Photograph by Martin Stott


Images are of photographs taken by Martin Stott in July 2013 during a William Morris Society expedition which retraced the route of Morris's 1871 and 1873 journeys. 
For each date, the entry from the Collected Works (Vol. 8, 1911) edition is provided to accompany the notes. The complete list of notes is [here].

London to Reykjavík

Thursday, July 6th, Newcastle, Berwick

Friday, July 7th, at the Granton hotel

Saturday, July 8th, On board-ship "Diana" lying in Granton Harbour

Sunday, July 9th, On board-ship "Diana," somewhere in the Pentland Firth

Monday, July 10th, On board-ship "Diana," somewhere between the Orkneys and the Faroes

Tuesday, July 11th, On Board-ship "Diana," the Faroes astern of us

Wednesday, July 12th, On board-ship "Diana" near the East firths of Iceland

Thursday, July 13th , On board-ship "Diana" off the coast of Rangárvalla-sýlsla, Iceland

Friday, July 14th, At Reykjavík in the house of Maria Einar's-dóttir

Saturday, July 15th, In the same place

Sunday, July 16th, At the same place