William Morris Archive

0.1        The ... Swanhild] Swanhild d1
0.2       Argument.] [No argument. Ms begins at 1ine 1 d1]; ARGUMENT CW
0.3       Of] <A> Of d2; [Text of Argument printed in upper case. CW
0.8       King,] <one> King, d2
2          Hermanaric,] Hermanaric dl
3          midst ... prevail;] in all strife did \still/ prevail d1
4          High ... joyful]   <Whose heart had beat>
            High <had> \soared/ his joyful <heart> d1
5          beneath ... bright] amid his banners bright d1
6          knees he knew,] kne<w>\e/s he knew d1
7          lands.] lands d1
8          But] So d1
8          in] <at> in d1
9          win,] win d1

10         in ... ease,] to deal with his new gathered ease d1
11         the wide] <his> the wide <reaching> d1
11         land,] land d1
12         Whateer there] Whatever d1; Whate’er there CW
12         or fear or] and fear and d1
13         when] <but> when d1
14         save] choose d1
14         loose.] loose d1
15         Now ... highest] And now amid these d1
16         summers,] summers d1
17         and mien,] & mien d1
17         Well-liking,] Well liking, d1
18         That] <As though Hermanaric the <King> \Goth/ had been
             The King of Paradise,>
              <As> That d1; <So t> \T/hat d2
18         Kings] King’s CW

21         Than God,] Tha<t>\n/ God d1
22         Black- ... brow,] Spare black-haired was he thin lipped stern of brow d1; [folio 2 recto d2]
23         justice;] justice d1
24         enow] <a>\e/now d1; enow, CW
26         free.] free d1
27         his] hi<m>\s/ d1
27         him,] him d1
28         hope] <thing> hope d1
28         dreamed.] dreamed d1
29         folk,] <men> folk d1

30        Bikki,] Bikki d1
31         hand,] hand d1
31         who, ere] who eer d1
32         very thought,] <inmost> \very/ thought d1; very thought CW
32         with knew,] with <, ,> knew, d2; with knew; CW
33         the King ... do] that <the Kin> he scarce liked to do d1; the King had scarce<r>d<ee>\ar/ed do, d2
34         would have done – ] would would have done, d1
34         King,] King d1
35         Outspoken,] Outspoken d1
35         thing.] thing d1
36         kind,] kind d1
37         neer] ne’er CW
37         broken: when] broken <ere> \when/ d1
38         Was ... sword,] <Had flickered and died out had> \Was quenched in one great battle/              Bi<c>\k/kis sword d1
39         When ... rife,] Had ... life d1

42         Had ... life,] When ... rife d1
42         sword-encompassed tree.] sword encompassed tree d1
43         by the King’s] <from> by the Kings d1; [folio 1 verso d1]
43         well-nigh Bikki ruled,] well nigh Bikki ru<el>\le/d d1
45         King was much befooled,] Kings heart was befooled d1
46         he,] he d1
46         old, must bear,] old must <ever> bear d1
47         content,] content d1
47         fair,] fair d1
48         blessings,] blessings <and> d1
49         and misery.] & misery d1

51         e’en ... son,] een the Kings one son d1
52         A] [folio 3 recto d2]
53         Who ... done]    <Who none the<re> less but from few folk had won>
             <Love or good name>
             <A man who Who> for \all/ his young days great deeds had he won d1
54         And therewithal] Yet none the less d1
54         upon,] upon d1
55         Unloved, unfeared,] Unloved unfeared d1
55         folk,] folk d1 CW
56         Not ... spoke.] Who still few words of mirth or dolour spoke d1
56         kindly] kindly, CW
56         haughty] haughty <m> d2
57         Unknown] <Lonely> \Unknown/ d1
57         be, yet was it so] be yet was it so <that> d1
58         him,] him d1
58         the less,] <thers> the less d1
59         As one unwitting,] The cruel <hear> depths of d1

60         Which ... oppress] Which <knowledge> \thing with all despair/ would hi\m/ oppress d2;
              And whiles that knowledge gave him re<stles>\ckle/ssness d1
61         At ... him] And whiles <the> it urged hi<m on> \s heart/ on d1
62         The wrong] That wrong d1
62         had cast] ha<st>\d/ d1
63         men’s hearts at last.] mens hearts at last d1
64-77   praise ... find.]      he was such an one that still the earth
             With all its strife, <that> \at/ whiles would fill each vein
             With all the uttermost of the thoughtless mirth
             And whiles with <all the> weight of all unreasoning pain
             Would weigh upon him yet not all a gain
             That joy would seem, that pain not all a loss
             Strange hope & fear each <h> fear & hope would cross
             And note withal that this his enmity
             <Nor always would> his very heart \would not/ confess at whiles
             <And> nor ever did it show forth outwardly
             And Bikki cried his deep enduring guiles
             Still did him all due reverance with frank smile
             Would welcome \him/ and in <outspoken wise> blunt words would speak
             <As with all men would council and advise> \And give him council wherein he was               weak/ d1
64         overmuch,] overmuch; CW
67         pain’s] <c pl> pain’s d2
68         clear ... any] <the> \clear/ sight of <some> \any/ d2
69         the ... lasting] \the/ power of <enduring> \lasting/ d2

71         men] <too twain> \men/ t<#>oo, d2
73         Bikkis] Bikki’s CW
75         path] path, CW
76         & kind] and kind, CW
78         days] days <1> d1
79         feast:] feast; d1

80         King’s] Kings d1
81         pass] pass, CW
82         glass,] glass d1; [folio 4 recto d2]
83         mid a pleasant] in a pensive d1
83         feast’s] feasts d1   
84         Unto ... cried] <Spak> Unto the King spake d1
84         voice.] voice d1, voice: CW
85         “In merry days,] In merry days d1; [folio 2 recto d1]
85         King] King, CW
86         E’en as this day,] Een as this day: d1
87         richly ... felicity,] dowered well with all felicity d1
88         quiet ... hand,] still before thine hand d1; <still before> \quiet neath/ thine hand, d2; quiet               neath thy hand, CW
89         thee,] thee <pr> d1

90        dominion;] dominion d1
90         yet] <the#> \yet/ d2
90         art;] art d1
91         Despite ... depart.] And in despite thy wealth from life must part d1
92         “And] And d1
92         not ... this]      us not that <this> \if/ thy d1; not <aught tha> that, if this d2
93         Shall] <If he> Shall d1
93         fallen asleep,] laid asleep d1
94         Then] That dl
95         we shall keep,] shall we keep – d1
96         Yet] <T> \Y/et d1
96         over-deep] over deep d1
97         need pierce, o’er-deep] need need pierce, oer <de> swift d1
98         utterly.”] utterly d1
99         hand,] hand d1

100       smiled,] smiled d1
100       turn;] turn d1; turn: CW
101        “Meseems, O Blkki,] Meseems O Bikki d1
102        lips;] lips d1
104       waking-tides] morning-tides d1
105       sons,] sons d1
105       goodlihead.] goodlihead d1
106       “Speak out, O friend,] Speak out O friend d1
106       say] say, CW
107-11  For, ... seek] Because meseems thou hadst not spoke at all
              Unless thou hadst heard tidings of some may
             <We such as> Such as our lips by loving names might call
             Such as before her our best men might fall
             Rejoining to lie low before her feet d1
109       thou hast beheld] \thou hast beheld/ d2 

111       A ... seek:] <To find wherewith ?to satisfy their same;> \A fair fulfillment <there in> there              unto to seek,/ d2
111       seek;] seek; CW
112       Speak] <Speak hardily, what queen hast thou to name?> Speak d2; [folio 5 recto d2]
112       the ... speak.”] O <Ki> friend how namest thou this sweet d1
113       “O King,” said Bikki,] O King said Bikki d1
113       scarce] “scarce CW
114       and] & d1
115       Thou ... girls] That I must name but bid <at least> \the girls/ fill d1
115       fill round] <at least> \fill round/ d2
116       least,] least d1
116       fame] <n> \f/ame d1
117       feared ... flame,] <lived his life all free from flame> feared not iron nor the flame d1
117       feared] <filled> \feared/ d2
118       men,] men <1> dl
118       grown – ] grown [then is extended into a multiblossomed flower] d1; grown <,> \ – / d2
119       Sigurd,] Sigurd d1
119       known!”] known d1

121       mighty shout;] joyous shout d1
121       mans mind] mans <heart> \mind/ d1; man’s mind CW
122       was; so] was and d1
122       beakers] beakers’ CW
123       Folk drank thereto,] Men drank thereto d1
123       true &] true and d1 CW
124       ’gan to feel:] gan to feel – d1
124       and] & d1
125       cup,] cup d1
126       mens’ ... rolled up.] the murmur glad rolled up d1; mens’ <boat> \boastful/ glee rolled up.              d2
126       mens’] men’s CW
127       unto him & said] to him and said d1; unto him and said: CW
128       “Grudgest] Grudgest d1
128       one,] one d1  
129       late-come] late come d1
129       well-wed] new wed d1

130       kin? –] kin d1
130       friend’s] friends d1
132       shame man,] shame man d1; shame,man, CW
133       beget!”] beget – d1
134       face,] [folio 2 verso d1];face d1
135       In low voice: “Sigurd;] \And low voice/ Sigurd; d1
135       In] <And> \In/ d2
136       thee! –] thee d1
137       Abode] Didst live d1
137       loved,] loved d1
138       who] that d1
138       heart –] heart d1
139       thee –] thee d1

140       None otherwise] No other wise d1
140       die!] die d1;die!” CW
141       Sourly] [folio 6 recto d2]
142       Bikki, ... methought,] Bikki <once again and sp> and said Yet me thought d1
143       his ... slain] <that> his one voung child d1; his young <son> \child/ slain d2
144       fire,] <bale> fire d1
144       befell] befel d1
145       Which] That d1
145       him;] him d1
146       The] <Folk say> The d1
147       keeping their ill] holding their vile d1
147       mind.”] mind d1
148       “Yea,” Bikki said,] Yea Bikki said d1
148       so] “so CW
149       him,] him d1

150       dead,] dead d1
151       There lay a] The<y>\ir/lay a <a> <another> d1
152       saw ... away – ] gave her birth 16 years past away d1
153       woe,] woe d1
154       unto.”] unto d1
155       spake; … we]spake dreadful <of> \we/ d1; spake: dreadful we CW
156       Gudrun … and] <her new life with> \Gudrun wedto/ Atli, and <the tide #> \<feast>/ d1
157       Entrapped ... unafeared,] <That> Entrapped the treacherous Niblungs unafeared d1
158       died: ... last] died <,and> at last & how d1
158       that] <how> \that/ d2
159       in] mid d1
159       misery,] misery [the y is extended into a multi-leaved branch] d1

161       Atli] <Alit> Atli d1
161       pyre.”] pyre d1
162       “Yea,”] Yea, d1
162       “such] such d1
162       true,] true d1
164       stood,] stood d1
164       wail,] wail d1
167       Jonakur:] Jonakr <the Spaniard> d1
167       because, folk say,] because folk say d1
168       and]  & d1
169       There the King] There Jonakr d1; “There the King CW
169       her,] her d1  
169       een now] eenow d1; e’en now CW

170      dwelleth:] dwelleth d1
170       sea-drenched white-lipped] sea drenched white lipped d1
171       morn] morn, CW; [folio 7 recto d2]
172       Who ne’er] that never d1
173       year is] year hath d1; year, is CW
173       kind &] soft and d1; kind and CW
174       of] for d1; <for the> \of/ d2
174       had care;] did care d1        
175       in ... fair.”] happy days within that court there are d1
175       days &] days and CW
176       smiled, and said;] smiled and said d1; smiled and said: CW
176       “Hearkenest thou son] hearkenest thou son d1; “Hearkenest thou, son, CW
177       saith,] saith d1
178       That it were] It would be d1
178       one,] one d1  
179       were] where d1

180       throne, when,] throne when d1
180       brow,] brow d1
181       war,] war d1
182       Heaven are?”] heaven are? d1; [folio 3 recto d1]; [Following 1ine 182 is a stanza not
              included in d2:]   <Then> Again to Bikki did he turn and said
              Have I not heard afore that she is fair
              <D> <Was it not> \Was/ it not Jonaks daughters goodlihead
              Those merchants <spoke of> praised who came <unto our fair> \a chauffering here/
              This spring-tide even now methinks I hear
              Some snatch of rime some eastern minstrel sang
              But her name <a> stayed not though the verses rang d1
183-87 As …  fain]  Randver had turned unto his fathers <face> place
              When he spake to him, with a look of shame
              A flush and anxious quivering <hur> in his face
              He waited now till Bikkis answer came
              Yea King he said the tale is still the same
183       reddened] reddened, CW
183       word] word, CW
184       again] again, CW
185       nought fair lord] nought, fair lord, CW
188       She ... change –] In <w>rime or <verse> common speech: d1
189       such-like] such like d1

190       For] \For/ d1
190       old,] old d1
190       war,] war d1
191       need,] need d1
192       Judging] <And> Judging d1
192       men,] men – d1
192       are,] are d1
193       And through]  <And through> And lead d1
193       lead;] lead d1
194       yet,] yet d1
194       Randver,] Randver d1
195       might … folk] may it be the tale of what they d1
195       say] say, CW
196       wandering … may!”] merchants of this marvelous may d1; wandering folk, of this fair may!”              CW
196       fair] <m> \f/air d2
197       troubled] thoughtful d1; <thoughtful> \troubled/ d2
197       Randvers] Randver’s d1 CW
198       At: Bikki’s words] As Bikki spake d1; At Bikki’s words, CW
198       him,] him d1
199       spake: “Time] spake Time d1

200       of poets] what folk may d1; of poets’ CW
201       And … slim,] <And hands like like lilies> And swaying of the linen covered body slim d1
202       they] the<n>\y/ d2
203       a-morning] a morning d1
204       “Of hair,] Of hair d1; “Of hair CW
204       that God] the Gods d1
204       again;] again. d1 
205       Their ... lips] Of lips well nigh d1
205       to love,] to love d1; to<o>love, d2
206       pain,] pain d1
207       what it] what d1
207       rise] rise <of> d1
208       fragrant bosom;] \fragrant/ bosom d1
209       Of joy shall] \Of joy/ Shall d1
209       happy] <happy> \happy/ d1
209       loves,] loves d1

210       through] twixt d1
210       clouds] <sky> \clouds/ d2
210       mid night] midnight d1 CW
210       moves.”] moves d1
211       moody silent,] silent thoughtful d1; <silent> moody \silent/, d2; moody-silent, CW
212       withal, who] said nought but d1
213       Till ... thoughtfulness,] A while till waking from his thoughtfulness d1
214       And cried: “Well] He cried well d1
214       heard,] heard d1
215       tale:] tale, d1
216       Of … our] To ask of Jonak all that we d1
217       Since ... look] Nor may we look <li> \a/like for aught much d1
217       may] <can> \may/ d2
218       But] “But CW
218       tomorn … and] more days bring counsel & d1
219       race.] race d1

220       fortune Son! – ] fortune,son d1; fortune, son! – CW
220       ye, fair lords,] ye fair lords d1
221       earth] world d1; <world> \earth/ d2
222-24  Whatso … got!”] And the west <g>wind go letting of our case
              Over the <flowery> meads untill it reach the sea
              And they t<wo>\oo/ moan to think how glad they be – d1
225-31   So ... word.] [Stanza omitted d1]
226       withal] \withal/ d2

230      Whereon] <on which> \Whereon/ d2
231       Oer ... word.] <To tell his mind to counsellor and lord> \Oer which the great men dealt the               treasured word./ d2; [folio 9 recto d2]
231       Oer] O’er CW
232       when noon came] the next noon d1; [folio 3 verso d1]
233       Who … all] And spake unto him somewhat d1
233       and] <but> \and/ d2    
234       He … of] And told him how it was d1
234       gan] ’gan CW
235       How Swanhild] That d1
235       lie:] lie d1
236       “Lo ... anigh,] <And> \he/ said <he swift> O son \swift/ <the days go by> \draweth/ eld               anigh d1
237       And I would] So let me d1
238       Yet … ways:] <That> yet <remain before> \left ere I must try/ the untried ways d1 239             “Therefore ... fair] <My feet must touch> Tomorrow son a goodly d1; [A drawing of a flower               stem and blossom extends from “y” of company and droops beneath the line between              “noble” and “keel” in 1ine 240. d1]

240       here,] here d1
241       Make for King] Shall make for d1
241       Jonaks] Jonak’s CW
241       the] the<s> d1 
242       gifts,] gifts d1
243       maid, ... in] maid <from out her house> \but in/ <fa> d1
244       hers, … is] hers – of these shall Bikki be d1
245       That ... this.”] And fain wereI that he wrought under thee d1
245       hope] <w> hope d2
246       end] end. CW
247       slowly: “Meet] slowly Meet d1
247       I,] I d1
248       father,] father d1
248       wend,] wend d1
249       And … majesty;] Exalting all thy might & majesty d1

251       wouldst … delight,] would have delight d1
252       maidens’ ... dight?] maidens pillows dight d1
253       “Mindest] Mindest d1
253       how … gavest] of thy word given d1   
254       embers ... burn,] <dregs of battle yet are left> \embers of the old stri<v>\f/e burn/ d1
255       Quickening ... I] To make life eager here, d1; <That> \Quickening/ our life <here> \yet/, I d2
256       The … Sore] <The <##> Captain and the leader> and d1
257       Among hard things] Amid the spears d1
257       earn;] earn d1
259       unrest ... tell.] unquiet none may tell d1

260       myself – and,] myself and d1; [folio 10 recto d2]
260       Mocked] “Mocked CW
260       heart] heart, CW
261       anyone] any one CW
262       wise,] wise d1
263       should ... earth:] would play on earth d1
264       Amid folk] <Amon> Mid folk we<nt> \11/ d1  
264       won – ] won d1
265       go father,] go father d1; go, father, CW
265       wide] wide; CW
266       would … my] am I away from d1
267       “In ... cloak] In homespun <cloak> hood d1
267       gold!”] gold d1
268       spake,] sp<a>\o/ke d1
269       wavering] doubtful d1
269       cold:] cold d1

270       o’er] <all> <col> oer d1
271       wrath; … fast] wrath, <and doubt> that \noless/ faded fa<ce>\st/ d1
272       sons eyes;] sons eyes d1; son’s eyes; CW
272       smiled and said] smi<d>\l/ed & said d1; smiled and said: CW
273       “Nowise … dead;] Nowise the goodheart of our <r> \k/in is dead, d1
274       “And] And d1
274       that –] that: d1
275       home: ... gone] home in the days by gone d1; home: in the days bygone CW
276       een] e’en CW
276       thou] [End of fair copy d2]
277       born] borne, CW
277       won] won, CW; [folio 4 recto d1]
278       fathers] father’s CW
279       this –] this: CW

280       Go son] Go, son, CW
280       bliss] bliss – CW
281       A] “A CW      
284       I the] <all> \I/ the d1; Or I at CW
285       thee would] thee! Would CW
286       Cup the fates] cup the Fates CW
286       anew] anew! CW
287       son … true] son,be happy, strong and true.” CW
288       & grave] and grave, CW
289       All … father] “All hail my father, CW

292       Shall] <C> \S/hall d1
294       win] win. CW
295       Farewell] “Farewell CW
295       love O father] love, O father, CW
297       vain] vain: CW
298       farewell] farewell! CW
299       toils] coils CW
299       break] break, CW

301       miseries] miseries.” CW
302       King I] King: “I CW
304       &] and CW
305       again meeter] again <good were> \ meeter/ d1; again, meeter CW
308       a son ... Goths] <on<e>> \a son/ of the Go<d> \t/hs d1
308       fleet.] fleet.” CW
309       Nay … we] Nay Randver said <for> wellthou wottest well <king >\that we/ d1;“Nay,”               Randver said, “thou wottest well CW
313       Keep] <Give> \Keep/ d1
313       grow] grow, CW
315       fall.] fall.” CW
316       parted] parted; CW
317       passed –] passed; CW

321       Oer ... departure,] O’er his departure CW
322       And … name –] [1. 322 is an addition written in the lower right corner margin] d1
322       name –] name, CW
323       said ... pass] said – Did Randver <go> d1;[nigh] said: “Did Randver CW; [folio 4 verso d1]
324       palace – ... and] palace?” “Yea,” he said, “and CW
324       I] I <was> d1
326       hurriedly] hurriedly; CW
328       awooing for thee] a-wooing for thee, CW
329       strike] strike.” CW
329       sword] swords d1

330       Nay Bikki] “Nay, Bikki,” CW
330       King … so] King, “and is it so? CW
331       wrong] wrong: CW
332       een] e’en CW
333       mine his] mine. His CW
337       When as] “Whenas CW
338       worth – ] worth,” CW 
338       smiled – Nay] smiled. “Nay, CW

343       Een] E’en CW
343       win] win. CW
344       Moreover] “Moreover CW
344       word] word, CW
345       marvel of] <fair son and> \marvel of/ d1
346       that wish] th<y> \at/<name> \wish/ d1
347       life] life, CW
349       thou] thou? CW

350       enow] enow: CW
351       Knewest] “Knewest CW
351       dastards] dastard’s CW
352       Go ... as] Go<d> with <the bright> such <as> eyes \as/ d1
353       Are … part] <With such a frame so wrought in every part> \Are set: or hast thou seen a               cowards part/ d1
353       cowards] coward’s CW
354       limb] limb? CW
357       Wise ... fame] Wise, fain of fame, CW
357       house.] house.” CW
358       een] e’en CW

362       be] be, CW
363       indeed] indeed, CW
365       oer] o’er CW
368       thought – ] thought; CW
368       & said –] and said: CW 
369       Fair] “Fair CW

370       fleet – thou] fleet! Thou CW; [folio 5 recto d1]
370       chief] chief; CW
371       belief] belief.” CW
373       played] played, CW
376       With a] With <h> \a/ d1 
376       smile if] smile: “If CW
377       journey] journey <in> d1
378       More] <f> \M/ore d1   
378       mine this] mine – CW
378       home] home.” CW
379       Yea … yet] “Yea,” Bikki said, “yet CW

380       son] son, CW
380       say] say, CW 
381       an end] an<d> end d1;an end, CW
382       today] today! CW
385       creep] creep.” CW
386       him thou] him. “Thou CW
387       5 & 40] five and forty CW
388       traitor] traitor, CW
388       men] men! CW
389       thee Bikki] thee,Bikki, CW
389       Kings] King’s CW

390       sword] sword, CW
390       bears] bears – CW
391       king] king, CW
392       father] father, CW
392       everything] everything?” CW
393       calmly when] calmly: “When CW
394       Then] Th<at>\en/ d1 
396       sovereignty] soverei\n/gnty d1; sovereignty, CW
397       there-fore] therefore, CW
397       I] I, CW
398       war ships] war-ship’s CW
399       realm] realm. CW

400       But if] But \if/ d1; “But if CW
402       To] <Unto thy state when his new> To d1
402       naught] naught, CW
405       fathers bed] father’s bed. CW
406       said] said?” CW
408       mind] mind: CW
409       to … of] <my father deemed to> \to see the back of/ d1

410       behind] behind, CW
411       Hermanarics] Hermanaric’s CW
411       heart] heart<s> d1
411       blind] blind – CW
413       fail] fail. CW
414       the] “The CW
415       that] th<ou>\at/ CW
415       more] more, CW
416       No] [folio 5 verso d1]
417       thou] <y>\t/hou d1
418       oer] o’er CW
419       youths] youth’s CW

420       today] today.” CW
421       aloud – I] aloud. “I CW
422       madmans] madman’s CW
424       within ... now] <with in a heart that now> \within thine heart – ere now/ d1; within thine               heart; ere now CW
425       maids] maid’s CW
425       blow] blow.” CW
426       said belike] said: “Belike CW
427       pass] pass. CW
428       Medreamed] <For as asleep las> d1; “Medreamed CW
429       slowly drawing near] <then the room grew light> \slowly drawing near/ d1; slowly drawing              near, CW 

430       May] may CW
431       her] her, CW
433       life – she] life. She CW
435       And ... O] “And moaned; ’O CW
436       me on] me?’ On CW
437       thronging] thronging <ba> d1

440       said] said: CW
441       In] ‘In CW
441       dreari head –] drea<m>\r/i head –   d1; drearihead – CW
442       For] “‘For CW
442       Swanhild then] Swanhild.’ Then CW
443       wise] wise, CW
443       bare] <my> \bare/ d1
443       wrought] wrought, CW
444       it] it, CW
444       free –] free; CW
447       gladness: nay] gladness. Nay CW
448       taste.] taste.” CW; ta<t>\s/te d1
449       thought –  … lies –] thought, Lies it is, nought but lies CW

450       love] love, CW
451       man] man, CW
451       miseries] miseries, CW
452       hard] h<ea>\a/rd d1; hard CW
452       move] move? CW
454       &] and CW
455       dreams[ dreams. CW
456       out what] out: “What CW
457       follow] follow? CW
458       een] e’en CW
459       For] <M> \For/ d1

461       my ease] <soft> \my/ ease d1; my ease; CW
461       thee –] thee.” CW
462       Nay … easy] “Nay,”Bikki said,“easy CW
462       be] be: CW
463       Take] “Take CW; [folio 6 recto d1]
464       King] King, CW
465       say] <m> \s/ay d1
465       word] word, CW
466       een] e’en CW
467       say – yea] say. Yea CW
468       fates] Fates CW
469       life] life.”

471       listless restless] listless, restless, CW
471       fear] fear, CW
472       grown] grown, CW
473       great] <soon> great d1
473       anear] anear – CW 
474       days] days <that to bear> d1
474       &] and CW
474       bear] bear – CW
475       foiled] foiled, CW
476       upon him] upon \him/ d1 
476       steal] steal. CW
479       recall] recall; CW

480       won] <###> \won/ d1
481       Mens] Men’s CW
481       aloft] aloft, CW
482       warcries] war-cries CW
483       sang] sang. CW
484       Hermanaric ruddy,] Hermanaric, ruddy, CW
484       of face] \of/ face<d> d1 CW
485       white streaked] white-streaked CW
485       & beard] \& beard/ d1; and beard CW
485       wide] wide <& broad> d1
486       Over] O<f>\v/er d1
486       gown,] gown; CW
486       keen … place] <nought of mean or base> \ keen adown the place/ d1
487       fearless] f<lee>\ear/less d1
488       All] <His> \All/ d1
488       in his] <of> \in/ his d1
483       hide – ] hide; CW

490       fight – long fingered] fight, long fingered, CW
490       almond-nailed] a<r>\lmond-/ nailed d1; almond-nailed. CW
493       The morn’s] The <high> morn’s d1
493       dim] dim, CW
496       ill] ill, CW      
497       still] still. CW
498       Dream like] Dream-like CW
498       as ... dream] <dream like at last> \as in a dream/ d1
499       At last he] \At last/ he d1; At last he CW
499       say … son] say <to him> O fair son d1; say: “O fair son, CW

502       foes] foes’ CW
502       won] won, CW
503       name] name, CW
504       thee So] thee <U> \S/o d1; thee. So CW
504       thou] thou: CW
505       Choose] “Choose CW
505       once] <w> once d1
506       deem] deem [it] CW
507       our … for] <that> our heart has \for/ d1
508       of –] of. CW; [folio 6 verso d1
509       Hearafter] <That> Hearafter d1

510       strong – yet] strong. Yet CW
510       choice] choice, CW
511       rejoice] rejoice.” CW
513       board] board, CW
514       heart] heart, CW
515       word] word, CW
516       oer] o’er CW
516       in bidden] unbidden CW
517       dizzy] dizzy, CW
517       space] space <o> d1
519       then … I] then, what say I? CW

521       spirit sank] spirit sank d1; spirit sank. CW
522       said] said, CW
523       mans] <might> mans d1; man’s CW
523       erst – yet] erst. Yet CW
524       him] him, CW
525       dim] dim. CW
526       O father] “O father,” CW
526       I] “I CW
527       Een that wh:] <Wha> Een that Wh: d1; E’en that which CW
527       will] will, CW
529       fulfill] fulfill: CW

531       sweep of swords] <rain> \sweep/ of <spears> \sword/ d1; sweep of swords, CW
532       wind & words] <its> wind & words d1; wind and words.” CW
535       Randver all alone] Randver <as> \all/ alone d1; Randver, all alone, CW
536       Deserted did] <Pale cheeked> \Deserted did/ d1
537       and … dearth] <hateful seemed the earth> \and a hollow dearth/ d1
538       be] be, CW
539       On … balefully] <He deemed men eyed his pale face scornfully – > \On coming days he               brooded balefully/ d1
539       balefully] balefully. CW

540       alone,]\alone/, d1
540       thought] thought <forsooth> d1; thought, CW
541       the King once or twice] \the king/ once or twice <the king> dl
541       there] there, CW
542       good] good, CW
543       with eager eyes] <in doubtful wise> \with eager eyes/ d1
545       end] end, CW
546       wend] wend. CW
547       By] BY CW; [Triple stanza division with oversize initial B. CW]; [folio 7 recto d1]
548       ships] ship’s CW
549       Quick] <L> Quick d1

550       if … or] <now whether> \if it were/ foul <and> \or/ d1
552       Might he] <His <feet> eyes> Might he/ d1
553       his way adown] \his way/ adown <his dimness> <\the l/> d1
553       led] led. CW
554       &] and CW
558       complaint &] complaint, and CW
559       little] little, CW
559       all] all, CW

560       Till] <Whatev> Till d1
560       fall] fall. CW
561       & said Fair lord] and said: “Fair lord, CW
563       &] and CW
566       them let be] them – Let be, CW
567       climb] climb: CW
568       Because] “Because CW
569       win] win, CW

572       din] din, CW
576       him] him, CW
577       in … was] <thing was in his speech> \in such great words was/ d1

580       speech] speech] speech, CW
581       deemed] deemed. CW
582       ship-board –] ship-board: CW
583       upon] upon, CW
585       longings –] longings, CW
585       but of great] <rather> \but/ of \great/ d1
586       regretfully, as one] <and might battles won> \regretfully, as one/ d1; regretfully as one CW
588       fall] fall. CW
589       So … eve] <So on they sailed> \So sailing on/ ere <might> \eve/ d1

590       Jonaks] Jonak’s CW
593       They] [folio 7 verso d1]
595       fame] fame, CW
596       cloths] cloth CW
597       & … sing – ] and soft tunes sing; CW

600       triumphing] triumphing, CW
602       had] had. CW
603       be] be, CW
604       there] there, CW
605       sea] sea, CW
607       many] <close [?]> many d1
608       wrong – then] wrong. Then CW
608       & said] and said, CW
609       A Peaceful] “A peaceful CW
609       worlds drearihead – ] world’s drearihead! CW

610       Were] W<h>ere d1; “Were CW
610       good fair lord] good, fair lord, CW
612       days] day’s CW
613       Though lovest] Thou lovedst CW
613       well] well, CW
614       go] go<e> d1
616       wrong] wrong?” CW
618       forward] forward, CW
619       now] now, CW

621       away] [Stem of “y” is extended into a branch of leaves d1]
622       &] and CW
623       change] change. CW
624       went] went, CW

630       home] home. CW
631       Kings] King’s CW
632       land and lord] <whence they came> \land and lord/ d1; land and lord, CW
635       peaceful ... the] \peaceful/ dealings <either with the> \or the/ d1
636       The] <When somewhat they had feasted> The d1
636       morn] morn, CW
637       sea] sea. CW
638       next] <th> \ne/xt d1 [folio 8 recto d1]
639       King and] King and <as they went their> d1; King, and CW

640       Randver – What] Randver: “What CW
641       today] today? CW
643       forgotten – hark] forgotten? Hark CW
643       ring] ring! CW
644       King] King. CW
645       Yet] “Yet CW
646       life] life, CW
646       maiden – red] maiden.” Red CW
649       any] <this> \any/ d1

650       it] it, CW
651       een] e’en CW
652       heart] heart. CW
653       again – Yea] again: “Yea CW
656       Shall] <Sorrow and e> Shall d1; Shalt CW
658       great hearted] great-hearted CW
658       rejoice] rejoice.” CW
659       answered] answered, CW

661       hall] CW
663       & gold] & <c> \g/old d1; and gold CW
664       would] w<ho>ould d1
665            mightily] mightily. CW
666       did they wend] <soon were they> \did they wend/ d1
668       adown] <d> \a/down d1
668       groves] grove’s CW

670       black haired] black-haired CW
670       not great] <#> not great d1; not great, CW
672       &] and CW
672       withat] with that. CW
673       Kings] King’s CW
673       more] more, CW
674       make] m<ore> a/ke d1; make, CW
675       Goth-folk oer] Goth<s> \-/folk oer d1; Goth folk o’er CW
679       face] face. CW

680       lo upon] lo <o> \u/p<er>\on/ d1; on CW
680       Kings] King’s CW
681       crowned] crown<e>ed d1
682       From whose] <With \From whose/ d1
684       The] Th<at>\e/ d1
684       fate] Fate; CW
686       mans delight] man’s delight. CW
687       Yea] [folio 8 verso d1]
688       hollow colourless] hollow, colourless, CW
689       were] <with lovely colour> were d1

690       Randvers] Randver’s CW
690       press] press, CW
691       knew] \knew/ d1
691       bless] <p> \b/less d1
692       Giukis] Giuki’s CW
693       laboured] <tak> laboured d1
693       through] through. CW
694       saw] saw, CW
696       Jonaks] Jonak’s CW
698       triumphing] triumphing, CW
699       fair] fair, CW

700       glory] glory <of his people> d1
700       there] there. CW
701       Good] “Good CW
701       you] you, CW
702       thee King’s Son] thee, King’s Son, CW
703       festival] festival, CW
704       Or] O<e>\r/ d1
704       bear] bear! CW
706       carriest] carriest, CW
707       way] way.” CW

710       will] will: CW
711       All hail] “All hail, CW
711       King] King! CW
712       thee; yet are] thee; <fain> yet are <fain> d1; thee, yet are CW
715       Who] “Who CW
715       King] King, CW
718       is] Is CW
719       not] not, CW

720       hight] height CW
721       white] white.” CW
722       eagerly] eagerly: CW
723       maid?] maid?” CW
724       anigh] anigh, CW
725       not why not] not, why not? CW
725       said] said, CW
726       The] “The CW
727       deemeth] <no> \dee/meth d1
729       He] “He CW

730       peace] peace, CW
731       fate] fate, CW
732       worlds] world’s CW
732       disease] disease, CW [folio 9 recto d1]
735       rejoice] rejoice; CW
736       Therewith] “Therewith CW
736       bides] bids CW
737       shone] shone, CW
739       done] done; CW

741       scabard] sca<ee>bard d1; scabbard CW
742       word] word.” CW
745       king,] king; CW
746       move] move, CW
747       Gudruns] Gudrun’s CW
748       upon] <Gazing> upon d1, [Bending] upon [him] CW
749       pity yea] pity yea <ha> d1: pity, yea CW
749       place] place. CW

750       thanks] “Thanks CW
751       speech prince – ] speech, prince; CW
751       sire] sire, CW
752       aid] <h> \a/id d1
753       peace] peace, CW
755       So] <Such> < <#> > So d1
756       & happy days] and happy days. CW
757       Yet] “Yet CW
758       least] least, CW

760       year or nay] Yea or Nay. CW
762       morn] morn.” CW
763       borne] borne, CW; [Stanza division line drawn between 1ines 762 and 763 d1]
764       mens] men’s CW
764       gain] gain. CW
765       twixt] ’twixt CW
766       talk] talk, CW
766       pain] pain, CW 
767       & root no] & root no<r> d1; and root no CW
767       show] show, CW        
769       Craving] <a longing once \a un [illegible]/> Craving d1
769       while] while, CW

770       &] and CW
771       All] All <things save> d1
772       hearkening] hearkening
772       whose faint] <through her> \whose faint/ d1
773       een] e’en CW
774       day] day, CW
776       carelessly] carlessly, CW
777       down] down. CW
778       howsoev er] howsoe’er CW
778       went.] went, CW
779       them – oer long] them, o’erlong CW

781       day joyous] day. Joyous CW; [folio 9 verso d1]
781       there] there, CW
783       Kings] King’s CW
784       die] die. CW
785       So wore] So <past> \wore/ d1; SO CW; [Triple stanza division with oversize initial S. CW]
785       low] <set down> \low/ d1  
786       Randver] <Randver at the last> Randver d1
788       garden] <palace> garden d1; garden, CW
789       surf,] surf, <beyond> d1

790       Oer] O’er CW
790       dew] dew, CW
791       wildered] ’wildered CW
792       sitting so] <now with that come> \sitting so/
                                <Came one unto the door and entering>
                                <Drew nigh to where in dreamy mood he sat>
                                <And bade him know that the Queen> d1
793       pondering] pondering, CW
794       him bid] him, bid CW
795       That fain] That \fain/ d1
795       oer] o’er CW
796       twixt] ’twixt CW
796       &] and CW
797       sang – so] sang. So CW
798       suns last rim] sun’s last rim. CW
799       met] met, CW

800       he] he, CW
802       said Would] said: “Would CW
803       flame … peace] flame <, so that some little> \to stay you that some <ease> \peace// d1
803       you] you, CW
804       life] life! CW
805       me O me] me, O me, CW
805       strife – ] strife!” CW
806       said Thou] said: “Thou CW
806       not] not, CW
807       young art] young – art CW
807       hast] hast, CW
809       past] past <so long> d1

810       man] man, CW
811       an] an<d> d1
812       And] <Yet hearken> And d1
812       still] still.” CW
813       Lady he said I] “Lady,” he said, “I CW
814       begun] begun; CW
816       done] done: CW
817       then what then –] then – what then? CW
818       trouble] trouble, CW
819       forsooth] forsooth.” CW

820       Hearken … thou] “Hearken,” she said, “thou CW
821       deem] deem<ing> d1
821       say] [“y” is extended into a doodle d1]; say: CW
823       red,] Red; CW
823       Same day] <C> \S/ame <1> \d/ay d1; same day CW
825       see] see: CW
827       started … this] started: “Surely,” said he, “this CW [folio 10 recto d1]
828       gone] gone, CW

833       speak, for haste] speak, for <surely> \h/aste d1;
833       lie] lie.” CW
834       O haste enow] “O haste enow,” CW
834       said else] said, “else CW
837       mighst know it] might’st know it, CW
838       sleeping] sleeping, CW 
839       eyes] eyes – CW

840       tel1 – ] tell? CW
840       wise.] wise.” CW
841       said tomorrow] said: “Tomorrow CW
841       thee] thee: CW
842       night] night.” CW
843       Nay] “Nay, CW         
843       misery] misery – CW
844       O man O man] <A> \O/ man <wh> \O m/an d1; O man, O man! CW
846       lifes dismal road] life’s dismal road? CW
847       load] load?” CW
848       was – ] was! CW
849       new risen] new-risen CW

851       went] went: CW
852       meant] meant, CW
853       they seemed him] the<re>\y/ seemed him d1; they seemed to him, CW
854       however dim] howe<’re>\ve/r dim d1; however dim. CW
855       heat] heart CW
855       gained] gained, CW
858       him] him, CW 
859       The] <Behind them gan to glow the> The d1
859       gan] ’gan CW
859       new lit] new-lit CW

860       hall] hall, CW
861       festival –] festival. CW
862       spake she] \spake/ she <spake> d1
862       voice voice vain love] voice: “Vain love – CW
864       move – ] move! CW
865       kill] kill, CW
866       away] away, CW
868       & blood] and blood! CW
869       And now the] “And now at CW

870       &] and CW
871       flower tangled] flower-tangled CW
871       ways] wa<s>\y/s d1
872       Pitys] <No> Pitys d1; Pities CW
872       life] life, CW
873       wife] wife – CW
874       Ah] <Not h> Ah d1
874       love] love, CW 
875       dim] dim. CW; [folio 10 verso d1]
876       Ah] “Ah CW
876       kind] kind, CW
877       Had] <Amid the> Had d1
877       lovcd – She] loved – She <sho> d1, loved – She CW
878       the soft nights] <dusk of> the soft nights d1; soft night’s CW
879       in] <her> in d1
879       gan] ’gan CW

881       cried not] cried: “Not CW
882       Choosest son –] choosest, son! CW
883       And] “And CW
883       beloved &]beloved – and CW
885       might] might, CW
886       misery for the] <p> misery for the<re> d1
887       good things – ] <thes> good things – d1; good things! – CW
889       abide] abide!” CW

890       blared] blared, CW
891       night] night, CW
892       trees … torches] <garden green> \trees afar/ <a> \t/orches d1
893       As] <Then wearily she sighed – hearken delight
             Awaiteth thee, she said>
             As d1
893       &] and CW
894       went … delight] went, “Hearken,” she said, “delight CW
895       eve] eve, CW
897       A] “A CW
897       withal] withal, CW
898       sped] sped, CW

900       bread – ] bread. CW
901       not] not, CW
902       agone] agone! CW
903       neath} ’neath CW
903       conquerors hand] conqueror’s hand! CW
904       Ah me I rave] “Ah me I rave, CW
904       again] again: CW
905       stood] [hand] stood, CW
907       I] \I/ d1
908       blood] blood.” CW
909       wakened] wakened, CW
909       turned] turned, CW

910       burned] burned. CW
911       Thanks] “Thanks CW
911       thou ... Queen] thou, O great-hearted Queen, CW
912       words – natheless] words – nathe<s> \less/ d1; words! Natheless CW
913       Whatever] Whatever <ev> d1
915       misery] misery. CW
916       Swanhilds] Swanhild’s CW
917       love] love, CW
918       Yet ... not] “Yet fear me not, CW

920       strife] strife, CW
921       And] [folio 11 recto d1]
922       care] care – CW
924       kind] kind. CW
925       Be merrier Queen] “Be merrier, Queen, CW
928       life days end] life-days end, CW
929       deaths] death’s CW

930       aught – ] aught – <fear> d1; aught, CW
930       from heart] from heart, CW
931       nigh apart] <f> nigh apart d1; nigh apart.” CW
932       sigh] sigh, CW
934       smile – ] smile; CW
935       torches] torches, CW
937       together] together, CW
938       & Kings] and Kings. CW
939       High] [Quadruple line division drawn between 1ines 938-39. d1] [HIGH] CW;
              [Triple stanza division with oversize initial H. CW]

940       Of] Of <tale and> d1
940       song] <music> \song/ d1
940       eat] eat. CW
941       very] very <robes of> d1  
943       Kings … meet] Kings’ daughters meet, CW
944       And … tapers] A <st>\nd/ as the scented <war lights> \tapers/ d1
945       sides waned] <wax wasted strange> \sides waned/ d1
945       gay] gay. CW
947       wrought] wrought, CW
948       serving men] serving-men, CW
949       brought] brought, CW

950       thought] thought, CW
951       Such] <That royal feast unto its midmost passed>
             Such d1
951       mens] men’s CW
952       For ever] Forever, CW
952       passed] passed. CW
953       wine] wine, CW
954       word] words CW
955       divine] divine; CW
956       eyes] eyes, CW
957       aweary … wise] aweary, anxious-wise, CW
958       Bikkis laugh] Bikkis <smile> <sneer> \laugh/ d1; Bikki’s laugh CW
958       Kings merry] Kings <laughing> \merry/ d1; King's merry CW
959       Gudruns] Gudrun’s CW

960       foolish] <weary> \foolish/ d1
960       about] about, CW
961       & baffled love] and baffled love; CW
964       move] move, CW
966       worlds] world’s CW
966       see] see. CW 
967       Now][folio 11 verso d1]
968       Loud] <Out> \Loud/ d1
968       shattering gainst] <horns> shattering gainst d1; horns shattering ’gainst CW
969       roof] roof, CW

970       utterly –] utterly. CW
972       slow] slow, CW
973       now] now. CW
974       noted] <saw> \noted/ d1
974       grave] grave, CW
976       all his] <h> \a/ll his d1
977       delight] de<e>light d1
978       Strove] Strove <the> d1
979       said. “If] said: If CW

980       mockery] mockery! CW; [The number of lines written in a fortnight is noted in the right               margin:]
987       in a fortnight d1
982       hall doors] hall-doors CW
984       name – ] name; CW
986       hall] <fr> \h/all d1
986       day like] day-like CW
987       white clad garlanded] white-clad, garlanded. CW
988       music] music, CW
988       fair] fair. CW
989       summer … delight] summer, bright-eyed with delight, CW

991       neath] ’neath CW
991       &] and CW
992       Went] W<h>ent d1
992       harp strings bright] harp-strings bright, CW
993       down … a] <And flower-crowned hair – then a most> \down the hall there came a/ d1
994       went] went. CW
995       withal] withal, CW
996       rose bough] rose-bough, CW
998       And] <Nor hidden over much from the doves eyes> And d1
999-1000  Of … mysteries] <Of> the <grey> dove, that <now> in the <black> shade \\Of/ the               brown thrush hushed by the mysteries/ d1

1001     Of moon] <\Of summer or />
              Of moon d1
1001     now ... tree] <in> \now on/the high <aspen> \tree/ d1; [Six-line stanza CW]
1004     roseleaves] rose-leaves CW
1004     flung] flung, CW
1005     thereon] \thereon/ d1
1005     way] <highwa> way d1
1006     follow] follow, CW
1008     go] go. CW
1009     was] was, CW
1009     & … gold] and crowned with gold, CW  

1011     behold] behold, CW
1012     she … dream] <she herself amid the flush & gleam> \she herself looked not like any dream/             d1
1012     dream] dream, CW
1013     rather] rather, CW; [folio 12 recto d1]
1014     raiment] <robes> raiment d1; raiment, CW
1015     reality – ] reality. CW
1017     eyes] eyes, CW
1018     I] <OE [?]> \I/ d1
1019     oer] o’er CW
1019     wise] wie, CW

1020     store house] store?-house CW
1021     anothers] another’s CW
1021     fair] fair: CW
1023     with … silent,] with <slowsteps> \a/down the \silent/ d1; adown the silent CW
1024     Not] < Amid the wondering silence <of all men folk> \eager was she not neither/ > Not d1;               Nor CW
1024     nor glad nor sorry] <no glad> nor <sad> \glad nor sorry/ d1
1025     peace] <rest> peace d1; peace, CW [May Morris correctly reverses 1ines 1024-25 to               maintain the structure of the rime royal stanza CW]
1026     increase] increase, CW
1028     but more] <m> \bu/t more d1
1029     adore] adore. CW

1030     while] while, CW
1031     Up lepd] Up le<ad>\p/d d1; Upleapt CW
1031     high] <loud> \high/ d1
1032     rang] ran<d>\g/ d1 
1034     Randver] Randver; CW 
1036     riven] riven. CW
1039     lip made] lip-made CW

1040     to – ] to: CW
1041     anigh –] anigh. CW
1042     twice then] twice th<a>\e/n d1; twice, then CW
1042     & said] and said: CW
1043     O Kings son] “O King’s son, CW
1044     That] “That CW 
1044     fathers sakes] –father’s sake, CW
1045     askedst,] askedst; CW
1045     maid –] maid, CW 
1046     unto him] <and5-unto him d1; unto him, CW
1047     now … as] \now/ thy son – as d1; now thy son.” As CW
1048     words gan] wo\r/ds gan d1; words, ’gan CW
1048     tremble &] tremble, and CW
1049     rise] rise, CW

1050     & … eyes] and wandering eyes. CW
1051     Randver] Randver, CW  
1052     nigh] nigh, CW
1054     lie] lie, CW
1057     his] his <stra> d1; [folio 12 verso d1]
1057     beguile – ] beguile. CW
1059     Piteous &] <Wi> Piteous & d1; Piteous and CW
1059     were] were, CW

1060     mothers] mother’s CW
1061     imploring,] imploring: CW
1064     princes eyes behold] prince’s eyes behold. CW
1068     things] things, CW
1069     & ... know] and his to know, CW

1071     see] see. CW 
1072     minutes] minutes <to these few> d1
1073     real so strange] real, so strange, CW
1076     for] for, CW
1077     heart] heart, CW
1078     now … apart] now, now so far apart. CW
1079     them – ] them? CW

1081     & eyes & heard – ] and eyes and heart, CW
1082     somewhat] s<ure>omewhat d1
1085     oer] o’er CW
1085     broke] broke. CW
1086     flared] flared, CW
1087     &] and CW
1088     fared] fared; CW
1089     Then … lie] <And> Then on on awhile silence \ then in the gathering light/ oer all did <d>  
              \l/ie d1
1089     oer] o’er CW

1090     Deep … of] Yet for those twain \Deep silence/ \but/ no rest <for> \of/ d1
1091     lone] lone, CW
1092     Who … that] <And> Who<se> lone of love <now> \lay/ that <short> d1
1092     lay] lay now CW
1092     gone] gone. CW
1093     In] [Stanza follows double lines drawn beneath line 1092 d1]; IN CW;
              [Triple stanza division with oversize Initial I. CW]
1094     days] days. d1
1095     anigh] anigh<t> d1; anigh. CW
1097     spears] <tilt> spears d1; spears, CW
1098     Anigh] A<l>\n/igh d1
1099     others] other’s CW

1099     parch lips reach] parched lips reache. CW

1100     Howere] Howe’er CW
1101     hands &] hands and CW
1101     hearts &] hearts, and CW
1102     dreamed] dreamed – CW
1103     neer forsake] ne’er forsake, CW
1104     perchance] per<h>\c/hance d1
1105     than … indeed] tha<t>\n/ <and> yet <as sweet \by the worlds/> \<as> sweet <and               sweet> indeed/ <Besides the world as hea> d1; than hell, yet sweet indeed CW;
             [folio 13 recto d1]
1106     neer … mead] ne’er parched, ne’er frozen, blessed mead. CW
1107     be thought Randver] be, thought Randver, CW
1108     us … be] us why <should wechange> \must change needs be/ d1; us: must change needs               be?  CW
1109     Why … this] <And> \Whymust we/ strive to cast this <happy> d1
1112     them … hope] them, with no hope, CW
1113     cope] cope? CW