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0.1 The Story of Aristomenes] [No title, argument, or section title. Note in top right margin: Begun June 25th e2; A correct addition in pencil by May Morris: ?1870 e2; Text of title, argument, and section title printed in upper case CW. Aristomenes is the legendary warrior who led the Messenians in their second war (685-668 BC) against the Spartans of Laconia. Refusing to surrender, he continued to invade Laconia for eleven years from his  mountain fortresses of Ira and Ithome. Messenia was a coastal country in the southern Peloponnesus, south of Arcadia and west of Laconia.]

0.2         Argument.] ARGUMENT CW
0.3         the Messenian] \the Messenian/ e3
0.7         afterwards.] AFTERWARDS CW
    2         Spartan yoke,] Spa<t>\r/tan yoke e2
    3         godlike wise,] Godlike wise e2
    3         vain;] vain e2; <a> vain; e3
    4         amid ... sure,] when all the year doth e2; <at time of> \amid/ the year’s sure e3
    5         At end of] In latter e2
    5         been] been e2
    6         And ... ones] Amidst their loudest paean had they e2
    6         twixt] ’twixt CW
    7        a drawing] a-drawing CW
    7         nigh:] nigh e2
    9        narrower;] narrower e2; narrower: CW
    9         helpful man on] wise man after e2

10         their triumph:] their cou<s>\n/sels: e2 <amidst them> \their triumph:/ e3
10         plan,] plan e2
11         stroke] stroke, CW
11         mere ... waves] <the> \mere/ waves and winds e2; mere winds and waves CW
12         foeman;] foes.’ <deep> e2
13         Their] <Their o> <\Dug/> Their e3
13         in] <and> in e2
14         foes ... shields;] beaten foes falter their once dreaded \once beaten hang their fallen/
             shields e2; foes, once beaten, hung their fallen shields; CW
15         For] <And> \For/ e2  
17         is] i<n>\s/ e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
17         farm;] farm e2
18         are ... indeed] indeed are their men e2
18         warm,] warm e2 CW 
19         winter] winter, e2 CW
19         days,] days e2

20         corn ... their] wine or meal, that their strong e2
21         Fat] Fair e2; <Great> \Fat/ e3
22         surely] <m> surely e2; [folio 2 recto e3]
23         may] ma<de>\y/ e2 [Leaves are drawn in the right margin e2]
24         men fresh come] outland men e2; <out land> men \fresh come/ e3
25         When ... feast] <On Spartan> \When in the Spartan/ feasts e2
25         wine;] wine e2
26         fine,] fine e2 CW; fine<;>\,/ e3
27         And unstained] Or unveined e2
27         marble, into Gods,] marble into Gods e2; marble into Gods, CW
28         bay... hand,] laurel upon head or hand e2
28         &] and CW [Leaves drawn in right margin e2]
29         sing,] sing e2

30         So] If e2
30         the axes’] <how> the axes e2
31         battle song:] battle song – e2; battle-song: CW
32         men-at-arms] men at arms e2
32         wonted] ancient e2
33         spears ... foes,] spears <bl> \g/ainst Spartan foes e2
34         gain and] win & e2
35         days!] days e2, [No verse paragraph division e2]
35         for] for<e> e2
36         erewhile] <all these years> \erewhile/ e2
37         King Aristodemus, Euphaes] \King/ Aristodemus <Damis> Euphaes, e2;
              King Aristodemus, Euphaes, CW
38         Damis, ... and] All the dead <\Damis Cleomas/> have grown e2
38         memories] memories, CW
39         delight;] delight e2; delight. CW

40         e’er so bright,] ere so bright e2; [folio 1 verso e2]
41         soft,] soft e2
42         Oaths ... agone,] The oaths sworn while agone e2
42         king sat,] king sat e2 CW; king<s> sat, e3
43         battle, ... tent,] battle in his tent e2
44         Whereto ... wind,] When the fresh west wind e2
44         scent] the scent e2; [the] scent CW
45         grass] grass, CW 
45         bore] <w> \b/ore e2
46         foeman’s call:] foem<e>\a/ns call – e2
47         sad,] sa<id>\d/ e2
48         lamenting had,] lame<l>\n/ting e2
49         children’s] childrens e2

50         too needs must] should come to e2
51         that] th<e Messenian land>is e2
51         theirs.] theirs e2
52         So ... years,] Now in the midmost of those struggling years e2; [No verse paragraph
              division e2]
53-57   Wherein ... outworn;] [No corresponding lines e2; Marginal list in box at right:]
              Ira an old town / digs up arms / in dream / his first fight e2
54         With] [folio 3 recto e3]
58         One ... forlorn] To folk of good estate a child was born
             Named Aristomenes, and when forlorn e2; [Compare line 71 of e3]
59         and ’wildered,] the people e2; and ’wildered CW

60         war-beat] war beat e2
60         cast,] cast e2
61         Since ... the] This house forseeing well the bitter e2
61         end] end, CW
62         wend,] wend e2
63         others ... kin;] people of their kin e2
64         So they were] Soon were they e2
64         therein,] therein e2
65         there ... die] had good honour but amid them all e2
65         die] die, CW
66-71   Their ... Aristomenes,] [No corresponding lines e2; See note to 1ine 58 for citation
               of lines 53-54 of e2 which correspond with 1ine 71 of e3.]
66         eld] eld, CW
68         days] <years> \days/ e3
68         care] care, CW
69         Twenty three] Twenty-three CW
69         fall] fall, CW

70         Unto ... all] <A child was born to these that they did call> \Unto the<se> exiles latest
              wed of all/ e3
71         A child] <Een Ari> \A child/ e3
72         Who ... fall] <Folks eyes & praises> \little folks praise up/ on the lad did fall e2
73         And ... dull] Who is afore named heavy e2
73         school] school, CW
74         boys] boys’ CW
74         games,] games: e2
75         him; as] him – <yet> \as/ e2
76         Amid ... those] <Much into the friendship daily of a few
             Sons of the exiles of Ithomes>
             Amidst the fellowship of a e2;
             [Marginal list at right margin:] Incursion into Laconia to be given up runs away
             comes to old soldier e2
77         Ithome] Ithome, CW
78         often, and] certes & e2; <certes> \often/, and e3
79         fear, casting,] fear him casting e2
79         same] same, CW

80         more] <half t> more e2
81         wild ... of] <####> wild deeds, for certes all \of/ e2
82         In ... were] Were in that land een e2
83         poppy field] poppy-field CW
84         birch-twigs] birch twigs e2 CW
86         was,] was e2
87         chest,] chest e2
87         Long-armed] Long armed e2; [folio 2 recto e2]
87         lads,] lads e2
87         & light] and light, CW
88         Well-knit ... full-lipped,] Well knit & lithe – full lipped e2; [folio 4 recto e3]
88         bright,] bright e2 CW
89         a hawks;] a hawk’s e2; \a/ hawks; e3; a hawk’s; CW
89         and ... be] eyen – still would he e2

90         attire] array e2
90         be rough &] rough and CW
90         slovenly;] slovenly e2
91         Silent ... all] Silent, and patient of all gibes & e2
92         feasts.] feasts – e2
92         nineteen] eighteen e2
93         attain,] attain e2
93         all,] all e2
94         would] w<##>\ou/ld e2
94         done;] done e2
95         deed e’en] de<a>\e/d <of> een e2
96         once led,] ere led e2; once <lied> \led,/ e3
96         counselled anything;] councilled anything e2
98         fools intent.] fools intent e2; fool’s intent. CW
99         at ... whiles] <in these days sometimes> \at this tide oft whiles/ e3
99         oft whiles] sometimes e2
99         befal] befall CW

101         Into ... would] \Into Messenia/ And spared not to e2;
                <To Elis and> \Into AEtolia/ \and/ <spare not to> \thenceforth would/ e3                 
102         Such ... make] From homesteads there een for their masters sake e2
103         Over ... -like] Things not too hot or heavy on these e2
103         of – but] of <them – and> \– but/ e2; of; but CW
104         Would] <No e> Would e2
105         against; whiles would] against some what e2
106         indeed, ... hold] forsooth, and often would hang e2
107         do: – ... came] do – but on a tide e2 107         do: – ] do. CW
108         deeds] \deeds/ e3
108-11   That ... fell]      They had been wandering through the countryside
                Because indeed at Magalopolis
                Of late had been much talking of all this
                And they were better thence e2

111         so] so, <at> e3
111         fell] fell, CW
112         head-waters] head waters e2
112         lay,] lay e2
113         amid] among e2
114         Mid which] Wherein e2
114         & rare.] and rare e2; and rare. CW
115         with] mid e2
115         shepherd-foIk] \s/hepherd folk e2
116         guested, and] guest\ed/ <##>, & e2
117         Fell ... nineteen] Brake their fast full of glee sixteen e2
117         glee; – ] glee: CW
118         Messenian youths with] Messenians counting e2
119         shepherds; – ] shepherds e2; shepherds – CW

121         years; sixteen] years fifteen e2; [folio 5 recto e3]
122         youngest] <eldest> \youngest/ e2
122         them] <thee> \them/ e3
122         seen,] seen e2
123         three ...    two & twenty; now e2
124         shepherd-folk] shepherd<s> \f/olk e2
125         About the land] What land there lay e2
125         land] land <wher> e3
125         ridge,] ridge e2
126         goat ... looked] thorn and goat looked een e2; <bush and> goat \& thorn-bush/
                looked e3
126         & midge] and midge CW
127         breakfasted.] breakfasted – e2
128         said,] said e2

130         side; ... and] side – \It was/ a country e2; [folio 2 verso e2]
131         For ... grinned,] They said, and grinned withal, e2
132         agone.] agone e2
133         All] [Not indented e2]
133         Aristomenes,] Aristomenes e2 
134         porridge-pot was] porridge pot upon e2
134         knees,] knees e2
135         The ... well] Was kneeling and the stream e2
135         face.] face e2
136         place,] place e2
137         and] & e2
137         een] e’en CW
138         found the words] still his words were e2
138         seek;] speak e2; seek: CW
139         “Lo ... tell,] Lo I have heard my <uncle> \ grandsire/ – say e2; [No new verse
                paragraph e2]

140         How ... fell] That while agone the Spartans had away e2
141         And ... horses] Five brood mares and a stallion e2
141         field,] field e2; <fel> field, e3
142         And ... gilt] Three brass bowls from his house a silver e2
142         nine] <three> \nine/ e3
143         Given ... handmaids] <Minervas> Given to Pallas and 2 bondsmaids e2
143         fair;] fair e2;fair: CW
144         Too ... to] Belike it is that I might e2
145-46   Did ... side] [No corresponding lines e2]
146         side] side, CW
147-49   Good ... again:] Or somewhat in their stead to glad his heart
                Down by Eurotas – who is on my part? e2
149         we] <he> we e3

150-52   Then ... see.”] [No corresponding lines e2]
150         Then might he] That \he/ might <he> e3
151         I, –]  I – CW
151         should ... be] <were such an one> \should grow to be/ e3
153         out;] out – e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]; [folio 6 recto e3]
153         grandsire ... say] grandsire, sooth to say, CW
154         Had]  <To say> \Had/ e3
154         but] a e2.
154         day,] day e2
155         on] on, CW
156         fields] days e2
156         & won:] & won e2; and won: CW
157-82   So… ill-weighed,] [No corresponding lines e2. Lines 141-45 of e2 are omitted in e3:]
                Yet as they looked upon the lad they saw
                The colour his very hair roots draw
                And his eyes sparkling – If ye deem that these
                Are no great things said Aristomenes
                Yet some of us perchance have cast yet more e2
158         smile,] smile  CW 

161         him] him, CW
161         o’er them all] <a strange sense> \o’er them all/ e3
163         on] <them> \on/ e3
164         turned] turned, CW 
164         made] made, CW
165         & solernn said.] and solemn said: CW 
166         comes] comes, CW
167         day] day<s> e3
167         homes] homes, CW 
169         My ... dream] <That the past hope was but an empty dream \of these things I spake
                but in a/> \My grandsire dozes through a wavering dream/ e3

174         smitten] smitten, CW 
174         een] e’en CW
176         he,] \he,/ e3
176         Aristomenes] Aristomenes, CW

180         again &] <to them> \again/ & e3; again and CW
182         the] <your> \the/ e3; [folio 7 recto e3]
182         enow,] enow CW
182         ye ... yet;] <well then fo> \ye live in yet;/ e3
182         yet;] yet: CW
183         So ... ye may] Into the Spartan caldron – e2
183         be] be, CW
184         will,] will e2
185         base or vile,] <base> great <&> \or/ vile e2
186         Once we are] When we e2
186         but ... safe?] i<f>s this the lore of schools e2
187-206   What ... soon!”]  [No corresponding lines in e2.  Three lines in e2 (150-52)
                are omitted in the copytext:] Where ye have learned then henceforth with the fools
                I take my part – and as he spake he cast
                His ladle down and toward the hill side past e2
188         free] free, CW
189         free anigh them –] free, anigh them? CW
189-90  Certainly ... tame,] \Certainly
               Ye are not soft or tame,/ e3

191         not] not, CW
193         friends] friends’ CW 
194         all] all, CW
197         here,] here CW
197         &] and CW
199         past;] past, CW

200         And ... know;] \And many an eve of victory shall weknow;/ e3
203         foes e’en] foes \e’en/ e3; foes, e’en CW 
205         Gods] Gods, CW  
207         With ... leadinq] Striding with great strides e2
207         leading] <oer> leading e3
207         oer] o’er CW
208         Sword … suddenly]    His iron swordsh 1 clattering as he went
                Against his brazen buckler; for a while
                \E/ach looking at each until their mocking smile e2
209-10   Their … a rose] Changed to a ringing shout and they uprose e2
209         valley] valley <higher> e3; valley high CW

210         Beat ... as] <And> beat back <gainst the> hill <side> to hill/ as e3
210         a rose] \a/ rose e3; arose CW 
211         God drives] Gods drive e2
211         foes,] foes e2
212         nought,] nought e2
212         him,] him. e2 
214         shifting] the fa<i>\r/ e2
214         morning; ... sheep,] morning – to their sheep e2
215         Their ... their] The<re>\ir/ well- <do> \kn/own day of toil & e2
216         scornful,] scornful – e2
217         For] [folio 8 recto e3]
218         On toiled] <Forth passed> \On toiled/ e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
218         steep,] steep e2 
219         early that] that e2; <that> early that e3
219         were laid] lay down e2

220         slope; then] slope, and e2
221         Rose] Woke e2
221         adown,] adown – e2
221         lay,] lay e2
222         their ... fair,] the tyrants homestead fair e2
223         cornland gathered] cornfield lying e2
224         Eurotas:] Eurotas e2 
225         all,] all e2; all; e4 CW. [The footnotes to lines 225-380 include the variants in the
                  fragment (e4) that Morris published in The Athenaeum, 13 May1876: 663-64.
                  Entitled “The First Foray of Aristomenes,” the fragment includes this introduction:]
                  The following is a fragment of a poem, called ‘The Story of Aristomenes.’
                  Aristomenes, the son of one of the Messenian exiles, settled in Arcadia,
                  when about nineteen years of age, happens to be wandering by the sources
                  of the Alpheus with a few other Messenian exiles, and is told by some
                  Arcadian shepherds that on the other side of the mountain lay the rich
                  valley of the Eurotas. Aristomenes urges his companions to make a raid
                  into Laconia, avenge the wrongs of their fathers, and raises a revolt
                  in Messenia. Roused by his words, they set out: – e4
225         die,] die e2
226         fear,] fear; e4 CW
227         bear.] bear e2
228         did they pass,] did they go, e2; went the youths, e4 CW; [No verse paragraph
                division e2]
229         Wooded and] <And> Wooded & e2
229         here and] here & e2

230         early- ... met,] early stirring folk they saw, e2
231         hill- … dread;] hill thieves they did dread, e2
232         made ... noon,] came forth against them till at noon e2
233         oak-wood] oak wood e2
234         June,] June e2
234         man’s house,] mans house e2
235         divinity:] divinity – e2
236         was, … -close] was – orchard garden close e2
236         garden-close] garden-close, e4 CW 
237         Rick-yard] Rickyard e2
237         round, &] round & e2; round, and e4 CW 
237         o’er] oer e2
238         house, … flung] house his court gates open e2
238         court gates] court-gates e4 CW 
239         Came] And e2 
239         meal ... noontide.] feast<ing> in hot noon-tide – e2

240         and lordly,] & lordly – e2
241         Gazed] Looked e2 
242         morn’s vague rashness] morns vague fervor e2
242         dull;] dull e2
243         seemed] looked e2
243         plentiful,] plentiful e2
244         light-limbed] light limbed e2
244         ponderous gate.] carven gate –  e2
245         great,] great e2; great; e4
246         him, … said,] him – as he said e2
247         Like] As e2
247         thoughts:  thoughts – let
247         weighed] weighed, e4 CW 
248         today! –] to-day – e4; [folio 9 recto e3)
248         on] on, e4  CW
249         with … help] the Gods helping e2
249         won] won, e4

250         Will ... brave,] We will be cautious – for the rest be brave e2
250         we be wise. –] <be> we be wise. –  e3; we be wise: e4 CW
251         have,] have e2; have, – e4 
252         kin, yet] blood<;> \y/et e2
252         kin’s foes;] <f> \b/loods foes e2
253         to those;] for those. e2; to those – e4 CW 
254-55   Men ... brought.] [No corresponding lines e2]
256         words, but follow] words but come we e2
256         hall!”] hall – e2
257         then;] then – e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
258         brazen] Brazen e2
258         maiden’s head,] maidens head e2
259         hot sun;] bright sun, e2

260         and stared,] & stared e2
261         flee, ... unafeared,] flee – and mean while unafeared e2
261         restless] restless, e4 CW
262         lustred] lustered e2
262         before … brushed,] about the courtyard brushed e2; [folio 3 verso e2]
263         twixt] ’twixt e4 CW 
263         close- … pushed,] close set yew stems pushed e2
264         war, … about] war <or strife> but to the hall they passed e2
264         all] <the> \all/ e3
265         The … doubt] [No corresponding line e2]
265         beset; but] beset. But e4 CW 
266-67   Rose ... hair] And Aristomenes the hall door cast e2 
268-69   Bright … flit] [No corresponding lines e2]
268         and]  <that> and e3
269         men ... noonday]  <beh> \men/ behold the <glittering> \noonday/ e3

270         From ... fell] Wide open, and great tumult rose up e2
270         From ... to spear] <Upon the> \From/ spear<s> to spear<s> e3
271         Upon those] Among the e2
271         hald-armed,] halfarmed e2; half-armed e4 CW
271         men;] men e2; men, e4
272         Till] But e2
272         loud ... heard.] clear loud voice was heard e2
273         “Men … hall,] Men in this hall e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
274         Gods,] Gods e2
274         here, were come!] here were come e2
275         Behold] Behold, e4 CW
277         last bearing] and bear but e2; last, bearing e4 CW
277         hand,] hand e2
279         year ... down] year, and so when ye e2

280         The ... harmless] What ye have hoarded of our store then e2; [folio 10 recto e3]
281         go … who] get us gone, and e2
281         sea,] sea e2 
282         Yea … dwell;] We mean to dwell and in our fathers’ fields e2
283         on ... ’twere] if our friends are here \twere/ e2
283         well] well, CW 
284-85   If ... win] [No corresponding lines e2]
286         From ... this] They went this day in this fair e2
287         They … see.] That they some other fields of Greece may see e2;
                [Line drawn with numeral 143 written in margin e2]
288         – Nay] Nay e2; – Nay, e4
288         be! – ] be –  e2 
288         enough] enow e2; <enow> \enough/ e3
289         all ... rough;] you all <the> and this your hearth to sow e2

290         Take life,] With salt – take life e2
290         day!] day e2
291         whoso] who so e2
291         Sparta,] Sparta e2
292         seen,] seen e2 
293         Wending] <Sent by the Gods> We <#>\n/ding e2
293         of] o<e>\f/ e2
294         land,] land e2
294         live] <give> li<f>\v/e e2; <give> \live/ e3
295         down- … give,] down trodden there to give e2
296         fame!]  fame e2
297         – Now,] Now e2; – Now e4
297         house, … name,] house give forth thy name e2
298         more,] more e2
298         folk] folk, e2
299         neath] ’neath e4 CW

300         us, … die] us <& die renowned Or live in peace –> \either to die/ e2
301         happily!”] happily e2
302         sullen hush,] hush there was e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
303         of] <h> of e3
303         hands; and] hands & e2
303         and … uprose] <for soothly those> \and then uprose/ e3
304-05  Glad … dare] [No corresponding lines in e2]
305         midst ... might] <A> midst whom no <thing might> \stroke/ the Spartans
                <\aught ought/> \nought might/ e3; [May Morris adds in the margin the word
                Gainst e3]; ’Gainst whom the Spartans not a stroke might e4 CW
305         dare] dare. e4; dare; CW  
306         Then spake the] The e2; <To strike a stroke> \Then spake the/ e3
306         house      house & said O youth e2; house: “O youth]   “O youth, e4 CW
307         Beardless] Beardless, e4 CW
307         art; and] art & e2
308         life-days,] life days e2; life days, e4
309         While I Cleombrotus] And I Cleombrotus <but> e2; While I Cleombrotus, e4 CW              

310         had,] had e2
310         victorious –] victorious e2; victorious. e4
311         – But ... my] And you ye beaten slaves get from this e2
311         house] house, e4
312         Where … gorge] <No> None of you will I feed e2
312         forth;] forth e2; forth. e4 CW; [folio 11 recto e3];
313         money!] money: e2
313         worth,] worth e2
314         Dragged] Driven e2
314         fee- … go,] fee farm of Messenia go –  e2
315         tomorn] to-morn e4
315         and] & e2
315         whip cord know!] whip chord know e2;whipchord know! e4; whip-chord know! – CW
316         – Take them,] Take them e2
316         thyself,] thyself e2
317         away.] away, e2 
318         But … take] And for my wealth <if> indeed if thou takest e2
318         all] all, e4
319         takest not] <shalt not> take\st not/ e2; takest <mor> not e3
319         shall;] shall e2; shall. e4

320         thou, my daughte!] thou my daughter e2
320         then?] then e2
322         last,] last e2
322         misery!”] misery – e2
323         And] <What so thou takest thou shalt not take me> And e2;
                [No verse paragraph division  e2]
323         forth] f<ro>\or/th e2 
324         growing ... twelve] little maiden of ten e2
324         old] old, e4 CW 
325         stranger … behold,] stranger<s> did behold e2
326         Trembling,] <Scarce> trembling e2; <Smi> Trembling e3
326         fathers knees,] fathers knees e2; father’s knees, e4 CW 
327         her.] her – e2
328         Would] W<h>\o/uld e2
328         spoken, … sound] spoken and a <rising> threatening e2
329         Rose] Came e2
329         slaves] slaves, e4
329         around;] around e2

330         But ...   Then said the lord thou e2
330         cried;] cried: e4 CW 
330         war] war, e4 
331         foemen are;] foem<a>\e/n are – e2
333         This] <Fro> <From> This e2
333         and ... kings,] & friend of kings e2
335         world didst send,] world<s> didst send e2
336         – My] My e2
336         first, … last.”] first & thine per chance the <c>\l/ast e2
337         back] on e2
338         suddenly,]suddenly e2
339         hunting … brown,] hunting knife thin bladed sharp & brown e2; hunting knife,
                thin-bladed, sharp, and brown, e4; hunting-knife, thin-bladed, sharp and brown, CW

340         stroke,] stroke e2
341         down,] down e4 CW
341         silent:] silent – e2; silent, e4; silent; CW
341         the] those e2 
342         pale &] pale and e4 CW
343         The] [folio 12 recto e3]
343         gazing] looking e2
345         drew,] drew e2
346         Smiling,] Smiling e2
346         pale, and] pale & e2; pale and e4 CW
346         heart,] heart – e2
347         said;  said in e2; said: 
                “In]  “In e4 CW
347         part,] part e2
348         to hinder ours!] on to let ours –  e2
349         go] <come> \go/ e2; go, e4 CW 
349         Messenians] Messenians, e4 CW

350         stored,] stored e2
350         & good grain] and good grain e2; and good grain; e4; and good grain, CW 
351         home-fields] near fields e2
352         and ... horses,] & sheep and horses e2
353         hours; because] hours for e2
354         Messenian soil] Mess<ian>\en/ian soil e2
355         shall ... Spartans] these Spartans shall sit e2
356         way.” way – So here & e2
                ... and]
357         freed,] freed e2
358         thirty men,] twenty men e2; thirty men; e4
358         stayed] stayed, e4
359         home-folk:] home folk –  e2

360         and some women,] & some women <folk> e2
361         their ... estate,] the bowers in weeping s<tate>\ad/ estate e2
362         too;] too, e2
362         sobs,] sobs e2
363         new-born] new born e2
364         rough-clad Messenian,] rough clad Messenian e2
364         passed] past e2
365         To] Too e2
365         hall.     hall – and e2
366         June,] June e2
367         While the great] <Unto> \while/ the \great/ e2
367         trumpet’s clattering tune,] trumpets clattering tune e2; trumpet’s clattering tune CW
368         drowsy hum] drowzy e2
369         scarce seen] scarce-seen e4 CW
369         summer,] summer e2

370         courtyard,] court yard e2
370         gloriously,] gloriously e2
371         save] sa<f>\v/e e2
372         highway waggons tilted] high way wains with hemp cast e2
372         o’er] oer e2; o’er, CW
373         and] & e2 
373         bore] bore, e4 CW 
374         steeds … neat;] the steeds & lowing neat e2; steeds, sheep and lowing neat. CW;
                [folio 13 recto e3]
375         joyous;] joyous e2
376         Out ... passed] Forth from the hall went e2
376         Aristomenes] Aristomenes, e4
377         heart] heart, e4 CW 
377         these,] these e2
378         sun-scorched] sun warmed e2
378         o’er] oer e2; o’er, e4
379         maiden’s] maidens e2
379         door,] door e2

380         gone.] gone e2
381         Bright] [No verse paragraph division e2]
382         went,] went –  e2; went; CW 
384         asked … stead]  <straightly did they take
                A black bull from the herd een gain his sake> \asked one of that stead/ e2
385         therein; … said] therein <for he as a slave said
                Was een the God> \and joyously he said/ e2
386         War;] war e2
387         omen’s sake] omens sake e2; omen’s sake, CW
388         sacrificed him there.] sacri<cri>\fi/ced the<ir>\re/ e2
389         shrine was, and] place was& e2
389         fair,] fair e2; fair; CW

391         fair wrought] fair-wrought CW 
392         goodly] most fair e2; <m> goodly e3
393         mail-coat ... as] mail coat wrought as <if> e2
393         kings,] kings e2
394         shield,] shield e2
395         the golden ground] all the dark field e2
397         agone,] agone e2
398         broke] <f> \b/roke e2
399         folk:] folk –  e2; folk. CW

400         So] And e2 
400         Aristomenes;] Aristomenes e2; Aristomenes: CW
401         “O … God,] O thou<o> great God e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
401         these,] these e2
402         thee;] thee –  e2
403         not,] not e2
404         foemen’s backs,] foemens backs e2
405         count them.”   count – them either e2; [folio 14 recto begins with the
                Either]  word Either e3]
406         erst,]erst e2
407         the ... higher,]its glare shot up the higher e2
408         gleamed,] gleamed e2
409         Aristomenes, ... its] Aristomenes who from their e2
409         who] \who/ e3

410         that ... it] the arms & bore them e2
411         it in. Then] them in – then e2
411         again,] again e2
412         saddle creaked] sadd<e>\le/ creaked e2; saddle-creaked CW
412         wain-wheels,] wain wheels e2
413         thirsty] summer e2 
415         that ... fair] the little band in e2
416         Aristomenes,] Aristomenes e2
417         won –] won e2
418         – And] And e2
419         oer] o’er CW
419         world some] word some <n> e2

420         man’s] mans e2; [No section-title e2]
421         Laconia, spreading,] Laconia spreading e2
422         drenching … shower.] \drenching of that/ that <ill> \evil/ shower <its dark breast>
423         great] June e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
424         As] And e2 
425         ’gainst] gainst e2
425         rest,] rest e2
426         aught] aught, CW
426         anear] anear, CW 
427         riding] armour e2
427         gear:] gear e2; gear. CW 
428         made,] made e2
429         through] through, CW

430         And] [folio 15 recto e3]
432         hil1s,and,] hills and e2
432         it,] it e2
433         kites sweep and] <sw> kites sweep & e2
434         cliffs] cliffs <gilded> e2
434         bright,] bright e2
436         guide,] guide e2
438         Turned] Turned <#> e2
438         fresh] young e2
438         care worn eyes,] care worn eyes e2; careworn eyes, CW
439         said;  said O e2; said:    
                “O]   “O CW
439         godlike youth,] Godlike youth e2

440         memory,] memory <f> e2
441         still:] still e2
442         and daily fear,] & daily fear e2
443         there,] here, e2
444         Messenia.”  Messenia – then e2
445         the soft] sweet e2; the <sweet> \soft/ e3
445         eve] eve, CW
445         stirred,] stirred e2 CW 
447         Broke from them,] <Fro> broke from them e2; [folio 5 verso e2]
448         and] & e2

450         children: there] children – there <awhile> e2
451         They lingered,] <Mid> They lingered e2
452         pass;] pass e2
453         sword … breeze,] blade into evening breeze e2
454         falling,] falling – e2
454         cried;   cried praise e2; cried:
                “Praise]   “Praise CW
455         O] <That> \O/ e2
455         do,] do e2
456         in,] in e2
456         an] an<d> e3
457         fate] Fate CW
457         send!”] send e2
458         joy,] joy e2
459         land,] lands e2
459         neath] ’neath CW

460         grey-roofed long;] grey roofed long e2; grey-roofed, long; CW;
                [folio 16 recto e3]
461         turned, and] turned & e2
461         herdsman’s] herdsmens e2
462         day’s] days e2
463         and] & e2
465         As] As, CW
465         turning, ... these] they beheld their unknown e2
466         wargear; close] wargear close e2; wargear; <and> close e3
466         child & maid] the maid e2; child and maid CW
467         grey ... afraid,] <war-marble> grey stone-well as if afraid e2
468         still they drew;] on they drew e2
468         garth gate] garth-gate CW
469         doorwards] doorward e2; door-wards CW
469         with helpless hate,] in helpless hate e2

470         as ... trim] their spears the garth e2
471         piper ... dancers] bagpiper <upon the fresh green> \amid the dancers/ e2
473         limes: but] limes then e2
474         glad] glad, CW
476         low] low, CW
477         ‘What] “What CW
478         To ... rode] With beating heart and flushed face \rode <swiftly to the door>
                with speed/ e2
478         yet?’ but] yet?” But CW
479         And ... abode;] <And lept to earth> \Rode to the door/ <& leaning oer his>
                \& smote it from his steed/ e2
479         abode;] abode, CW

480         That] <Smote on the door, <but> \that/ even as his blow Fell on it
                opened> That e2
480         blow,] blow e2 
481         stood,] stood e2
481         of] like e2
481         snow] snow CW
482         eyes] eyes, CW 
482         cried:  cried why e2
482         then] then, CW
483         shorn, … men?]  shorn, O Spartan men e2
484         upon,] upon e2
486         lives.”   lives – the e2
487         Unto the earth,] \Unto/ <T>\t/he Earth e2
487         neath the Elder’s] neath the Elders e2; ’neath the elder’s CW
488         Smiled] smiled <out> e2
488         cry:] <say> \cry/ e2
489         “Help for Messenia,] Help for Messenia e2
489         father ere thou die! – ] father, ere thou die –  e2; father, ere thou die! CW

490         Come] – Come CW
492         many!” many – the e2; [folio 17 recto e3]
493         there with] \there/ with <mouth> e2
493         &] and CW
494         And ... said] Stood staring at him for a while then cried e2; [folio 6 recto e2]
494         said] said:  CW 
495-508   That … cried;] [No corresponding lines e2]
496         as] \as/ e3
497         as] As CW
497         of a great] \of/ a <very> \great/ e3
499         his] \his/ e3

500         strive] strive, CW 
501         Een] E’en CW 
501         handful] handful <a free> e3; handful, CW 
502         said,] said; CW 
504         yea] Yea CW 
504         prevail] prevail: CW
506         place] place, CW 
508         Then ... spears] <Thick stood> \Then mid/ the \ring of/ spears <circle> e3
508         cried;] cried: CW
509         “Ah] Ah e2
509         lied?] lied – e2

510         Now] So e2
510         in,] in e2
511         poor and] spare & e2
513         neath] ’neath CW
514         of ... guess.”] partly of your tidings do I guess e2
515         men press,] folk press e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
516         home folk] home-folk CW
516         wondering,] Wondering e2
517         While] And e2
517         thing,] thing e2
518         boards,] boards e2
518         new-come neat,] new come neat e2

520         heads,] heads e2
521         both ... home-folk] homefolk & guests e2
521         &] and CW
522         plenteous glee,] <chee> plenteous glee e2; [folio 18 recto e3]
524         things;] matters e2
524         maidens] maiden’s CW
526         Mid] Amidst e2; <Am>\M/id e3
526         comers,] comers; e2 CW
526-28   sweet ... felt] as Gods they felt e2
529         to … dealt.] <a> \to/ a great wo\r/ld weal & woe the dealt e2 

530         good man did] good man called e2; good man <called> \did/ e3; goodman did CW
530         cry,] there, e2 [No new verse paragraph e2]
531         Aristomenes ... high] the young chief bright eyed with low voice clear e2
532         And ... and] Told out the\ir/ \hope &/ e2
532         morn,] morn e2
533         moreover; moreover lo e2; moreover,
                “Lo,]   “Lo, CW
534         The ... eyes] I the hook thrust but large enow the field e2
535-39   May ... beguile,] twixt hedge & hedge that shall its gold now yield e2
535         see] see, CW
539         your] <h> your e3
539         beguile,] beguile; CW

540         Hard ... to] Unto our striving think not that ye e2
541         proud ... commonweal;] weak folk or ragged common weal e2
542         Ye ... now,] Lo if ye come now e2
543         forth ... a] out, a little e2; forth, \nor for/ a <little> e3
544         sounder,] sounder e2
545         kiss ... groves.] stroke your cheeks next morn in lindengroves e2
546         Nay] Nay CW
546         Nay ... each] Rather a god must each man now e2
546         be come] become CW
547         With ... watching] And look to see fierce e2
547         home;] home e2
548         Unthought-of] Unthought of e2
548         find,] find e2
549         wind,] wind – e2

550         Fresh ... every] Each voice that speaks shall bear fear in it’s e2
551         Made ... as] No love shall be but such as lives with e2
551         no] <of> no e3
552         May ... stoop,] [No corresponding line e2]
552         pale,] pale CW
553         hope:] hope e2
554         bear? – Yet] bear – yet e2; [folio 19 recto e3]
555         Ye ... this – ] Shall neer be \born/ more – lo e2
555         Ye slay] <S> Ye slay e3: Ye slay, CW
555         but] But CW
556         I,who speak] I who speak now e2
557         boys] boy’s CW
557         did verily move,] doth verily move e2
558         Knew] <N> Knew e3
558         aimed,] aimed e2
558         yearn,] yearn e2
559         within] <wi> within e2
559         light] flame e2

560         light ... pale] in Sparta light up faces pale – e2
562         – A] A e2
562         yea] yet e2; ye<t>\a/ e3
563         Een this same] Even this e2; E’en this same CW
563         a hot head] <h> \a/ hot head e2; a hot-head CW
564         away] away, CW
568         the land,] our land – e2
568         now!”] now e2
569         Godlike] godlike CW; [No verse paragraph division e2]

570         spake,] spake e2
570         mens] men’s CW
570         swelled] swelled, CW
571         made] <#> \m/ade e2
571         welled] well e2
572         terrible,] terrible e2
573         God like] Godlike e2; godlike CW
573         fell.] fell –  e2 
574         &] and CW; [Numeral 60 written in right margin e2]
575         His] <And said to them> his e2
575         him, ...    him & said – Lo <h> e2
575         said;] said: CW 
576         us; haste] us haste ye e2
577         saddle, and] saddle & e2
578         man,] man e2

580         before foot,] <f> \b/efore foot – e2
581         Tomorrow,] Tomorrow –  e2
582         us.”  us – therewithal e2; us.”
                There withal] Therewithal CW 
584         ways, ... said:] ways and <heark> good man said e2
585         “Hearken ... Last] Hearken once more – last e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
585         friends; Last] friends: last CW
586         and ... friend] <or slept not,> \and a dead friend/ and lo Ares <####> e2
587         me ... ‘Damis,name] my couch and said name thou e2
588         folk.’] folk – e2; folk!’ CW
589         methought ... my] from out my inmost e2

590         I named Euphaes:] Euphaes I named –  e2; <a> I named Euphaes: e3 
590         ‘Nay long agone,’] nay long agone e2
591         said, ‘he] said he e2
592         dead;]dead e2; <la> dead; e3
592         face,] face e2
593         now;] now –  e2
594         dead.’] dead e2; dead?’ CW 
595         a-trembling then,] a trembling then e2
595         said;] said e2; said: CW
596         Nay,] <M> \N/ay e2; ‘Nay, CW
596         and] & e2
598         fight,] fight e2
598         this!’] this e2
599         said, ‘Een] said een e2; said, ‘E’en CW

600         Arcadia,] Arcadia e2
600         lone;’] lone –  e2; lone – ’ CW 
601         And] Then e2
601         straightway was he] was my comrade e2
602         Leaving] <##> Leaving e3
602         unspoken; ... woke] unnamed, and I awoke e2
603         the bygone folk,] of <m> \by/ gone folk e2
604         The] <And those last days before Ithome> The e2
604         Ithome;] Ithome e2
605                      bade]              bid <nay> e2; [Theoclus] bade CW
605         and] & e2
606         Bury] [folio 7 recto e2]
607         unsown:] unsown –  e2
608         ‘Which] Which e2 
608         hid,’... stir,] hid quoth he ye shall not stir e2
609         Till] <O> \T/ill e2
609         hear,] hear e2

611         Joves] Jove’s CW
611         victory. – ’] victory –  e2
612         And] – And CW
613         Ira: yea] Ira – yea e2; Ira: yea, CW
613         fair] <n> fair e2
614         same,] same e2
615         where] <that> \where/ e2
615         need scarce] would \scarce/ e2
616         long stayd.] long sta<#>\i/d e2; <well> long stayd. e3; long stay’d. CW
618         Arcadia,] Arcadia e2; [folio 21 recto e3]
619         marches:] marches – e2

620         around,] around e2
621         place;] place e2; place, CW [A flower is drawn around the watermark in the
                left margin, causing four lines to be indented e2)
622         force ... avail;] <to a head> force that may avail e2
623         Yea and] Yea & e2; Yea, and CW 
623         too,] too; e2
625         thing,] thing – e2; thing. CW 
626         there left] there e2
627         house;] house, CW 
627         well hid] hidden e2; well-hid CW
628         scaped] ’scaped CW
628         Sparta: now] Sparta – now e2; Sparta. Now CW
629         fight, and] fight & e2 

630         array;] array –  e2; array. CW
631         winding] dusty e2 
632         dust-cloud] dust cloud e2
632         hoofs] hooves e2
632         raise,] raise. e2; raise; CW
633         see ... those] shall not live to see the e2
634         unfeared ... sit] my kin <shall> sit \free from war/ unfeared e2
634         sit] sit, CW
635         doubt I nought] nought I doubt e2; [Line drawn to separate 1ines 634-35
                (548-49 in e2e2]
635         end of it.”] End of it –  e2
636         and] of e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
637         That ... oaths] <As round the> \That rose/ up as the binding cup e2
638         Aristomenes,] Aristomenes e2
639         unawares;] unawares: e2 

640         little] <hopeless> little e2; [folio 7 verso e2]
641         beguile;] beguile e2 
642         then,] then then e2
643         Betwixt him and] Before him ere e2
644         hope,] hope e2
646         about] him round e2
647         men ... earth,] man does upon the Earth e2
649         up,] up e2

650         And ... silence,] <To> \And/ dr<i>\a/nk <and> \in silence/ e2
651         look] look, CW [folio 22 recto e3)
651         as ... no] <that> \of one who/ knew not <any> e2
652         And ... scoff;] Who <had no time> in the day had no time left to scoff e2
652         mid the days] <in> \mid/ the days e3; mid the day’s CW
653         All] <All dream> all e2
653         and all all] & e2; and all CW 
654         fair soul,] <great> \fair/ soul e2
654         grow.] grow e2
655         eve] night e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
656         byre, ... they] byre <a> \n/or slept folk e2
656         night,] night e2
658         gan] ’gan CW
658         stead,] stead e2
659         up,] up e2
659         men,] men e2 CW 

660         Full-flushed] Full flushed e2
660         hope,] hope e2 CW 
660         fell: then] fell, and e2
661         pushed onward through] made onward <toward> \through/ e2
662         for ... way;] <as their ##> \for the/ guarding of the way e2
664         Old Damis] The old man e2
665         stead,] stead e2
667         well-loved place,] well loved place e2
668-69   For ... trees] [Inserted from the margin] e3
669         dust-cloud] dust cloud e2

670         wound; now a] wound now <of> \a/
671         Where wife] Of <neat and sheep> \with wife/ e2; <With> \Where/ e3
671         & laden] and laden CW
672         scanty:] scanty –  e2
673         mid] \amid/ e2; <a#> mid e3
673         movinrg cloud] <steel> cloud of dust e2
674         a glittering,] a glittering –  e2; a-glittering, CW
674         round he turned] <then a sign he made> \round he turned/ e2
675         His] <Unto> His e2
676         work, ... there,] work who falling to there e2
677         fire-raising. fire raising – low e2
678         face,] face e2
679         untimely,] untimely e2

680         heart,] heart e2
681         Brave ... was,] <Solemn &> brave \as it was/ e2
682         yestermorn,] yestermorn e2
683         born] born, CW 
684         As] So e2
684         oerworn] <failing> \o<v>erworn/ e2; o’erworn CW; [A line drawn to mark
                a verse paragraph division is deleted e2]
685         way.] way e2; [folio 23 recto e3]
685.1      Ira.] [No section title e2]; IRA [All letters in upper case] CW
686         slopes,] slopes e2 
687         toward] towards e2
687         woodland country droops,] wooded country droops e2
688         hog-backed] hog backed e2
688         lies,] lies e2
689         On] To e2
689         walls] walls, CW

690         runneth;] runneth –  e2
691         pine-woods stand,] pine woods stood, e2
691         &] and e2 CW 
693         shrill] <rebel camp there pierced the dusk around> \shrill/ e2
694         This morn,] <And midst its eager> This morn e2
695         Broad ... bill] The broad axe of the rebels e2
696         A] [New verse paragraph CW]
697         oak woods] thick oak e2; oak-woods CW
697         the hillsides overgrown,] <the> hill sides over grown e2
698         tillage; fair] tillage <rich> \fair/ e2     
699         Among] Amid e2

700         scyth;] scyth e2
701         trellised, ... olive-trees] trellised & grey olive trees e2
702         cloudlike ... land,] cloud like oer the slopes – a noble land e2
702         oer] o’er CW
703         mans] man’s CW
704         more,] more e2
704         een] e’en CW
705         and life,] & life e2
706         folk] folk, CW
707         Who,] Who e2
707         days] <h> \d/ays e3
707         past] passed e2
707         neath] ’neath CW
708         understand.] understand –  e2
709         Ah, ... place,] Ah a fresh place e2
709         & hopeful] & hope<l>\f/ull e3; and hopeful e2

710         comers! –] comers –  e2; [folio 24 recto e3]
710         axe] axe CW
711         swine-filled forest lacks,] swine filled forest lacks e2 
712         wide,] wide e2
713         up from] <folk a> \up from/ e2
713         all the] <every> \all the/ e3
714         men ... and] folk and good & e2
715         men,] men e2 CW; [folio 8 verso e2]
715         run aways] runaways CW
716         Ira;] Ira e2
716         common wealth] commonwealth CW
717         yett,] yet e2; ye<s>\tt/, e3; yet, CW
717         although] save that 
718         them arms &] arms and e2; them arms and CW 
718         gear.] gear; e2
719         these long,] the folk e2

720         day-long,] day long e2
722         E’en] <#> Een e2; E’en <#> e3
722         as trees] <tree> \as trees/ e2
723         agone. And] agone – and
723         still] still, CW
724         &] and e2 CW
725         were] was e2
726         stirring; yea] stirring – <yea> yea e2
727         fields] <land> \fields/ e3
727         arise] rise e2
728         plundered. And yet] plundered –  e2
729         eaders. “We] leaders – we e2

730         storm,” ... “when] storm quoth             when e2
730         breaks] breaks, CW 
731         for nought but] not save for e2
731         stakes,] stakes < – > e2
733         an army] a band e2 
733         again.”] again –  e2; again!” CW
734         So it befell] And so it fell e2;  [No verse paragraph division e2
734         day,] day e2
735         While ... of] When in the hollows of e2; While yet <the shile must on>
                \in hollows of/ e3
736         mist,] mist e2
737         air, ... new] air amidmost of their e2
738         Folk] <About the> Folk e2
738         wrought,] wrought e2
739         brought,] brought e2

740         Fruit] Of e2; <Of> \Fruit/ e3; Fruit, CW 
740         and] & e2
740         these] these, CW
741         By Damis led] Led the                e2
741         Aristomenes] Aristomenes, CW 
743         Fresh- ... -crowned,] Fresh clad and flower crowned e2; [folio 25 recto e3]
744         holy things;] sacred things: e2; holy things. CW
745         men] men there e2
745         kings] kings, CW 
736         these,] these e2
747         love,] love e2 CW
748         Een] E’en CW
748         not, ... wide] not – as through the
749         & poor,] and poor [The r is extended into a drawing of a willow bough] e2;
                and poor, CW 

750         twixt ... shoulders] <gathering> twixt the bright heads of the damsels e2
751         man’s] mans e2
752         Joves] <an> Joves e2; Jove’s CW
752         silver-wrought,] silver wrought e2
753         nought;] nought e2; nought, CW 
754         Helen’s] Helens e2
754         bright] bright, CW
756         Few ... now;] <No> m<a>\e/n could read now e2
757         & star.] star [The word is followed by another drawing of a willow bough
                (compare note 749)] e2; and star: CW
758         swelled,] swelled e2

760         stood.    stood back e2
761         fell, and] fell & e2
762         Bright] [folio 9 recto e2]
763         To Where] <Unto the altar> where e2; To where CW
763         new- ... burn;] new \litten altar/ flame did burn e2
764         still] yet e2; <yet> \still/ e3
764         gear,] gear e2  
765         world’s ... shoulders] worlds weal upon him e2
765         bear] bear, CW
766         he,] he –  e2
766         cried;   cried O Jove e2; cried:
               “O Jove,]  “O Jove, CW
768         all,] all –  e2
768         who] that e2
769         here, ... longed-for] that desired e2

770         erst] <h> erst e3
770         for, victory] victory e2
770         &] and CW  e2
771         For] <And> for e2
771         land,] land e2; land: CW
771         and] & e2
771         increase.] increase –  e2; increase, CW
772         thee] Thee CW
772         pray,] pray e2
773         I,] I e2
773         today,] today e2
775         victory:] victory e2; [folio 26 recto e3]
776         then, and] then & e2
777         and ... what] \and all these/ may <be # a> learn with e2
777         may] <#> may e3
779         king’s] kings e2; King’s CW
779         fair] high e2
779         fields!] fields. e2; fields!” CW

780         spake,] spake e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
781         break,] breake e2
782         gilt-horned ... bull;] milk white gold-horned wreathed bull: e2
782         milk white] milk-white CW
783         dull,] dull e2
784         priest’s axe fell,] priest axe fell e2
785         Of] O<n>\f/ e3
785         horse-hoofs] horse hoofs e2
785         ground;] ground e2; ground. CW
786         Then ... men,] And <all> \on/ all men e2
786         not,] not e2
787         Great] An e2
787         fell; ... forgot] fell & <wherefore> they <knew not> \forgot/ e2
788         very lives] life a space e2
788         do,] do e2
789         asunder, and there] asunder and the<ir>\re/ e2

790         growth,] growth e2
791         Fair ... youth,] <But> fair \with the fairness of the prime/ and <slender>
                with the <flush> of youth e2
792         Bright- ... wonderful,] Bright haired gold clad and wonderful e2
794         in one voice] <cried together> \in one great voice/ e2
794         mighty cry, – ] solemn cry e2; mighty cry<;>, –  e3; mighty cry, CW
795         Aweful] Awful e2 CW; Aw\e/ful e3
795         untold melody:] wondrous melody e2
796         “What do ye here,] What do ye here e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
796         foes] fooes e2
797         fair meadows and green] fa<r>\ir/ meadow & sweet e2
799         The woes that to their] What to Messenian e2
799         befell,] befell –  e2

801         men? Be swift,] men – be swift e2
801         and] <for> \and/
802         coming,] coming e2
802         and] & e2
803         you] you, CW
803         stroke!] yoke. e2
804         swift,] swift e2
806         twixt] ’twixt CW
806         dead!”] dead  –  e2
807         Some] [No verse paragraph division e2]; [folio 27 recto e3]
808-10   Amidst ... Aristomenes] Amid their awe but Aristomenes e2

811         cheeks, ... eyes] and bright eyes e2; cheeks and bright eyes, CW
812         As ... they] Yet spake no word till they had e2
813         down the street again the] in the street their horses e2; [folio 9 verso e2]
813         again] again<s> e3
813         sound] sound. CW
814-18   out; ... gone,] out arm out and get us gone e2
814         out;] out: CW 
815-17   Shall ... worth!] [No corresponding lines e2]
816         hope] hope, CW
817         worth!] worth. CW 
818         Out,]<Arm> \Out/, e3
819         do] two e2
819         twain] <##> twain e3
819         shone,] shone e2

820         The ... out!”] On any day the great Dioscuri e2
820         O] <O> \O/, e3
821         shout] cry e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
822         again, ... being] again and all beeng e2
823         do to the Highest One,] <to> \do/ to the highest one e2
824         Men] Folk e2
824         &] and CW
824         gear,] gear CW
825         loves] loves’ CW
825         & spear,] & spear e2; and spear, CW
826         &] and CW
827         leaf ... way,] lea<v>\f/ strewn woodland way e2
828         indeed, ... knit,] indeed but well knit e2
829         hardy hearts and] h<ea>\a/dy <m> \a/nd e2
829         wrong.] wrong e2
829.1      Of ... Battle] [No section title e2];[All letters printed in upper case CW];
                [Folio 28 recto e3]

830         that] the e2
830         tell;] tell e2
831         led ... and] <went they> \led most/ secretly & e2
832         Upon] <Well> Upon e2
832         unawares] <a>\u/nawares e2
833         as] a<t>\s/ e2
836         Gainst] ’Gainst CW
836         slaves,] slaves e2
836         Great War.] great war e2
837         A down] Adown e2 CW 
837         &] and e2 CW
838         stayed:] stayed e2
839         aid,] aid e2

840         gates, when they] gates when they, e2
841         A drifting route] <Came> \a/ drifting <past th> route e2; A drifting rout CW
842         dawn,] morn<ing>, e2; dawn; CW
842         and ere their rearward] \&/ ere their midmost e2
844         saw] \saw/ e2
844         just risen] new risen e2; just-risen CW
845         won;] won e2; won. CW 
846         slunk,] <wen> slunk e2
846         greeting,] greeting e2 CW
848         that proud Sparta. the Proud Sparta: Aristomenes e2
849         among] about e2
849         trees,] <###> \trees,/ e2; trees e2 CW 

850         fields] meads e2
850         gained camp lay,] won camp lay e2
851         But] And e2
852         joyful,] joyful e2
853         within Andania’s wall,]into Andania’s wall e2
854         rout] route e2; rout<e> e3
854         great:] great e2
855         had come to his] was come to its e2
856         he,] he e2
856         many a] every e2
857         folk,] folk e2
857         & in joyous case] & with joyous face e2; & <with> \in/ joyous <face>
                \case/ e3; and in joyous case, CW
858         land,] land e2
859         for] <from> \for/ e3; [folio 29 recto e3]

860         Council-hall he sat,] Council hall he sat e2
860         &] and e2 CW
861         joy,] joy e2
862         blind delight of men,] wildered sons of men e2
863         days,] days e2
864         Een] Even e2; E’en CW
864         such-like hope,] such hope e2
864         war] war, CW
865         long ago] longed e2
865         parts,] parts e2
866         ere] <fai> ere e2; [folio 10 recto e2]
866         despair.] despair e2
867         e’en] een e2
868         too,] too e2
869         E’en] Een e2
869         feared no whit] <not> feared \no while/ e2; feared no<t> whit e3

870         chance ...   bring – and soon were e2
871         Ira,] Ira e2
872         folk,] folk e2
873         dear Ithome,] fair Ithome e2; <fair> \dear/ Ithome, e3
874         As meeting-place] For meeting place e2
874         &] and CW
875         Than] Than<y> e3
875         stead the fair] other place e2
875         had;] had e2
876         Stenyclerus] Steny clarus e2
877         selfsame ... that] self same message: <so at noon of> \so he sent that/ e2
878         land,] land e2
878         thereinto] thereunto e2
879         Whoso might deem that] Who ever deemed e2

881         He and his] <He and the old mens> he and his fellows e2
881         named; nor] named nor e2; named. Nor CW
882         Andania:] Andania, <ere the on> e2
882         morn] day e2
883         ere ... outworn,] while the sky was yet but grey: e2
883         dark] <night> \dark/ e3
885         Laconia] Laconia, CW
886         Mars ... wall,] pillars upon the wall e2
887         silent ... footfall] as the sun upon the world did fall e2
888         There] <O> \Th/ere e2
888         these; then said:] these and said e2
889         “O dreadful God,] <Th> \O/dreadful God e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]

890         life, ... e’en] life or quiet days or e<re> \e/n e2
891         death,] death e2; [folio 30 recto e3]
892         But] <M> \B/ut e2
893         fair] fair e2; fair. CW
895         dead,] dead e2
897         were I lonelier now,] <whe> \were/ I lonelier \now/ e2
898         gone,] gone e2
898         rest:] rest e2

900         upon] and see e2
901         dreams,] dreams e2
901         o’er & oer again,] over and again e2; o’er and o’er again, CW
902         anguish,] anguish e2
902         still;] still –  e2; still. CW
903         will,] will e2
904         to abide by] now to be with e2; <still> to <be with> \abide by/ e3 
905         To ... be,] <Whom in my very heart me thinks I bear> e2; [No corresponding line e2]
906         &] and e2 CW
907         loneliness] loneliness, CW
907         the sternness and the] <the doubt and> \and sterness/ ceaseless e2
908         do] <th> \do/ e2
908         shame,] shame e2
909         And ... more – ] <Wh> \A/nd therewithal when I am dead e2
910         desire – ] desire.  CW 
910         See] behold e2; See, CW 

911         In] <To> \In/ e3
911         e’en such] such e2
912         thou, O God] even thou e2;Thou, O God, CW
913         own.”   own – he went e2
                He turned]
913         &] and e2 CW
914         and] & e2
914         space,] space e2
915         gan] ’gan CW
916         Besides the warders:] Beside the warders, e2
916         horse,] horse e2
917         And,] And e2 
918         Andania,] Andania e2; [folio 10 verso e2]
919         band.   Band – old e2
919         days,] days e2

920         again,] again e2
921         vain,] vain e2
923         Of his] Of this e2; [folio 31 recto e3]
923         beneath his] beneath the e2
924         morn; ... true] morn – before them would they have e2
925-26   Told ... save,] [No corresponding lines e2]
927         And ... grave] That face so young and yet so wise & grave e2
928         As ... about] Smiling yet scarce with joy as <round about> <\as the glad street/>
                <With womens prayers mens tears>
                <Rang with the varied voices shrill & sweet>
                \round about/ e2

930         And] But e2
930         bliss; as wife or] pleasure when wife & e2
931         Went] W<he>\ent/ e2
931         their] her e2
932         Hand ... touched,] Her hand awhi<te>\l/e upon his shirt, or touched e2
933         be, the] the e2
933         erewhile] erst had e2
934         anew that] anew the e2
935         Amid ... life.] Now leaving clear behind this joyous life e2
935.1      Ithome.] [No section title nor verse paragraph division e2];
                ITHOME [All upper-case letters] CW
936         Throughout] That day throughout e2
936         that day he] he e2
938         He ... fared,] To learn new tidings how the country fared e2
938         passed] <came to> \passed/ e3; passed, CW
939         And to] To e2
939         counsel:] good council e2

940         people] p<l>eople e2
941         end] <1> end e3
941         deemed;] deemed, e2
942         everywhere;] everywhere e2
943         and] & e2
944         round,] round e2
945         wood they walked,] grove they walked e2
946         know:] know; e2
947         sleek-skinned herd] sleek skinned heard e2
947         voice] <fo> \voice/ e3
947         raise,] raise e2; raise: CW
948         now,] now e2
949         halls done] hall hung e2
949         fine.] fine –  e2

950         On] To e2; [folio 32 recto e3]
951         neither doubt nor fear] nor fear or doubt e2
951         ease] ease, e2
952         &] and CW
952         more] more, CW
952-56   what ... strive] their arms dug and bade them strive e2
955         &] and CW
956         &] and CW
957         As free men] Like free men <bor> e2
957         live:] live – e2
958         god indeed,] God indeed e2; God indeed, CW
959         help them] turn to e2
959         need.] need e2

960         About] [No verse paragraph division e2]
961         He ... way] <With in <Laconian land> in the Laconian country lay>
                <Close by the mountain road>
                <His bad and he lay the> \mountain way/
                \He stayed his band a nigh/ e2
962-64   threading ... Spartan] <leadeth through> \threads/ Taygetus – in the Spartan e2               
962         rough] \rough/ e3
964         land:] land e2 CW 
965         pitched their tents,] pi<c>\t/ched their tents e2
967         country-side;] country side e2; countryside: CW 
968         “But ... otherwhere;] But me he said the Gods call other where e2

970         and the latest] \and the latest/ e2
970         all,] all e2
971         thereof;] of me, e2
971         fall] fate e2
973         ’neath fire and] neath fire & e2
973         sink,] sink e2
974         a] your e2 
975         The Fates would fashion warriors] Men good enow would they make e2;
                [folio 11 recto e2]
976         Laconia. Have] Laconia – <no> have e2
976         me] me, CW
977         peace,] peace e2
977         see!”] see –  e2
978         from off him his fair helm] his helm from off his head e2;
                [no verse paragraph division e2]
978         did,] did e2
979         with a homespun] in a home-spun e2
979         hid,] hid e2

980         an ... rough-shafted] <into his> an ill wrought & rough shafted e2
981         shepherd gainst] hind against e2; shepherd ’gainst CW
982         face,] hood e2; [folio 33 recto e3]
983         before] beside e2
984         bundle from it,] fardel from it e2; [A line is drawn with the numeral 20 e2]
985         wicked] wicker e2
985         for] <th> \for/ e3
985         see,] see e2 
986         backed] mounted e2; <mounted> \backed/ e3
986         a ... tall,] on rough groomed \horse/& small e2
987         gan] ’gan CW
987         fall] fal1 <o> e2
988         longest] longest, CW
988         jogged on slowly] gan to jog on e2
989         Sparta. A] Sparta; a e2
989         was,] was e2

991         Neath] ’Neath CW
991         growth] growth e2
992         drizzling] <rainy> \drizzling/ e2
993         and stars] & stars e2
993         wind] <moon> wind/ e3
993         die,] die e2
994         Though rather] Yet \rather/ e2
995         onward,] onward e2
995         hill & hill,] <&> \h/ill & hill e2; hill and hill, CW
996         Amid] Betwixt e2
996         night,] night e2
996         passed] passed, CW
997         few] no e2
997         first] first, CW
998         while: once] while <whiles> \once/ e2; <space> \while/: once e3
999         somewhere nigh] far away e2
999         folk,] folk e2

1000        wide] far e2
1000        espy.] espy e2
1001        Once] Once <#> e2
1001        low,] low e2 CW
1001        from some shed, so nigh] in some byre <a> \so/nigh –  e2
1002        That] <Yea> \That/ e2
1002        horses] hor<r>ses e2
1002        heard;] heard e2
1003        a ... night-bird] <the faint cry> of a <night watcher> \a shepherd mock\ing/
                  some moor bird/ e2
1004        dog: and on] dog and still e2
1005        drizzling] \<r> drizzling/ e2
1006        heart, thinking] heart <and> thin<g>\k/ing e2
1006        great.] great –  e2
1007        he deemed indeed] indeed he deemed e2; [no verse paragraph division e2]
1007        late,] late e2 
1008        rein] rein, CW
1009        somewhat glimmered far off,] glimmered far off e2

1010        whereof did his foemen drink,] that his foemen <drank> still did drink, e2
1011        The ... would] Even Eurotas then would the vision e2
1012        empty;] empty e2
1013        down-hill sleepily he long] down hill now a long way he e2
1013        passed] passed, CW
1014        Close] Close<r> e2
1014        light] li<h>\g/ht e2
1015        And] And <\like a shad/> e2
1015        shadow-like] <close beside> shadowlike e2
1016        night, and in] night and \in/ e2
1016        nearby] ne<r>\a/rby e2; near by CW
1018        and] & e2 
1018        glimmered:] glittered –  e2
1019        Dimly he saw beyond,]He dimly saw beyond e2

1020        Sparta:] Sparta –  e2
1020        know] know, CW
1021        might] strength e2
1021        show] show, CW
1022        haughty folk.] high souled folk –  e2
1023        So] [no verse paragraph division e2]
1024        horse-hoofheard;]horse hoofs heard –  e2; [folio 11 verso e2]
1024        clownish] a clownish e2
1025        them, and now] them and so e2
1026        dealt with] looked at e2
1026        came,] came e2
1027        name,] name e2
1028        would] did e2
1029        therewith] to them e2

1030        to them and portents] and portents many & e2
1030        dire;] dire e2; dire, CW 
1032        oer]  o’er CW
1032        Laconia, that a mighty] the countryside that a great e2
1033        all the land,] in the land e2
1035        help;] help e2
1035        such-like things;] such like things –  e2
1036        took:] took e2
1038        wend;] wend e2
1038        Jove’s priest, for] Joves priest <t>\f/or e2
1039        unto the great street’s] on to the long streets e2

1040        temple,] temple e2
1040        nearby] near by CW
1042        passed,] passed e2; [Noverse paragraph division e2]
1043        through] <in> \th/rough e2
1043        Its] The e2
1044        round:] round e2
1045        oer] o<v>er e2; o’er CW
1046        and knee;] & knee, e2; and knee: CW
1047        passed the tree-set] <went> passed the tree set e2; [folio 35 recto e3]
1048        aught;] aught e2
1048        so] <no> \so/ e3
1049        He passed the hushed] Went through the silent e2
1049        mighty fane,] great fane e2

1050        place,] place e2
1051        lamp: again] lamp, so with e2
1052        about,] about e2
1052        no] no<ne> e3
1052        there.] there –  e2
1053        Jove’s] Joves e2
1054        went,] went e2
1054        His ... awhile,] his dim face awhile –  e2
1055        down he undid] <h> \d/own he untrussed e2
1056        brought,] brought e2
1057        mail-coat] <gl> mail coat e2
1057        & well-wrought &] well wrought & <k> e2; and well-wrought and CW
1058        blood;] blood, e2
1058        down,] down e2

1060        Was wrought upon a ground] Raged on a well wrought e2
1060        gold:] gold e2; gold. CW
1062        written;      written Aristomenes e2; written:
                 Aristomenes,]                                                      AristomenesCW
1063        Spartans, gives]Spartans sends e2Spartans, <send> \givese3
1063        these;] these e2
1065        thee,] thee e2
1065        thouThou CW
1065        save:] save –  e2
1066        the first-] thou these e2
1066        sword,] sword e2
1068        aught, and] aught & e2aught and CW
1068        thee!] thee e2
1069        then the] now these e2

1070        Jove’s feet, and] Joves feet, <th> \&/ e2
1071        well writ;] he laid –  e2
1072        out into the street, and] gat unto the street & e2
1073        again. Down] again down e2
1073        East] east CW
1074        spread now; day dawned,] was spreading and e2
1074        oer] o’er CW
1075        warders] warders’ CW 
1075        more,] more e2
1076        Shifting] [folio 12 recto e2]
1077        easily,] easily e2
1079        himself:] himself; e2; [folio 36 recto e3]

1080        more ... the] \more part of the/ e2
1080        gone, but four] gone some <there>4 e2; gone, <s> \b/ut four e3
1081        foot;] foot, e2
1082        stand, wherewith the foremost said:] stand – \&/ then one said e2
1083        “Thy] Thy e2
1083        paid;] paid e2
1084        thou] thou, CW
1084        churl?”     churl – Spartan fool stand off e2
                  ... off,”]
1085        he, “more] <Aristomenes> \he/ more<s> e2
1086        Good ...    <Thy> Good men & true – what business said he then e2
1087        spear:   spear – to e2;spear.
                 “To]                   “To CW
1087        and fight like men,”] & fight like men e2
1088        Aristomenes, ... away,] Aristomenes not flee away e2
1089        ye] <th> \Y/e e2
1089        day.”]          day –  e2

1090        nigh; “Speak thy] nigh speak thy CW
1091        tell] know e2; <know> \tell/ e3
1091        now.”] now e2 
1092-93  He ... said.] [No corresponding lines e2]
1093        down] down” CW
1095        him,] him e2
1096        This naked sword,] His gleaming blade e2; This <b<r>\l/>
                 naked sword, e3; His naked sword CW
1096        that, whirled about him now,] that wheeled about his head e2
1097        Dread & srange] Shone e2;<Blue in the fresh &> \Dread & srange/ e3;
                 Dread and strange CW
1097        morn did show,] morning strange & dread e2
1098        freed horse] <spurred> \freed horse/ e2
1098        bent] bent, CW
1099        aloud, as] aloud and e2; aloud, <and> \as/ e3
1099        oer his head] oer his e2; o’er his head CW

1100        white spear;] \b/right spear e2
1100        about] him <round> \about/ e2
1101        his] the e2
1101        midst] in e2
1101        shout:] shout –  e2
1102        “Heed] Heed e2; [no verse paragraph division e2]
1102        Aristomenes;] Aristomenes e2
1104        name, though unforgot.”] name though unforgot e2
1105        arrowshot] arrow-shot CW; [No verse paragraph division e2];
                 [folio 35 (sic: 37) recto e3]
1106        nought;] nought –  e2
1107        came,] came e2
1108        half-armed] \halfarmed/ e2
1108        ran] <got to horse> \ran/ e2
1109        To horse;] <But had no least sight of the Godlike> To horse – e2
1109        but] <y> but e3
1109        godlike] God like e2;[A line is drawn with numeral 124 e2]

1110        him.           him – on e2; [New verse paragraph e2]
1111        morn,] day e2
1112        still,] still e2; still –  CW
1113        As] And e2; – As CW
1113        twixt] ’twixt CW
1113        and hill,] & hill e2
1114        here, and there a bridge,] here and here a bridge e2
1115        turret marked] turret-marked CW
1115        mountain-ridge,] mountainridge e2; mountain-ridge –  CW
1117        same things] things clear e2
1117        sight.] sight e2
1119        Fair ... hind] And to the staring herd fair word e2;
                <And to the staring herd fair to> \Fair word unto the staring/ hind e3
1119        shout;] shout e2

1120        short-kirtled] short kirtled e2
1121        and] & e2
1122        road;] road e2
1123        waggon’s] waggons e2
1124        sweet close-lying hay;] <purple blossomed buds> \sweet close lying hay/ e2
1125        Good] <Or stoop> Good e2
1126        oak-bows and] oak boughs & e2; oak-boughs and CW; [folio 12 verso e2]
1127        deep-cut ... brown;] deep cut 1eaf a growing brown e2
1128        snatch] <har> sn<#>\a/tch e2
1129        wrong.] wrong e2

1130        And so at last] So as he rode e2;[No verse paragraph division e2]
1130        slack,] slack e2
1131        And,] So e2
1131        up,] up e2 
1132        none following him; then] nought of the chace so e2
1133        pace, and] pace & e2
1133        last] last, CW
1135        him, ... hear:] him – then he said not over fair e2
1136        “Ill-built ... abode,] Is Sparta for a mighty folks abode e2;
[No verse paragraph division e2]
1136        abode,] abode; CW
1137        street, ... road] street God wot the ro<d>\a/d e2
1138        roughly paved:] but ill paved, e2
1138        therein,] therein e2
1139        Eurotas] Eurotas’ CW
1139        ugly, old and thin:] rough and old & thin –  e2

1140        the place, mid] it amid e2
1141        us nobler] far better e2
1142        saw.”] saw –  e2 
1143        Then laughing, as] Laughing as round e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1144        faces,] faces e2
1144        all,] all e2
1145        trembling triumph on their hearts] triumph upon every heart e2
1146        hosts to lead.] host to lead –  e2
1147        In] [No verse paragraph division e2]
1148        Throughout] Th<ere>\rou/ghout e2
1148        now;] now –  e2
1149        second] 2nd e2

1150        his] <la> \his/ e3
1150        deed: whereby] deed,<and there> \ whereby/ e2
1152        for;] for –  e2
1153        land, &] land & e2;land and CW
1153        doubt,] doubt e2 CW
1154        hanging-back as yet:] hanging back as yet –  e2
1155        Ithome; and there] Ithome – and the<ir> \re/ e2
1156        plain, both rich and rude,] plain tents fair & rude e2
1157        multitude,] multitude e2
1158        burg,] burg e2
1158        year] <day> \year/ e3; year, CW
1159        there.] there e2; [Verse paragraph division e2]

1160        But] [No verse paragraph division e2]
1161        Kings’] Kings e2
1162        way,] way e2 
1163        stay,] stay e2
1164        sobs, ... knew]sobs and wor<l>\d/s they <did not> \never knew/ e2
1165        speak] speak, CW
1165        & true,] & true e2; and true, CW
1166        folk wound] band <turned> \wound/ e2; <band> \folk/ wound e3
1167        Broke] [folio (39) recto e3]
1168        he: – he] he – he e2; he. He CW
1169        twixt] through e2; ’twixt CW 
1169        back upon that] on the joyous e2

1170        When neath] As neath e2; When ’neath CW
1170        shadow] sh<or>\a/dow e2
1170        was,] was e2
1172        land,] land e2
1173        winter’s rest then to his broad high] winters rest and to his high broad e2
1174        look,] look e2;look <and> e3; [folio 13 recto e2]
1174        pale,] pale e2
1175        long-past tale,] long past tale e2
1176        wild] strange e2; [Lines 1176-77 are in reversed order e2]
1176        tale to come – ] one to come e2
1177        – And there withal] – And therewithal CW; And therewithal e2
1177        home.] home e2
1177.1     How … King] [No section title e2] [All letters printed in upper-case CW]
1178        Ithome hath an] <Amid> \There/ Ithomes e2; <Within> Ithome<s> \hath an/ e3
1178        counsel-hall,] counsil hall, e2

1180        their] the e2
1181        themselves,] themselves e2
1181        quiet from] <empty of> \quiet from/ e3
1181        wrong;] wrong e2
1182-87  In ... done] [No corresponding lines e2]
1182        In ... compass] <Within the place where> \In its walls’ compass/ e3
1182        &] and CW
1183        and] <where> \and/ e3
1184        neer] ne’er CW 
1185        lay] lay, CW  
1187        lit ... there] <streamed across it> \lit it now/ when \there/ e3
1188        grey-beards,] grey beards e2 CW
1189        knew,] knew e2

1190        Yet,] Yet e2 CW
1190        glad;] glad, e2
1190        sons,] sons e2 CW
1191        ago, as] as e2
1191        little-ones] little ones e2 CW 
1192        hearkened] heard the e2
1192        despair,] despair e2
1192        came] <shame> \came/ e3
1193        In] [folio (40) recto e3]
1194        about;] about e2 
1195        sons’ sons, youths without a] sons sons young <##> men with no e2
1196        needed] wanted e2
1196        new-forged] new forged e2
1197        common-weal] common weal e2; commonweal CW
1198        ever: o’er] ever; oer e2 
1199        stood: but] stood; e2; stood – But CW
1199        glittering] fair fashioned e2

1200        tide] day e2
1202        do,] do e2
1203        chances,] chances <there> e2
1204        Already: as] Already. As CW 
1204        a] the e2
1205        spake,] spake e2
1206        height] hight e2
1207        now,] now e2
1208        &] and e2 CW
1209        best,] best e2

1210        Repulse and] <And hope de> Repulse & e2
1210        deferred:] deferred –  e2; deferred. CW
1211        and] & e2
1211        glow;] glow, e2
1212        Belike] <Whether> \Belike/ e2
1213        Seeing] <And saw> \Seeing/ e2
1214        strong] strong, e2 CW  
1214        them, and must think] them; <or belike> \then he smiled/ <that nought now> e2
1215-16  How … smiled] <Their own vague fears amidst their joy did strike \show/>
                 <But made them seize in blinder wise upon>
                 <The wild<er> strange joy that they that day had won> e2
1216        down.] down? CW
1216        last, he smiled] last he smiled, CW
1217        said; ‘Joy] said; Joy e2; said: Joy CW
1217        beguiled] beguiled <th> e2
1218        that they took not to] and their may not see e2
1218        end,] end –  CW

1221        trusted me;] saw me first, e2
1222        are,] are e2
1223        That ... shrink] To find folk hate me, whatso cup I drink –  e2
1223        That that] That CW
1223        come to] \come to/ e3
1224        As I shall shrink not.     And the Gods hands –  and even e2
                 But e’en]
1225        A messenger there came into] There came a messenger unto e2
1226        aloud, that come unto the] aloud that stayed by the great e2; [folio (41) recto e3]
1226        gate] gate, CW
1227        Folk] [fo1io 13 verso e2]
1228        wot] <hear> \know/ e2; <know> \wot/ e3
1229        men,] men e2 
1229        show;] show e2; show. CW

1230        in, and straightway came,] enter <and> \:/ in they came e2
1231        train; many of them] train many thereof e2
1232        the young chief, whom now] Aristomenes whom e2 
1233        no ... out] strange eyes now fair gleamed e2
1233        marvel; fair] marvel. Fair CW 
1234        them,] them e2
1234        clad] <g>\c/lad e3
1235        had,] had e2
1236        youth,] youth e2 CW
1237        Awhile] A while
1237        by in the] in the high e2
1238        Warily] Warily, CW 
1238        sooth] sooth, e2 CW  
1238        scorn:] scorn e2
1239        Since] For e2
1239        unborn.] unborn –  e2; [Numeral 54 is written in the right margin e2]

1240        Amidst all these and] But amidst all e2 [A new verse paragraph but it is not indented
                 e2 CW]
1240        strange sharp] <swift> strange \sharp/ e3
1241        Of ... seem,] <Of happiness as from a bygone dream>
                 Of the <old> times <bef of> past, that so long past did seem e2
1242        chief’s eyes met the] young chief met the<y> e2
1243        Who] That e2
1243        e’en as if in] as in veriy e2
1244        been no dream; slim and right] really been: slim and e2
1245        on;] \on:/ e2; on, CW
1245        eager-faced, his hair] eager <eyed> \faced/, his hair \tw/ e2
1246        eyes brown too;] \eyes/ brown too e2
1247        mans] man’s e2 CW 
1247        was he erst to do] had he been to do e2; was he \erst/ to <have done> \do/ e3
1248        Much in the] <The> \Aught in the/ e2
1248        done] done, CW
1249        one,] one e2

1250        hououred              ] honoured Lasus was e2; much honoured; [Bion was] CW               
1251        great] high e2; [Lines 1250-51 are added in the right margin e2]
1251        came.] came e2
1252        Ever he seemed] And still would seem e2
1253        kindly, and] kindly: a\nd/ e2
1254        Rough ... might,] This Aristomenes een as he might e2
1255        do] to e2; <to his> do e3
1255        utmost, wrongs of his to right,] power his wrongs would strive to right e2
1256        him.] him –  e2
1257        heroe’s] hero\e/s e2; hero’s CW; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1257        dim,] dim e2
1258        all] yet e2
1258        soul;] soul: e2; soul, CW
1259        upward then] through the hall e2; [folio (42) recto e3]
1259        roll] <s> \r/oll e3 

1260        dusty beams] beams oer head e2, \dusty/beams <oerhead> e3
1260        these,] these –  e2
1261        For sure] As though e2
1261        their] the e2
1262        them:                   them: friends e2
1262        free] free, CW 
1263        Good men of fair Messenia,] <Of> \G/oodmen of Messenia e2
1263        me,] me, <Messenians hearken for a while to me> e3; me CW
1264        bear] have e2
1264        land,] land e2
1267        Than,] Than e2 CW
1267        happiness] hapiness e2
1268        With joy for you,]Happy themselves, e2
1269        That] That <the> e2

1270        Arcadia, ... take] Arcadia: <een as upon you> \fain the time would take/ e2
1271        flown,] flown e2
1272        alliance] alliance, e2
1273        &] and CW
1274        Gainst Sparta:] ’Gainst Sparta. CW
1274        If] if e2
1274        good,] good e2
1275        grey-beards] greybeards CW
1275        gainst hood] gainst <g>\h/ood e2; ’gainst hood CW 
1276        be: certes] be because e2
1279        About] [folio 14 recto e2]

1280        sister’s] sisters e2
1280        crook.”] crook e2
1281        shook] shook –  e2
1282        &] and CW 
1283        silence,] silence e2
1283        company] company <of eld> e2
1284        him;] him, e2
1285        somewhat he held silk-covered,] <He> \Somewhat/ held <w#> silk covered, e2
1286        Silk-covered too:] <C>\H/alf covered also e2; Silk-covered <also> \too/ e3
1286        he said                                  “O Arcadian e2; he said:
                 “Arcadian friends]                                              “Arcadian friends, CW
1288        good will,] goodwill e2
1288        neighbours] neighbours; CW 
1289        looked,] looked e2
1289        we should see] it should be e2

1290        today] this day e2; [folio (43) recto e3]
1291        lay] lay, CW
1293        will. O Aristomenes,] will – O Aristomenes e2
1294        full] <long> \full/ e2
1295        find] choose e2
1295        kings] Kings e2 CW; [The numeral 54 is added in the right margin with a line drawn,
                 perhaps to indicate the number of lines written at a sitting rather than a verse
                 paragraph division e2]
1296        If] I e2
1297        rest;] rest. e2
1299        For] And e2

1300        not: of royal seed] not – of royal men, e2
1301        Thou ... need] <Thy rais# is> Art thou come down too – great one take thou then e2
1301        in] <to> \in/ e3
1302        child ... crown,] see of Aepitus this staff and crown e2
1302        crown,] crown CW 
1303        And staff that neath the moon] That with the holy things e2
1303        neath] ’neath CW 
1304        despair!] despair e2
1305        and fair,] & fair e2
1307        nay] <ma> \na/y e3
1307        much] mu<u>ch e2
1308        &] and e2 CW 
1309        hearts:] hearts –  e2
1309        but] <###> \but/ e3
1309        must.”] must e2

1310        shout that] that e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1312        A ... glistening, and an] The gemmed <g> crown glittering and the e2
1312        rod] rod, CW 
1313        Gold bound] Gold-bound CW
1313        and] and and e2
1313        God,] God e2
1314        That] <That> e2
1314        Messenia;               ]Messenia: Lasus e2; Messenia; Bion CW
1315        high,] high e2
1316        and] an e2 CW
1317        eye] eye, CW 
1317        speak;] speak e2; speak. CW
1318        At] A<nd>\t/ e2
1319        bright steel] glittering helm e2
1319        & cried;] & cried e2; & <smiling sai> \cried;/ e3; and cried: CW
1319        “O sweet,] O sweet e2

1320        am] <this day> \am/ e3
1322        glory!] glory: e2; [ folio (44) recto e3]
1325        free and] happy e2; [folio 14 verso e2]
1327        I shall] shall I e2; <it> \I/ shall e3
1328        but] <f> \b/ut e2
1330        you,] you e2 CW
1330        that headpiece] the circle e2;that <circle> \headpiece/ e3
1330        ye ... now,] you show me now e2

1331        it ... thing] a <a> meet think e2; it a\s/ meet \a/ thing e3
1331        ward] ward off e2; ward <off> e3
1332        Sparta, as thing,] Sparta like this thing e2; Sparta, as thing CW
1333        off ... dew?] of the morning dew; e2
1334        offer,] show me e2
1335        gainst] ’gainst CW
1335        rolled,] rolled e2
1336        this? – ] this –  e2 CW
1336        hath made,] has made e2
1337        Pommel and] Pommel & e2
1337        guard and] chapes & e2; <cross> \guard/ and e3
1337        blade!”] blade. e2;blade?” CW
1338        now and] now & e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]; now, and CW
1339        Gleamed in] \Gleamed/ In e2
1339        as he spake the word,] at that latest word e2
1339        spake] <said> \spake/ e3

1340        new-born] new born e2 
1340        all that tide,] men that tide –  e2
1341        As ... voice] But from the midst of the tumult voices e2
1341        cried;] cried e2; cried: CW
1342        “Name] Name e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1342        then;] then e2
1342        thine] thine; CW
1343        Whateer] Whate’er CW
1343        divine!] divine e2
1344        thee?”  thee – O fair friends e2 ... friends,”]
1345        He said, “till] <Call me> \He said/ till e2
1345        trouble ends,] tumult ends e2
1346        end – if so be] ends <he said> if \so be/ e2
1347        for your need these hands this] unto now \of good/ my e2
1348        Hosts;] hosts e2
1349        looks] eyes e2
1349        those other] the midst of e2

1350        tottering – ] tottering e2
1351        Save] But e2
1351        death!”             death – From e2
1352        the] the<y> e3; [folio (45) recto] e3
1352        cry, “Hail] cry hail e2
1352        Host!,”] host e2; Host!” CW 
1353        oer] o’er CW.
1353        upturned faces, weapons] faces bright spears e2
1354        white sun. Then] slant sun – then e2
1355        guests;] strangers: e2;guests: CW 
1355        “Sirs,” ... “ye] Sir said he ye e2
1356        trusts my youth – but] trust my youth, and e2
1356        part] parts e2;part<s> e3
1357        unto our heart] to all our hearts –  e2
1358        from] with e2
1359        counsel] counsil e2

1360        Gods,] Gods: e2
1360        came] come e2
1361        fittingly: then to speech fall we] fittingly; then hold we council e2
1362        That we know all wisdom that] And tell us all that in your minds e2
1362        we] we [may] CW
1363        Since ... save.”] For mighty things I deem <I have> \there are/to save –  e2
1364        Jove’s] Joves e2
1365        wise; but on the way he] wise – but unto Lasus e2
1366        Towards              ] The Captain e2; Toward Bion CW
1366        softly:                   softlyart thou glad e2
                 ... glad,]
1367        deem] think e2
1367        mad,] mad e2
1368        and] & e2 
1368        cheap;] cheap. e2; cheap? CW 
1369        sayst] wilt e2
1369        thou] thou, CW 
1369        fellow;] fellow e2
1369        weep?”] weep –  e2

1370        For              ] For Lasus e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]; For Bion’s CW
1370        his] \his/ e3
1370        flushed] flushed, e2
1372        And] [folio 15 recto e2]
1373        answered, “Surely] answered surely e2; answered: “Surely CW
1374        eer] e’er CW; ere e2
1374        tale;] tale e2
1375        could] should e2
1376        somewhat,] somewhat e2
1376        then?”] then –  e2
1377        Captain’s] Captains e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1377        grave: “Among] grave – among e2
1379        Though ... aimeth] Thou art a kind man and thou aimest e2
1379        high] high, CW 

1380        thou ... 1ive – ] fain <a goodly> li<v>\f/e of good fame wouldst thou live e2
1381        now,] now e2; [folio (46) recto e3]
1381        willest,] willest e2 
1382        hold ... end] keep together to the End e2
1382        all;] all e2 e
1383        Belike ... fall] Though the Gods know what in a while shall fall e2
                 <Though the Gods know what ere that time may fall:>
                 \Belike <then> as into loneliness we fall/ e3
1384-89  Each ... gain!”] [No corresponding lines e2]
1384        through] th\r/ough e3
1386        by gone] bygone CW 
1387        Ere] Ere <the> e3
1387        dark & doubtful] \dark &/ doubtful e3; dark and CW
1388        sundered ... untold] <split> \sundered/ – <ah> what an <####> \untold/ e3

1390        as thus] een as e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1391        in              ] in Lasus e2; in Bion’s CW
1392        delight;] delight –  e2
1393        seemed;] seemed e2
1393        dwell therein,] live therein e2
1394        ’twixt glad day and] as day followed e2
1396        more.            more. Now e2
1397        went things more than] all things went right e2
1397        well] well, CW
1398        again ... space,] they went \again in/ in two days <time with news> \space/ e2
1398        days] days’ CW  
1399        But ... place] Their hearts fullfilled with all the night & grace e2
1399                     had good]              <prayed> \had good/ e3; Bion had good CW

1400        Yet ... envoys] Of Aristomenes and word they e2
1401        That] Th<en>\at/ e3
1401        week an] week an<d> e2; week<s time wo> \an/ e3
1402        fight: but] battle: e2; <battle> \fight/: e3
1403        Fluttered ... wide] <Great trouble was there in> \Fluttered with fear was all/
                 the country side e2
1403        wide] wide, CW 
1404        again:] again –  e2
1406        Laconia,] Laconia e2
1406        man] man, CW
1406        and] & e2 
1407        torments;] torments e2
1408        altar,] altar e2
1408        strewn,] strewn oer e2; strewn o’er, CW 
1409        All hate and fury loose:] Olive & vine uprooted: e2
1409        more &] more and CW

1410        did ... Captain] <unto> \upon/ the Captain did <g> \f/o1k e2
1411        days:] days e2; days. CW; [The numeral 114 is written in the right margin
                 above a line drawn between 1ines 1411 and 1412 e2]
1412        he, thinking of] he looking at e2
1413        ’Gan] Gan e2; [folio (47) recto e3]
1414        wait] wait<e> e2
1416        had.] had e2
1417        forth,] forth e2
1417        was] seemed e2
1418        as out of gates he went;] until the silence broke e2
1419-31  Firm ... touch.] That for awhile had caught Ithome’s folk
                 And a shout rose behind him confident
                 And joyous as from out the gates he went – e2 

1420        yet] yet, CW
1421        gan] ’gan CW
1422        was] <bu> was e3
1425        with poor hearten] \with/<half> \poor/ hearted e3; with poor-hearted CW
1426        so] so <now> e3

1432        But ... Captain] Lasus \who/that day <by the chiefs> beside him e2
1432                     ] Bion CW 
1433        pale,] pale e2 
1433        what] the e2
1434        Upon the smiling Captain’s heart] That on the Captains heart so well e2
1434        lie] lie, CW
1435        he] he, CW
1435        though ... hold] if yet he deemed e2; <if> though he should <deem> \hold/ e3
1436        fellowship,] fellowship e2
1437        Deemed life] Life seemed e2; [folio 15 verso e2]; <Thought> \Deemed/ e3
1437        youth] youth, CW
1438        still] he e2
1439        nought] nought, CW 

1440        or] & e2;<and> \or/ e3
1441        Steny clerus,] Steny clarus e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]; Stenyclerus, CW 
1441        saith] saith, CW
1442        come] <fall> \come/ e2
1444        canp: then,] camp, then e2 
1444        day] day, CW
1445        knoll side] knoll-side CW 
1445        stay] stay, CW 
1446        till ... moon] <round their while while> \till the dying moon/ e2; [folio (48) recto e3]
1446        brought] brought, CW
1448        heart,] heart e2
1449        ere] oer e2
1449        stirred;] stirred. e2 [The numeral 28 is written in the right margin above a line
                 drawn between 1ines 1449 and 1450 e2]

1450        Merry were all, but              ,] Good heart had all & Lasus e2
1450                     ,] Bion, CW 
1451        met] met, CW 
1452        dream;] dream: e2
1453        thwart] th<i>\w/art e2; ’thwart CW
1454        hours;] years, e2
1456        ranks,] ranks e2
1457        fear,] fear e2
1458        great ... indeed,] strange engine understood indeed e2
1459        Yet ... trusted,] But but half trusted e2
1459        heed:] heed e2

1460        His] Whose e2
1460        enow] <& hope> \enow/ e2; enow, CW 
1461        Strange fear to] <But terror unto> \Strange fear to/ e2
1461                     :] Lasus e2; Bion – CW 
1462        and] <t>\s/o e2
1462        with. But] with – now e2
1463          Oertopped] O’ertopped CW
1463        and] & e2
1464        Oer] O’er CW 
1464        world, ... below,] world and <ro> \d/own below e2
1465        grey] grey, CW 
1466        On ... shifting] <And> On a great changing e2
1466        gan] <did> \gan/ e2; ’gan  CW 
1466        flame,] flame e2 
1467        As] A<nd> \s/ e2
1467        dreadful] <ch> dreadful e2
1467        spear wood] spear-wood CW
1467        came,] came e2
1468        words,] words e2
1469        dull] strange e2; <strange> \dull/ e3
1469        and clash] & clashed e2
1469        hill.] hill e2

1470                     breath,] Lasus breath e2; Bion’s breath, CW 
1470        and ... draw,] & hard to draw e2
1471        Colours] <Th> \C/olours e2
1471        changing,] changing e2
1472        him;] him e2; him. CW
1473        about,] about e2
1473        dim,] dim e2
1474        Now] <A> \N/ow e2
1475        sword-blade] sword blade e2
1475        gown-skirts] gown skirts e2; gown-skirt’s CW 
1476        rust,] rust e2
1476        een] e’en CW
1477        side;] side –  e2
1477        about,] about e2
1478        came,] came e2
1478        &] and CW 
1479        loud;] loud, e2
1479        &] and CW

1480        many hearts] every heart e2;[folio (49) recto e3]
1480        came, bowstrings’ twang] came bowstrings <cla> \twang<ed>/ e2
1481        changing] changed e2
1482        followed] came then e2
1482        a] the e2; <the> a e3
1483        underground] underground, CW 
1484        wild and a flash, and] <dreadful> cr<y>\ies/ <confused flash> \and flashing/
                 & the <on> e2
1484        and] and <the> e3
1485        Amid] <A<b>\m/id the tumbled> Amid e2
1486                     ] Lasus e2; Bion CW 
1486        wild-eyed] fierce eyed e2
1486        war] war, CW 
1487        and] & e2 
1488        alone] alone, CW 
1489        done.] done e2; done, CW 

1491        pass,] pass CW 
1492        man on man fell back, as] \man/on man rolled back <as> \ere/ e2
1493        that,] that e2
1494        and gave back] & gave gave e2
1494        again; at last] again at last e2; again. At last, CW 
1495        way beyond] unto mere e2; <unto mere> \way beyond/ e3
1495        spear-cast] spear cast e2
1496        To arrow-shot] And arrowshot e2; <And> \To/ arrow-shot e3
1496        them, til] them until e2
1497        their] there e2
1498        shield;] shield e2
1499        company] company, CW 

1501        the feet] their feet e2
1501        ground:] ground e2; ground. CW 
1502        wall,] wall e2
1504        voice; “O fellows] voice O fellows e2; voice: “O fellows, CW
1504        forth] <w> \f/orth e2
1505        spear staves] spear-staves e2 CW 
1506        boughs;] boughs –  e2; boughs! CW
1506        we;] we e2; we –  CW
1507        apart] a<bo>\pa/rt e2
1507        see!”] see e2;[The numeral 58 is written in the right margin e2]
1508        shout] shout, CW;[No verse paragraph division e2]
1509        spears,] spears e2
1509        most] all e2

1510        piled-up trees,] piled up trees e2
1510        ’gainst] gainst e2; <“> ’gainst e3
1511        gold-clad] gold clad e2
1511        go,] go e2
1512        open-mouthed and fiery] open mouthed & eager e2
1512        fiery eyed] fiery-eyed CW 
1513        Who,] Who e2; [folio (50)recto e3]
1513        cried,] cried e2
1514        “I ... word] <#>\I/ see the man, <nor sm> \and/whirling round his sword e2
1514        nor spake] <and whirling> \nor spake/ e3
1514        word] word, CW 
1515        For ... sword] Smote furiously nor spake another word e2
1515                     ; forth] Bion forth, CW 
1515        sword] sword, CW 
1516-17   Whirled ... knees,] [This couplet is an approximate correspondence with the
                 previous couplet of e2.]
1516        about] about, CW 
1517        axe. Cast] axe cast CW
1518        The ... the] For the Messenians blade let <end> \out/ his e2
1519        throat;] throat e2

1520        And ... clashed] While over him met e2
1520        & axe &] and axe and CW 
1521        together; swayed and] together – swayed & e2
1522        folk] folk, CW 
1523        gave back slowly, and] <c>\g/a<m>\v/e back peace-meal & e2
1523        &] and CW
1524        behind] behind, CW 
1525        scattered wildered blind] scattered, ’wildered, blind, CW
1526        lack,] lack e2
1527        tells, but none of them went] tells that none of these came e2
1528        the ... Sparta;] their camp or Sparta, e2
1529        Gods, ... men] God’s who love<d the place> \great men/ e2

1530        soon,] soon e2
1531        oer] o’er CW; [folio 16 verso e2]
1532        low drifting;] low drifting e2; low-drifting; CW
1533        Of] <A>\O/f e2
1533        doubt;] doubt e2
1534        &] and CW 
1535        leaguer] leagurer e2
1535        there.] there – e2
1536-1681    Now ... wise,] [No corresponding lines e2. e2 continues with the following
                 four lines for which there is no correspondence in e3.]
                 Great <r>\p/raise u<n>\p/on that day had Lasus won
                 For deeds he scarcely knew that he had done
                 And in his heart rose great desire of fame
                 So when the host back to Ithome came
                 [pocketbook 88]
                 [May Morris adds a note beside Morris's reference to his pocketbook: (abt 150 lines).
                 The pocketbook (e1) presents 86 lines which correspond to 11.1527-1680 of e3
                 followed by 23 lines which correspond to 11.2165-88 of e3. In e2 a line is drawn
                 between the word pocketbook and 1.1410 of e2 which corresponds to 1.1682 of e3.]
1536        man ____] man Bion  CW 
1537        bourne forth in] <stripped of all> \bourne forth in/ e3
1537        fair] fair, CW

1544        Shows ... death] <images> \shows/ of <years> \life & death/ e3
1544        &] and CW 
1545        And now to] <Now ere the host> \And now to/ e3 [folio (51) recto e3]
1546        The] <A> \T/he e3
1546        band] <host> \band/ e3

1550        every where] everywhere CW
1551        tale] <sign> \tale/ e3
1551        heard,] heard. CW 
1552        &] and  CW 
1553        And plenteous] <They swept up> \And plenteous/ e3
1557        set] set <forth> e3
1558        For] <Een> \For/ e3

1562        gan] ’gan CW
1562        back] <w> \b/ack e3
1566        in ... there] <on> \in/ the Captain’s <face> was \there/ e3
1567        he] he, CW 
1568        thought] thought, CW
1569        these,] these? – CW

1572        would ____] would Bion CW 
1572-75   At ... part;]           Meeting the Arcadian host upon the way
                 Still with the Captain was he fain to stay
                 Nor was the Captain loather for his part e1
1576        man’s] mans e1
1577        Old ere its] -<Grown O> \O/ld <before his> \ere its/ e3
1577        time,] time e1 
1577        steeped] <sunk> \steeped/ e1; steeped, CW
1578        Its] <As of a fresh spring his worn spirit drunk> Its e1; [folio (52) recto e3]
1578        oerheaped,] oerheaped e1;  o’erheaped,  CW 
1579        Where] That e1; <That> \Where/ e3
1579        by ... bliss] some bliss <fell> e1
1579        died] died, CW

1580        bide.] bide e1
1580.1    Over.] [No subtitle or verse paragraph division e1]; OVER CW
1581        bloomed] hope e1
1581        Messenia’s hap] Messenias hope e1; Messenia’s <hope> \hap/e3
1581        back] back, CW 
1582        fortune now] happiness e1
1583        space:] space e1; space; CW
1583        aid] aid. e1 
1584        And] [folio 1 verso e1]
1585        Fared] Marched e1
1586        men,] men e1
1589        battle] battle e1

1590        until] till e1
1590        pass away;] have passed away e1; pass away, CW
1591        And ... all] Wherefore to rest now may e1
1591        turn] turn, CW
1592        be] be, CW
1593        How          <A> \H/ow wealth dulls courage – peace]   another while e1
1596        commonweal;] commonweal e1 [folio 2 recto e1]
1597        Wherein, God wot,] Wherein God wot e1
1597        oft,] oft e1
1599        faithlessness,] faithlessness e1

1600        folly;] folly el
1600        less,] less e1
1601        Strong-hearted, and] Strong hearted & e1
1603        scape;] scape el; [folio (53) recto e3] ’scape; CW
1605        too ... came.] <s> t/oo swift it came e1
1606        There ____] There Lausus e1; There Bion CW
1606        greedy] eager e1
1606        fame] fame, CW
1607        Splendid of speech,] Better of speech e1
1607        eagerly] ea<r>\g/erly e1
1608        die,] die e1 [folio 2 verso e1]
1609        Hot-hearted,] Hot hearted e1
1609        praise] praise, CW 

1610        days] days, CW 
1611-12  By ... hour;] [No corresponding lines e1]
1611        turn] turn <f> e3
1612        sweet hour unto] \sweet/ hour \un/to e3
1613        Deeming ... God.] Counting his friend no worser tha<t>\n/ a god e1
1614        And … on the]  So day on day behind <#> each e1;  [No verse paragraph division el]
1615        years:] years e1
1615        over well] overwell CW
1616        kept, and at the] kept and so at e1
1617        ere the three] when the <6>\3/ e1
1617        o’er] oer e1; o’er, CW
1618        never more;]- nevermore e1; never more. CW 
1619        were, and] were & e1
1619        enow;] enow e1 CW 

1620        show;] show e1 
1621        against; sad] against sa<i>d e1; against; sa<i>d e3
1622        dead] slain e1 [folio 3 recto e1]
1622        as autumn]  a<n>\s/ winter e1
1623        gain; ... -heartedness] gain – Treachery faint heartedness e1
1624        needed – And] needed – and e1; needed. And CW
1625        flushed] <days> flushed e1
1625        glorious strife] glor<y past>\ious strife/ e1
1626        Was] Seemed e1
1626        all] <ho> \a/11 e1
1627        seeming, ... land,] seeming & in sooth the land e1
1628        either hand,] every hand e1
1629        and place.      & place \the/e1

1630        ____ won] Lasus won e1; Bion won CW
1631        good] g<r>\o/d e1
1631        for; brave and] for brave & e1
1632        was,] was e1
1633        things;] things e1
1633        well] well. CW 
1634        Of all] And of e1; <And o>\O/f \all/ e3 [folio (54) recto e3]
1635        him:] him e1 [folio 3 verso e1]
1636        and silent,] & silent e1
1638        thwart] ’thwart CW 
1638        life; ... all] life but unto most e1
1639        Did ____] Did Lasus e1; Did Bion  CW 
1639        most ... need] <a kin<d>\g/ most meet for ###> \most meet for every need/ e1
1639        need;] need e1; need. CW

1640        now; deemed him] deemed him framed e1
1640        indeed] \in/deed e3
1641        Wise, … yea] For rule but hard and e1
1642        As … changed,] If the times changed e1
1642        cruelty,] cruelty e1; cruelty – CW 
1643        Dark souled] Dark-souled CW
1643        him:] him e1
1645        heaven, …true,] heaven so brave & true e1
1646        e’en] een e1
1646        folk] <men> \folk/ e3
1646        knew.] knew e1
1647-64  So ... fear.] [No corresponding lines e1]
1647        was ____] was <S> ____ e3; was Bion CW
1649        Een] E’en CW

1650        know] know, CW 
1651        Amid] Am<on>\id/ e3
1651        wisdom] wisdom. CW
1652        when] <did> \when/ e3
1653        women,] women<s>, e3
1654        thought] thought<s>e3; thoughts CW 
1655        with it,] with it – CW 
1657        him] him,  CW 
1657        no smile] <he> \no/ smile<d> e3
1657        face:] face, CW 
1659        knees] kn<nee>\ees/ e3

1660        So dreaded Aristomenes] so-dreaded Aristomenes, CW
1661        trusting, Unchid, the] \trusting,/ Unchi<l>\d/ <and> the e3;
                Trusting, unchid, the CW
1662        unscared watched the] \unscared/ watched the <livid> e3
1663        heaven to earth,] <cloud> \heaven/ to <cloud> \earth/, e3
1665        Men ... clung] How fair it was that he should cling e1 [folio 4 recto e1]
1665        that ____] that he should el; that Bion CW 
1666        Aristomenes,] Aristomenes e1
1666        lost] lo<v>\s/e e3
1667        people's ... told;] peoples love ere all <was brought to end> \the tale was told/
                 e1 [folio (55) recto e3]
1668        and … behold!] <the> \of/ men the end behold e1
1668.1     The … Glauce] [No section title. Numeral 79 in right margin e1];
                 [All letters printed in upper case CW];
                 [Glauce is one of the Nereides, personifying the colour of the sea.]
1669        Say] SAY [Oversized initial S] CW
1669        five] 5 e1
1669        worn] gone e1; <gone> \worn/ e3
1669        day] <morn> \day / e1

1670        When] Since e1
1671        Laconia;] Laconia e1
1672        those ... defiant] the first wild defiant e1
1673        deals ... dwelt] <d> \ t/ells now there <s>\d/welt e1
1674        man: her] man whose e1
1675        increase now; and] increa<c>s/e now & e1
1675        was] was. CW
1676        had] <it> \h/ad el
1677        of her] o<r>\f/ her <rich> el; [folio 4 verso el]
1677        lands,] lands e1; lands <;>\,/ e3
1679        long ... waxed] long by \g/one waxed up el; \long/ by gone. <There> \Still/ waxed e3
1679        bygone.] bygone. CW

1680        That ... woman] Her daughter now a maiden e1
1680        fair] fair, CW 
1681        Great-hearted] Great hearted e1
1681        folks] folks’ CW
1681        deemlng, … wise,] deeming & most wise e1
1682-2164     And ... wait,] [No corresponding lines e1]
1682        And yet a] A snare and e2
1682        mens] men’s CW
1682        eyes.] eyes: e2
1683        So] [No verse paragraph division e2]
1684        garden- ... fro,] garden alley too & fro e2
1686        doth] <h> \d/oth e2
1687        there; but today,] there, but today e2
1688        for ... days.] many days past <in> \through/ e2
1688        eyen] eyen <show> e3
1689        thoughts, ... fair] thoughts her brow e2

1690        slow-foot leaden] slow foot lea<r>\d/en e2
1691        longings of the night,] yearnings of the night e2; [folio (56) recto e3]
1692        thought, she chid] thought she chi<l>d e2
1692        light.] light e2
1693        now,] now e2 
1693        languid] <lingering> \languid/e3; tired e2
1694        bramble &] bramble and e2; bramble, and CW 
1695        listless] vacant e2
1696        garden,] garden e2
1697        sound and] sound & e2; sound<s> and e3
1697        scent & sight] scent<s> & sight<s> e3; scent and sight CW; scent & sights e2
1698        childhood’s] childhoods e2
1698        delight] delights e2; delight, CW
1699        Which] That e2 

1700        morn, … wearied,] morn when somewhat wearied e2
1702        hot sun burned,] sunset burned e2
1703        hall,] hall e2
1704        Amid] Amidst e2
1704        fall,] fall e2
1705        still,] still e2
1706        and wrong across] & wrong into e2
1707        awhile, ... deem,] awhile and scarce I deem e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1708        told] spoken e2; <spoken> \to1d/ e3
1708        out ... in] forth the things that crossed e2
1709        her; yet therein] her, yet her dream e2

1710        Were ... need,] Held war in it and times of utter need e2
1711        sick-hearted] sick hearted e2
1711        loneliness,] 1oneliness e2
1713        and … wise,] or weep upon its loss and then e2
1714-17  For ... then] [No corresponding lines e2]
1714        glorious] a<n> \glorious/ e3
1714        mens cleared eyes,] men’s cleared eyes – CW 
1715        rest’s] <is laid at> rest’s, e3; rests,  CW 
1715        last.] last – CW  
1716        dead] \dead/ e3
1717        it – her] it. Her CW 
1718        apart from striving] <wasted> away from \striving/ e2
1718        men] men, CW 
1719        Listless ... -despising] <And thin> Listless & self despising e2

1720        find it out] come on it e2
1720        done,] done e2; done, – CW 
1721        – What] What e2; [folio 17 recto e2]
1721        swept in] yet swept e2
1721        breeze,] <wind> breeze e2; breeze CW 
1722        linden trees,] linden trees e2; linden-trees CW
1723        ripe,] ripe e2 CW
1723        face,] face e2; face? CW
1724        with these had] too had a e2; [folio (57) recto e3]
1725        rest] rest, CW
1726        Lonely … striving] Of godlike strife and longing e2
1726        no] no<r> e3
1726        best?] best e2; best. CW
1727        – Whate’er] What eer e2
1727        dreamed] dreamed, CW
1727        was,] was e2
1728        her,] her e2
1728        ’gan pass] gan pass <on> e2
1729        lilies.            lilies – So e2

1730        yew set] yew-set CW
1730        place, and] place where e2
1731-42  Seemed ... out call,] She heard cried out, and turned about her head
                 With cheeks and brow for shame grown sudden red e2
1732        darkest] darkest <dr> e3
1734        past] passed. CW
1737        shrieck] Sh<ir>\rie/ck e3;shriek CW
1737        rang] rang – CW
1738        ‘Glauce O Glauce!’] “Glauce, O Glauce!” CW

1742        anigh her] <amid> anigh her <h> e3
1742        out call,] outcall, CW
1743        turning ... still] therewithal twixt the dark boughs e2; turning, pale and trembling,
                still CW
1744        foster ... draw;] ancient fostermother towards her draw e2
1745        wise,] wise e2;[folio 17 verso e2]
1745        feared,] feared e2
1746        men] folk <th> e2; <folk> \ men/ e3
1746        Fates] fates e2
1747        folk:] folk e2
1748        gazed at Glauce,] gaz<in>\ed/ at Glauce e2
1748        gan] ’gan  CW 
1748        rise] <dr> rise e3
1749        great,] strange e2
1749        out:] out e2 

1750        “O mother] O mother e2; [Not indented e2 CW]
1750        doubt] doubt < ;”> e3
1751        bring?”      bring: she laid e2
                She set]
1752        breast,] breast e2
1752        stand,] stand e2 CW  
1753        her,] her e2 
1753        laid] said e2; <said> \laid/ e3
1754        A ... said:] Laying a hand upon her golden head – e2
1754        & said:] & s<l>aid: e3; and said: CW 
1755        Fear] “Fear CW; [No verse paragraph division e2];[folio (58) recto e3]
1755        not, ... sure] not my child! e2
1755        thee,] thee e2
1757        coming.”           coming. She e2
1758        o’er- … the] oer weary on a e2 [folio 18 recto e2]
1759        Beneath maid] A nigh there and the damsel e2

1760        face,] face e2
1761        beside] beside, CW 
1762        And,] And e2
1762        hide] hide, CW 
1763        out:       out – thou<gh> knowest mother e2
                 … mother,]
1764        child,] child e2
1764        deemd’st] deemedst e2; deem’dst CW 
1765        things; myself I] things – I myself e2
1766        heart and hope] hope & heart e2
1767        and] & e2
1767        but] <pa>\bu/t e2
1768        Waxed, ... last,] Waxed and at last e2 CW
1768        womanly,] womanly e2
1769        Then gloomy dreaming] This dreamy glooming <the> e2
1769        clean, and thou,] clean & thou e2

1770        beseemed, thereat] methought \thereat/ e2
1770        enow;] enow <#> e2
1771        For … strong and] As well beseemed for I grew strong & e2
1771        fair] fair, CW
1772        and the world’s] & the world e2
1773        man,] man e2
1774        once, ... me] once; <then> but \a pang/ <through my heart> \through me/ there e2
1774        ran,] ran e2 CW 
1775        As ... yet] A <pang een as thou spaked –> \as thou saidst that –/ but e2
1776        along ... ways,] amid these pleasant <days a> \w/ays e2
1778        now ... something] in these last days somewhat e2
1779        I] <m> I e3
1779        clear] clear, CW 

1780        know] know <I> e2
1780        doth it] it doth e2
1781        life.”     life. <now its that> Her hand
                 … hand]    <did> e2
1782        gown’s] gowns e2
1782        grass,] grass e2
1783        words;] words, e2
1784        her, yet] her but e2; <ye> \her,/ but e3
1784        nought,] nought e2
1785        rising] look of  e2
1786        fall;] fall. e2;[folio (59) recto e3]
1787        Yet] Then e2
1787        on:  <n>\l/ow – nor e2
1787        “Nor mother] “Nor,mother, CW 
1787        all,] all. e2
1788        me;] me e2
1789        past – those] past the e2
1789        a man,] man e2

1790        long?] long e2
1791        blow] grow e2
1793        not:] not – e2
1794        bed;] bed e2
1795        weary,] weary e2
1796        have] know e2
1796        there;] there – e2
1798        On ... face,] <Up>on my <frowning> \unhappy/ face e2
1799        things;] things, e2

1800        know I] \know/ I <ail> e2
1801        I ail nought;] nought I ail e2; [folio 18 verso e2]
1801        we,] we e2
1802        And all] And e2
1803        afar.”] afar e2
1804        stopped,] stopped e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1804        fell,] fell e2; fell <in> e3
1804        her … meet] in nursing wise e2
1805        In … feet] She gazed upon the braveries of her guise e2
1805        gems upon] <broider<y>ies> \gems up/on e3
1806        And ... spake:] For richly was the clad: then the crone spake e2
1806        hem: but] hem. But CW 
1807        “Some ... belike,] Some little while last night e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1808        Last night,] Belike e2
1808        one;] one; e2
1808        me] <#> me e2

1810        me,] me e2
1810        too, and] too & e2
1811        dream] d<e>\r/eam e3
1811        hold] think e2
1811        show.”] show e2
1812        her, but wearily] her but dreamily e2; [No new verse paragraph e2]
1813        answer; “Yea] answer Yea e2; answer: “Yea CW
1813        night;] night e2
1814        wood] <waste> wood e2; wood, CW 
1815        blood,] blood e2 
1816        The ... told] While they told tales e2; [folio (60) recto e3]
1816        & foils,] & foils e2; and foils, CW 
1817        King-beast] King beast e2
1817        toils;] toils e2; toils. CW 
1818        ill;] ill e2 
1819        Things] <All> Things <\somewha/> e2
1819        surprise,] surprise <s> \a/s e2

1820        dreams;] dreams e2
1822        dog wolves ten,] \dog/ wolves ten e2; dog-wolves ten, CW 
1823        men] men, CW
1824        mighty lion,] noble lion e2
1825        beasts;] beasts e2
1826        bound: well,] muzzled – e2
1829        Rejoicing,] Rejoicing e2
1829        lay] crouched <a> e2

1830        asleep: then] asleep. Then CW 
1831        beast, and rose] beast e2; beast, and rose <and> e3
1832        bonds;] bonds, e2
1833        folly,] folly e2
1833        goes,] goes e2
1835        had had] had \had/ e3
1835        him,] him; CW 
1836        like ... depart] <th> like thunder <from me> \then/ did he \de/part e2
1837        waste, and I –] waste – and I, e2
1838        Among ... gown,] <Feeling right feeble \And strove to/> among the <green> brake,
                 for grass green was my gown e2
1839        hide,] hide e2; hide; CW 

1840        But] <b> \B/ut e3 
1840        now … full] whereas a<s> \t/ the first twas e2
1840        &] and e2 CW 
1841        Grew … I] Now grew it straight and short, <I> \a/nd I did e2
1842        gleam,] gleam e2
1843        the] the<y> e3
1843        beasts, white-toothed] beasts white toothed <#> e2; beasts, white-toothed, CW 
1843        tongue] tongue, CW 
1845        Great] [folio 19 recto e2]
1846        height,] <midmost> height e2
1846        dream I knew,] dreams I knew e2
1847        cold.”] cold – e2
1848        “E’en] Een e2;[N0 verse paragraph division e2]
1848        told”] told e2; told,” CW 
1849        said,] said e2; said; CW  [folio (61) recto e3]
1849        “but upon a] on a green e2

1850        methought] me thought e2
1851        gin,] gin e2
1852        thee,] thee e2
1853        stood,]stood e2
1854        Lo,] Lo e2
1856        seemed fain to] smiling seemed e2
1857        perch] perched e2
1858        then ... arm] and thou wert of e2; <and thou wer> \then did thine/ e3
1859        up, … me,] Up & smiling turned to me e2

1860        And … and] Then might I move and so e2
1861        day.”] day. e2
1862        Sidelong] <Silent> \Sidelong/ e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1863        spake,] spake e2
1863        all;] all e2
1864        Nay] Nay, CW 
1864        tale] tale <had> e3
1865        lips,] lips e2
1865        scarce knew] knew not e2
1866        Of ... clear] The words she spake, sweet e2
1867        throstles] throstle’s CW 
1867        wood-side near] wood side near e2;wood-side <nigh> near e3; wood-side near, CW
1868        mingled sweet] many a sweet <sound> e2
1868        scents] scent e2 CW 
1868        bear;] bear e2
1869        shadows,] shadows e2
1869        conduit] conduits e2; conduit’s CW 

1870        rejoice,] rejoice e2
1871        sky;] sky e2; sky. CW
1872        there,] there e2 
1873        Glance, and] Glauce & e2
1873        sun] sun<r> e3
1874        white ... run] With the white light of noon upon her shone e2
1875        out;   out is e2; out:
                Is]  “Is e3
1875        than] of e2
1876        full of bliss?] life of bliss e2
1877        soft … slaves,] <the> soft words of slaves e2
1878        flute ... bath’s] <fine wool gown the> \flute ababbling while/ the baths e2
1879        about; ... essences,] about the scented essences e2

1880        neath] ’neath CW ; [folio (62) recto e3]
1880        trees,] trees e2
1881        anigh;] anigh e2
1882        one’s] ones e2
1883        us; ... harp-soothed] one the harp soothed e2
1883        meal] meal, CW
1884        things] matters e2
1885        the weary soul;] my weary soul, e2
1886        weary hot] weary-hot CW 
1886        een with day] its day is e2; e’en with day CW 
1886        done,] done e2
1887        And … with] Then the dark night shutting e2; \And/ Then the <dull> night,
                <w> \with/ e3
1887        &] and CW 
1887        shut out,] without e2
1888        And ... ravelled] The lonely yearning & and insoluble e2
1888        within] within, CW
1889        – And all this] All coming e2
1889        oer ... again!] oer & oer and oer again e2; o’er and o’er and o’er again! CW 

1890        vain] vain, CW; [folio 19 verso e2]
1891        this?] this e2
1891        live] li<fe>\ve/ e3
1892        and ... strive,] & fear to strive e2
1893        dying they might] they might die and e2
1893        done,] done
1894        alone?”] alone. e2 [Numeral 154 added in right margin e2]
1895        smiled ... and] gazed on her & e2
1895        said; “Fair] said fair e2; said; “<f> \F/air e3; said; “Fair CW 
1895        child,] child e2
1896        Een] E’en CW 
1897        thee:] thee – e2
1899        Glimpses of this] Strange things within e2
1899        life;] life e2

1900        Misty] Mist dim e2
1900        grow,] grow e2
1901        Because ... things] Perchance because the things that e2
1902        Are ...    Shall come to pass soon: Een e2; [Numeral 162 added in right margin  Een] 
                 with line drawn below it. e2]
1902        Een] E’en CW 
1903        horn,] horn e2
1904        new] strange e2
1905        hearts,] hearts e2
1905        said;  said woes’ e2; said:
                 “Woe’s]  “Woe’s CW
1906        our … see?] this place too still war and ruin see e2
1907        a blast] blast e2
1907        heard.”] heard. e2
1908        fresh] strange e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
1908        with in] within eCW 
1908        maid’s heart] maids breast e2
1908        stirred;] stirred e2; stirred. CW 
1909        “Come,” said she,] Come said she e2
1909        and] & e2; “and CW
1909        not, nought] <nought> \not, nought/ e3

1910        Of harm] Us harm e2; Of harm, CW
1910        have] have – e2;have.” CW  
1911        And] [No verse paragraph division e2]; [folio (63) recto e3]
1912        Into ... sun,] And the nurse with her till the court was won e2
1913        Where ’bove] <And there have <f> come folk> Where <mid> \bove/ e2
1913        men] folk e2
1913        field] from field e2; f<r>ield e3; afield, CW 
1914        shield] shield, CW
1915        Wherein ... ground] In the <noon> sun, whereon e2;
                 [A line is drawn between 1ines 1914-15 e2]
1917-19  And ... see] No more at first the twain saw but that there e2
1919        home folk] home-folk CW

1920        men at arms,] m<a> \e/n at arms e2; men-at arms, CW 
1920        and ... eagerly,] about that shield wrought fair e2
1921-42  As … clear] [No corresponding lines e2]
1921        tale;] tale: CW 
1925        them} \them/ e3
1929        He fell Upon] \He fell/ Upon <the> e3; He fell upon CW 
1929        as I say] <& spared \stayed/ not> as I say e3; as I say, CW

1930        And ... spoil] <To chase the fleers> \And with his spoil/ e3
1931        pass] <wood> \pass/ e3
1931        noontide] noontide, CW 
1932        side;] side. CW 
1933        longta]e] long tale, CW
1934        With bows] <All armed> \With bows/ e3
1934        company] company, CW 
1937        not] not, CW 

1940        &] and CW
1941        ah ... here,] <here your lady is> \ah your dame is here,/ e3
1942        Stand ... clear.”] <A fair dame meet enow to have this bliss!>
                 \Stand by my masters leave a good space clear./” e3
1942        by my masters] by, my masters, CW
1943        Indeed ... out] But presently the goodwife from e2;[folio (63) recto e3]
1944        Fair clad, and] Came out & e2
1944        serving-man & thrall,] serving man & thrall e2; serving-man and thrall, CW 
1945        And ... now] From th<e>\ose/ <new comers> \men/ midst whom might they e2
1946        one] man e2 
1947        and … who] & fast bound. <in s> \who/ e2
1948        Now ... sunburned] Turned now his su<r>\n/ burnt. e2
1948        &] and CW 
1949        Toward Glauce,] Towards Glauce e2

1950        though] <as> \though/ e2
1950        him; neath] him: <at> \neath/ e2; him; ’neath CW 
1951        She … hot] <Her heart beat quick,> she \changed &/ trembled \sore/ and <the>
                 \all her/ e2
1952        about ... there] within her heart; and so e2
1953        Twitching] <Moving> \Twitching/ e2
1953        though … him –] if to <go> \reach/ to him – e2
1954        and weak] & weak e2; and weak <a> e3
1954        and limb,] & limb e2
1955        Yet ever counting] <But now the chief of the ten men stood> But counting softly e2
1955        oer and oer] oer & oer e2; o’er and o’er CW
1956        Those … ten.’] <B> \T/hose men at arms & muttering – they are ten e2
1956        ‘Ten, yea ten.’] “Ten, yea ten.” CW
1957        whereas … come] the leader of those men stood e2; [folio 20 recto;
                 No verse paragraph division e2]
1958        The ... of] And said <I> \A/ thing <wo> \o/nce deemed of wondrous e2
1958        said,] said: CW
1959        you, lady;] you lady e2; you, lady, CW 

1960        be ... of] a thing for e2
1960        scorn,] scorn e2
1961        ass-load ... meat,] ass load of worms meat e2
1962-77  Though ... worth.]           Yet shall this day to you and yours be sweet
                 When <in> \of/ your house the good and ill is weighed
                 Because thereon within your walls was laid
                 The body of the Captain of your foes
                 Een Aristomenes – a murmur rose
                 From all folk as he spake – Fair Sir
                 The lady said what welcome is there here
                 Meet to reward you nought is here but ye
                 <M>\E/ en as your own may freely have of me X
                 <So into the hall she led, While in the place
                 Was joy enow and many a happy face
                 At that one mans undoing presently
                 A man from out the house folk there gave cry> e2
1963        Aristomenes] Aristomenes.” CW
1968        Our ... the] <And send a messenger while yet tis> \Our company shall come back
                 with the/ e3
1969        Tomorrow ... have] <To Sparta for a \strong/ guard, and have with them enow>
                 \Tomorrow morn, \&/ with them shall they have/ e3
1969        &] And CW

1972        vanished.”] vanished <,> \,/” e3
1973        cried] cried: CW; [folio (65) recto e3]
1974        Be] “Be CW
1976        That] \That/ e3
1977        Ah ... thou,] X And doubly glad I am to day e2
1977        to day] today CW 
1978        speak] say e2
1978        once – ] once e2
1979        that tide] th<en> \at/ \tide/ <some> e2
1979        five ... away.] \5 years/ past away e2

1980        thou,] thou e2
1980        glad ... day?] joyful of that day e2
1981        Speak] Speak, CW
1981        too?”           too; a e2
1982        man;] man e2
1983        But] And e2
1983        blood-red] blood red,
1984        heart] heart – e2
1984        out;              out Nay e2; out:
                “Nay]    “Nay, CW
1986        grown] but e2
1987        again,] again e2
1988        now,] now – e2
1988        pain,] pain e2
1989        what. But now] what – Nay dame e2

1991        be,] be e2 
1991        Aristomenes] Aristomenes <guested> e2
1992        twice.” twice  <bold words \and long/ are these> \Nay bondman
                 peace”] hold thy peace/ e2
1992        peace”] peace!” CW 
1993        The … a] <The goodwife cried> a e2; The goodwife cried, “a CW 
1993        make,] make e2
1994        life’s sake;] lifes sake e2; life’s sake, CW
1995        thee;] thee e2
1996        cage] place
1996        full-fed enow,] full fed enow e2
1998        because] <at one> \because/ e2
1998        beasts] beast’s CW  
1999        But] Then e2
1999        and said;] & said – e2; and said: CW 

2000        Well,] Nay e2;“Well, CW
2001        still ... aught;] quiet nor heed laughter aught e2; [folio 20 verso e2]
2002        But more fools] And sillier e2; [folio (66) recto e3]
2003        Unless] But if e2
2003        abode.”] abode – e2
2004        from ... one] of the guards a man e2; <of the guards a man>
                 \from the homefolk one/ e3; [No verse paragraph division e2]
2005        rake-staff] spear butt e2
2006        the … jeered;] folk laughed out and jeered – e2
2006        &,] and e2 CW 
2007        Glauce … out,] Glauce, and had good will to cry out /// e2
2008        low; “Have] low – have e2; low: “Have CW 
2008        doubt] doubt, e2
2009        us;] us: e2

2010        come] comes e2
2010        part!”] part. e2
2011        But] So e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
2012        all,] all e2
2013        merry,] merry e2
2013        prize,] prize e2
2015        him,] him e2
2016        For that they] They e2
2016        more ... “Small] more therefore & said small e2; more, and said, “Small CW
2017        eat, Messenian,] eat Messenian e2; [A line is drawn between lines 2016-17 e2]
2018        Deem’st] Deemst e2
2018        not ... enow!] wasted us not yet enow e2
2019        then?  then; nought e2; then?”
                 Nought]  Nought  CW 
2019        said] said, CW

2020        colour,] colour e2
2021        spake;] spake, CW
2022        quivering, till she,] quivering till she e2
2023        tell said; tell said Mother e2; tell, said:
                 “Mother,]  “Mother, CW
2023        see,] see e2
2024        me?] me – e2
2025        this place,] <methinks> this place e2
2025        mans] man’s CW 
2025        bear,] bear e2
2026        here,] here e2
2027        those … that] this man standing over him withat e2
2028        face] eyes e2; <eyes> \face/ e3
2029        belie] bely e2
2029        speech] speech; CW 

2030        For ... look] Yea as from him pardon she did e2;
                 For pardon <of him> \rather/ did <her eyes> \that look/ e3
2031        As … eyes,] For <their> \her/ eyes <met> \met/ <in> \his/ \solemn/ eyes e2;
                 [folio (67) recto e3]
2032        a troubled] <a godlike> \sweet soft troubled/ e2
2032        win] win, CW
2033        of] <a> \of/ e2
2035        Sick] <Y> \S/ick e2 e3
2035        gaze,] gaze e2
2037        not,] not e2
2037        there,] there e2
2038        her] the e2
2039        While .. maid;] <And Aristomenes as> \Then spake/ her mother ah poor maid e2
2039        mother;] mother: CW 

2040        now] now, CW 
2040        dreamy,] dreamy e2
2041        dream.] dream e2
2042        Love-sick] Love sick e2
2042        seem.”] seem – e2
2043        Aristomenes] Aristomenes, CW; [No verse paragraph division e2]
2044        vision muttered neath] vision, muttered ’neath CW
2044        breath,] b<e> \re/ath e2; breath: CW 
2045        “Woes me,] Woes me e2; “Woe’s me, CW
2046        ache;] ache – e2 CW 
2047        face,] face e2; [folio 21 recto e2]
2048        love!] love – e2
2049        Ah] Ah, CW

2051        Wherewith] Wherein e2
2051        thought] <deem> \thought/ e3
2051        strive] strive. CW 
2052        Yet were] <God wot> Yet <in good> am e2
2052        1ive –] live e2; live <”> – e3
2053        Well] <Well> <And so tomorrow shall try all things there> Well e2
2053        proves] try e2
2053        ill.”] ill – e2
2054        “What bondsman,”] What bondsman e2; “What, bondsman, CW
2054        still?”] still – e2
2055        “hast] hast e2
2055        magic then] magic e2
2056        oer us,] oer us e2; o’er us, CW
2056        world’s men] worlds men – e2; world’s men, CW
2057        vilely? deemest] vilely dreamest e2; vilely? Deemest CW
2058        Perchance that] That spite of all e2
2058        scape] ’scape CW 
2058        even now?”] us now? e2
2059        Then] <The Captain smiled and said> Then e2 [No verse paragraph division e2]
2059        Aristomenes;] Aristomenes – e2; Aristomenes: CW 

2060        “Fair fellow nay,] Nay fair fellow e2; “Fair fellow, nay, CW 
2060        peace,] peace e2
2061        For that a] And that some e2; [folio (68) recto e3]
2061        hand] hand < – > e2
2062        Een] <To patient> Een e2; E’en CW 
2062        land,] land e2
2063        Fairer ...     Better than my Messenia – his e2
2064        the … all] mens hearts of men amid e2
2064        noise] noise, CW 
2065        crept,] crept e2
2067        them,] them
2067        to him more,] <more> to him \more/ e2 [Numeral 52 is added in right margin e2]
2068        But] <So soon they took \him/ and> But e2
2069        Terror soon,] terror soon e2

2070        limb.] limb; e2 
2071        Day]    And unto Sparta went a messenger
                 These joyful tidings unto folk to bear
                 Day e2
2071        and died,] meanwhile,
2071        with ... fall] when the night did fall e2; <when the night did fall>
                 \with the first nightfall/ e3
2071        nightfall] night-fall CW
2072        gan] did e2; ’gan CW
2073        men at arms] men-at-arms CW; [A line is drawn between lines 2072-73 e2]
2074        fill,] fill e2
2075        but sparingly. Now] <if somewhat> \but/ sparingly: now e2
2076         ____ that night] Hertha ever charge e2
2077        Charge … according] <About> \Over/ the<meat &> drink, <and> \according/ e2
2077        oer] o’er CW 
2078        Unto … out;] <Gave to> Serving the waiting women, e2
2079        There … good,] <Strong and good ever> In that house ever was the drink right
                 good e2

2080        mood] mood, CW
2081        marvel] wonder e2; <wonder>\marvel/ e3
2081        eer] e’er CW
2082        Their … and] There mouths had touched & e2
2082        fair] fair. CW 
2083        pass,] pass e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
2084        dreadful all] <monsterous> \dreadful all/ e2
2086        Within her bower,] <Into> Within her e2
2086        had] had, CW
2087        yearning,] \confused/ grief e2; yearning CW
2087        confused grief, a]yearning and the e2
2088        at … should] impending, to e2; [folio 21 verso e2]
2089        feet ... dull] footsteps from that e2

2090        Captain bounden] bounden Captain e2 [No verse paragraph divisione2]
2091        noise,] noise e2; [folio (69) recto e3]
2092        Twixt] Between e2; <Between> \Twixt/ e3; Betwixt CW
2092        and] of e2 
2093        His guards raised,] <Of those> his guards raised e2
2093        game,] game e2
2095        dreams,] dreams e2
2095        and] & e2
2096        with] <with> \in/ e2
2097        rest, rest. So e2
                 … wise]
2097        grew] grew, CW
2098        midnight] mi<g>\d/ night e2
2098        drew] drew CW

2100-01  out, ... now] out and Glauce sank ere now e2
2100        house] <night> \house/ e3
2102        dream] dream, CW
2103        With] <And started> with e2
2103        quick and] swift & e2
2104        At, that deep] A<nd>\t/ the great e2
2104        Which did she] which she could e2; wh: did she e3
2105        a-drawing nigh;] a drawing nigh – e2
2105        moon’s] moons e2 
2106        o’er bright,] more bright e2; o’er-bright, CW
2107        Panting ... fearful] And ever she thought to hear a sudden e2
2108        Should ... then] Break through the stillness,when e2
2109        half shut] half-shut CW
2109        fall,] fall e2

2110        opened –] opened, e2
2111        do ... there] do when <there the old nurse stood> \in the door way there/ e2
2112        &] and CW  
2113        Showed Glauce,] She looked and e2
2113        face flushed,] <eyes gleam> face flushed e2
2114        nurse … “Thine] nurse, and said all thine e2
2115        know, … need] know now, no need now e2 
2116        edges, … swords.”] poisoned edges of the swords – e2
2117        straight] soft e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
2117        hall] hall; CW  
2118        high] tall e2
2118        moonlight] moons light e2
2119        sunken] fallen <this way and that
                Both men & women even> e2
2119        sat] sat, CW 

2120        Blind] Blind, CW 
2120        motionless] motionless – e2; motionless, CW 
2120        rigid,] rigid, e2
2121        and whispered: “Yea] but yet went on e2; and whispered, “Yea, CW 
2122-25  Have … me.”] When on the nurses face a strange smile shone
                 Midst the great taper that she held as she e2
2123        She] [folio (70) recto e3]; [New verse paragraph CW]
2124        morrow] tomorrow CW 
2124        sake,] sake, CW 
2126        And ... on] <oer ##> Led oer the moonli<gh>\t/ pavement e2
2127        hall’s ... fair] wall behind the high seat there – e2
2128        And] She e2
2128        taper,] taper e2
2128        glare] glare – e2
2129        erne-wrought eagle] erne wrought e2; erne-wrought \eagle/ e3; erne-wrought CW

2130        wield,] wield e2;wield – CW
2131        Old ... that] The latest trophies of her fathers e2
2131        house.] house – e2 CW 
2132        Which her] And then on tiptoe with <a> \her/ e2
2133        straight … and] did she take <d> \a/down & e2;
                 <did> \straight/ she <take> \took/ adown and e3 
2134        the nurse ... the] her nurse unto the iron clamped e2
2135        dungeon;] dungeon, e2
2136        gear] gear<,> e3 
2136        of,] off, e2; [folio 22 recto e2]
2136        o’er slow] oer slow e2; o’er-slow CW
2137        it, ... set] its weight twas but to lay e2
2138        well-worn] well worn e2
2139        sword.     sword, and

2140        dear face] dear e2
2141        life; she] life: she e2; life. She CW
2142        door opened now,] <nurse> \door/ opened, now e2
2143        once;] once, e2
2144        and] & e2; <al> and e3
2144        air;] air e2
2145        oer] o’er CW
2145        be,] be e2
2146        Of those grey] <And> o<#> \f/ th<e>\ose grey/ e2
2146        see,] see e2
2147        life,] life e2 CW 
2147        great and] great & e2
2148        part,] part – e2; part. CW
2149        in, and] in & e2

2150        upon] <##> \upon/ e3
2151        sleep:] sleep; e2 
2152        joy of utter] sweetness of <her> \utter/ e2
2153        oer] o’er CW
2153        heart, … wandering] heart as like a wounded e2
2154        mouth ... face,] lips stole oer his face e2
2155        breath] breath; e2
2154        heard] hea\r/d e2
2156        moment,] moment e2; [folio (71) recto e3]
2156        her] his e2
2157        lips … to] mouth was laid on e2
2158        went … kiss;] was given him in that kiss e2
2158        kiss;] kiss. CW 
2159        Then] And e2
2159        hands] hand e2

2160        bands,] band – e2
2161        was,] was e2
2162        face; but,] face – but e2
2163        well-expected fate,] well expected fate e2
2164        not] not e2
2164        wait,] wait e2 [Numeral 75 added in margin with a line drawn beneath line
2164        e2]
2165-89  While doubt] [No corresponding lines e2]
2165        While fetter-key] And therewithal from a guard belt a key e1
2165        guards] guard’s CW
2166        soft-foot] softe foot e1
2166        silently] silently, CW
2167        Which] <W> \A/nd e1; <Well> \Which/ e3
2167        Glauce’s ... she] Glauces hand the smooth steel e1
2167        slid;] slid, e1;slid. CW
2168        it and] and e1
2169        hand: but he] hand but e1

2170        clicking] clinking e1
2170        key,] key e1
2171        hand,] hands – e1
2172        He ... stiffly,] he rose up swiftly e1; [folio 5 recto e1]
2173        Her hand outstretched;] her outstretched hand e1
2174        other, on] other oer e1; other, <oer> \on/ e3
2175-76  His ... hand] A swift glance round he cast <held> \&/ her \hot/ hand
                 <Fall down & there unsteadily hed stand> e1
2177        Fell down, and] Left lonely e1
2177        it,] it e1
2178        oer ... flit.] a great pain across her heart did flit e1
2178        oer] o’er CW
2179        down,] down e1; [No verse paragraph division e1]
2179        & neath] and ’neath CW

2180        Muttered ... then] <m> M/uttered a <#> word and e2
2180        from each] out from each e1; from <his &> \each/ e3
2181        those his guards,] <t>his guard, e1
2181        &] and CW 
2182        laid,] <s> \l/aid e1
2183        Then rose and] And<s>\r/ising e1; Then rose, and CW 
2184        And ... helm,and] & shield & helm & e1
2185        way;] way e1; way. CW; [folio 5 verso e1]
2186        passed] past e1
2187        of] <##> \o/f el
2187        yet, &] yet &e1; yet, and CW 
2188        sleepers wallowed,] feasters <#> \w/allowed e1. [Note added to the end of the draft:
                 Query as to the way of betrayal – say he arranges with certain merchants and they
                 are taken by the Spartans who are lurking close by. The door is opened, and Glauce
                 is killed & Lausus taken & is stoned afterwards by the Spartans about the same time
                 that A. is chucked into the hole at ######### .
                 [Note added to folio 6 recto: Scene in which G. says to A love me, he says can't
                 she makes a noise but is relieved and goes off to L. e1]
2189        beside … he] besides the threshold as <t>\h/e e2; [folio (72) recto e3]

2191        who ... though] his guides; <but the nurse who had> \and made as though/ e2
2192        have spoken there,] said some words e2
2192        show,] show e2; show. CW 
2193        woman,] woman e2
2194        quenched] quenched, CW
2194        muttered, “Haste haste] muttered swift swift e2
2194        “Haste] “<h> \H/aste e3; “Haste, CW
2194        on,] on e2, on; CW
2195        tonight”] tonight e2; tonight?” CW
2196        light] <night> light e2; <n> \l/ight e3
2197        court:] court e2
2198        twas] ’twas CW
2199        tales,] tales e2

2200        sleep; ... she] sleep – but on the old crone e2
2201        And] <In> \And/ e2
2201        Captain’s helm,] Captains <steel> \helm/ e2
2202        And ... in]      <And last a long way off the maid>
                 <And then alone came Glauce woe and weal>
                 <Turned to a dream for her>
                 And Glauce followed: as in e2
2202        Glauces gown; in] Glauce’s gown. In CW 
2203        should ... more;] would know her more e2
2204        days,] days e2CW; [folio 22 verso e2]
2205        soul;] soul e2  
2205        images] im<g>\a/ges e2
2206        breeze,] breeze e2; breeze; CW 
2207        A] So e2
2207        years,] years e2
2208        tears:] tears e2; tears. CW
2209        back,] back e2

2210        away; ’twas] away, twas e2
2210        moonlight burned,] hot tears burned e2
2211        Burned…     Thereon in the cold moonlight <,> \–/<clashed> \groaned/the e2
2212        now,] now e2
2213        Drew ... leaves;] Stayed by its iron leaves: e2
2213        swung,] swung e2; swung; CW 
2214        the] its e2
2215        while,] while <;> \,/ e3 221
2216        close shut] close-shut CW
2217-18  She ... died] [No corresponding lines e2]
2217        fear] fear, CW 
2218        Until with] <But> \Until with/ e3
2218        heart nigh] <soon there> \heart nigh/ e3
2219        As ... alone –] she strove to think, and there withal alone e2
2219        found] <wou> \found/ e3

2220        – A … two] She was a space because the twain e2
2220        – A] A CW 
2221        oak-wood;] close wood; e2
2222        join them, and] join<ed> them & e2; [folio (73) recto e3]
2223        by] & e2; <with> \by/ e3 
2224        Unto] <T> \U/nto e2
2224        there to] h\th/ere did e2
2225        voice ... say:] <#> \v/oice did <y>\th/e hero say e2
2226        “This] This e2; [No verse paragraph division e2]
2226        late ebbing fast] een as it ebbed e2
2227        me –] me e2
2227        not –] not e2 
2228        aught] a thing e2
2229        own –] own; e2
2229        life,] life e2

2230        Made … a] Is not – a fearful e2
2231        Is … if] Made by the Gods – If e2
2231        ere] e’re CW
2232        t’will] twill e2; ’twill CW 
2233        you – One] you – one e2; you. One CW
2233        yet,] as e2 
2234        Our … this,] The time to spare what meaneth this e2
2235        ye, –] ye – e2
2236        now?] now e2--
2237-40  Maiden, ... me] [No corresponding lines e2]

2240        loving me] lov<e of>\ing/ me e3; loving me – CW
2241        Woes] Woe’s CW
2241        therefore! Where] therefore <how> \wh/ere e2
2243        strife! ... talk,] strife – I smile I talk e2
2245        do.] do e2
2246        wherewith to] that I might e2
2247        How] <h> \H/ow e2
2247        Death] Death, CW
2247        be?] be e2

2251-52  And ... give?”] [no corresponding lines e2]
2252        such] \such/ e3
2253        Now] [No verse paragraph division e2]
2254        her,] her e2; [folio (74) recto e3]
2254        grew,] grew e2
2255        falter] <tremble> \falter/ e2
2255        him;] him e2; him: CW
2256        “Hearken] Hearken e2
2256        little] little, CW 
2256        dim!] dim – e2
2257        desire,] desire e2
2258        and] & e2

2259-2302   That … delight!] [No corresponding lines in e2]
2261        ache] ache, CW
2267        oer.’] o’er’? CW 

2272        stare] stare, CW 
2273        wrath;] wrath: CW
2278        Knowst] Know’st CW

2280        &] and CW
2284        but] “but CW 
2285        &] and CW
2286        Let] [folio (75) recto e3]
2287        &] and CW

2291        trembled] trembled, CW 
2291        knelt] knelt, CW 
2294        fate;] fate. CW
2295        Then] <As> \Then/ e3
2296        gan] ’gan  CW 
2297        land] land, CW
2298        hand,] hand. CW