, CW
2301 flit] flit, CW
2302 And at dawn] \And/ at dawn a1; At day-break CW
2303 At] By CW
2303 again] again, CW
2305 far] far, CW
2305 wane] wane, CW
2306 brighter] <redder> \brighter/ a1
2307 ever this waxed] [folio 58 verso a1] this grew great, CW
2308 toward it] towards it, CW
2309 therewith] therewith, CW
2319 away] away. CW
2311 now] now, CW
2311 dead] dead, CW
2312 thereto &] thereto, and CW
2313 dreadful by] dreadful <my> \by/ a1; dreadful, by CW
2313 head] head, CW
2314 alight] alight, CW
2315 flame] flame: CW
2316 fell] fell, CW
2316 arose] arose, CW
2317 came] came; CW
2318 foes] foes. CW
2319 &] [folio 59 recto a1] and CW
2319 stood] stood, CW; The burning city (big) [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2320 There ... red] <Bloodred but whole shown many a spire> \There stood the pinnacles blood red/ a1; There stood the pinnacles, blood-red; CW
2321 & ... &] and stone, and brick and CW
2322 nothing] <no one> \nothing/ a1
2322 fed] fed. CW
2324 consumed,] consumed: CW
2324 God’s] Gods CW
2325 pray] pray – CW
2326 be] be. CW
2327 dromonds] dromond’s CW
2328 full westward as] West, with what strength CW
2331 & ... nights] [folio 59 verso a1] and day: for three days CW
2332 see] see, CW
2333 ever burning shore] ever-burning shore; CW
2334 grey] grey, CW
2334 be] be. CW
2335 now sirs] now, Sirs, CW
2335 grows] grows, CW
2336 come] come; CW
2337 Yea] Yea, CW
2338 home] home. CW
2339 20th] twentieth CW
2340 town] town, CW
2341 sat] sat, CW
2342 down] down, CW
2343 Nicholas] [folio 60 recto a1] Nicholas, CW
2344 Standing ... said] standing, called aloud and said: CW
2345 Ho Sirs] “Ho Sirs! CW
3245 now] now – CW
2346 ahead] ahead CW
2348 be] be, CW
2349 row] row, CW
2350 And pulling all night
2350 And ... night] <And>\And/<all the night> \ pull<ed>\ing// \all <the> night/ a1; And, pulling all night mightily CW
2352 the ... was] this place whate’er it was, CW
2353 clear] [folio 60 verso _a1] clear. CW
2354 Nicholas] Nicholas, CW
2355 And ... eagerness] And, ... eagerness, CW
2356 Said O Rafe] Said, “O Rafe, CW
2356 dream] dream, CW
2357 That ... the] <One> \That/ day upon th<at>\e/ a1
2357 northern ness] Northern ness, CW
2359 story – ] story: CW
2360 all ... be] <it might> all <come to be> \these things might be/ a1
2361 should enter into] thereby should come to CW
2362 mocked] mocked; CW
2363 Feeble] [folio 61 recto a1]; <Feeble and old and in this plight> <despairing and right old> Feeble a1; Now weak CW
2363 eld] eld: CW
2364 now] now, CW
2364 light] light, CW
2366 sight] sight, CW
2367 me] me, CW
2368 walls] walls; CW
2369 Look look] Look! Look! CW
2369 east] East CW
2370 dawn] dawn, CW
2371 place] place, CW
2371 place] place, CW
2372 evermore] evermore. CW
2373 quickly Rafe] [folio 61 verso a1]; quickly, Rafe, CW
2374 shore] shore.” CW
2375 I fell upon] the deck did touch CW
2377 revelries] revelries, CW
2378 &] and CW
2378 rung] rung. CW
2379 about] about, CW
2379 go] go, CW
2380 the day] daylight CW
2380 show] show; CW
2382 on gilden wall] <from floor &> \on gilden/ wall <Let it pa> a1; on gilded wall; CW
2383 may] [folio 62 recto a1]; may; CW
2384 pass] pass – CW
2385 shall] will CW
2387 Sweeter ... dove] Softer than pink-footed dove; CW
2388 Nobly ... meek] Nobly-born, and meek, CW
2389 Paradise] Paradise. CW; A picture (small) [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2390 Kings] King’s CW
2391 golden gleaming] golden-gleaming CW
2392 fair] fair. CW
2394 Juno ... line] For her? Juno, for her line? CW
2395 Pallas] [folio 62 verso a1]; Pallas, CW
2396 Paradise] Paradise? CW
2397 Venus] Venus, CW
2397 fair] fair, CW
2398 golden gleaming] golden-gleaming CW
2399 Diana] Diana, CW
2399 fleet] fleet, CW
2400 For] For <the glory of her f> a1
2400 & silver feet] and silver feet? CW
2401 Ah ... should] Ah! these even, should they CW
2402 die] die <th> a1; die, CW
2402 despair] despair; CW
2404 Ah yes] Ah! yes, CW
2405 stone] stone. CW
2408 When] [folio 63 recto a1] <Th>\Wh/en a1
2408 bought] bought, CW
2409 thought] thought, CW
2410 been] been, CW
2410 nought] nought, CW
2411 Now] Now, CW
2412 this] this, CW
2414 bliss] bliss CW
2416 broken] broken, CW
2417 Dead] Dead <th> a1; Dead, CW
2417 long] long: CW
2419 Where with] [folio 63 verso a1]; Wherewith CW
2421 place &] place, and CW
2421 it] it, CW
2422 true] true. CW
2423 now Sirs] now, Sirs, CW
2423 say] say? CW
2424 rowed] rowed, CW
2425 day] day, CW
2426 And asked] Asking CW
2426 belonged] belonged CW
2428 tongue] tongue, CW
2428 knew] knew, CW
2429 asked] prayed CW
2429 Lords] Lords, CW
2430 so ... to] [folio 64 recto a1]; straight they brought us unto CW
2431 hall] Hall, CW
2432 fellow ... saw] captain dreamed, we saw, CW
2433 As Many a] \As/ Many <a> a <fair> a1; As many a CW
2434 that ... flaw] the green temple without flaw. CW
2436 showed] showed, CW
2436 & sweet] and sweet, CW
2437 of] tall CW
2439 now Sirs] now, Sirs, CW
2440 lead] led, CW
2441 we long] <from home> \we long/ a1
2442 now] [folio 64 verso a1] no\w/ a1
2242 said. said – CW
2443 this] this: CW
2443 &] and CW
2444 folk] folk; CW
2445 And ... light] Yet, Sirs, take heed, for by this light! CW
2446 stroke] stroke; CW
2447 if] if ye CW
2447 life] life, CW
2448 do] do, CW
2448 will] will, CW
2449 & strife] and strife, CW
2450 got us skill] gotten skill. CW
2451 know] know, CW
2452 worth] worth, CW
2453 would ... pastimes] [folio 65 recto a1]; these pastimes would we CW
2454 earth] <#> earth a1; earth. CW
2455 Sirs] Sirs, CW
2455 peace] peace; CW
2456 save] save, CW
2457 And] \And/ a1
2457 increase] increase, CW
2458 have] [End of a1]; have, CW
2459-2610 [No corresponding lines in a1]
2483 Here fields of corn] Pageant of peace (big) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2495 the maidens play;] Pretty ladies filling up picture (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2507 cunning folk to make] Artists (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2515 we live] Poet, sage, doctor (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2521 the crown of lands] Astrea (small) CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]
2607 some pleasant history … shall be told.] Old chaps telling tales (big) no women CW [May Morris records Morris’s note to Burne-Jones on the verso of the previous folio for an illustration of this scene. CW]