Images are of photographs taken by Martin Stott in July 2013 during a William Morris Society expedition which retraced the route of Morris's 1871 and 1873 journeys. 
For each date, the entry from the Collected Works (Vol. 8, 1911) edition is provided to accompany the notes. The complete list of notes is [here].

Water-dale to Biarg and Ramfirth

Friday, August 4th, In Mr. Jon Vidalin's house at Vididalstunga

Saturday, August 5th, In camp by the stead of Fiardarhorn, Ramfirth

Sunday, August 6th, In camp in the home-mead of Herdholt

Monday, August 7th, In the same place

Tuesday, August 8th, In the same place

Wednesday, August 9th, In the priest's house at Briedabólstadr on Skógar-strand

Thursday, August 10th, At Mr. Thorlacius' house at Stykkisholm

Friday, August 11th, In the same place

Saturday, August 12th, In camp by Berserkia-hraun

Sunday, August 13th, In camp at the stead of Skerdingsstadr

Monday, August 14th, In the church at Ingialdshóll

Tuesday, August 15th, In camp by Stapi

Wednesday, August 16th, In camp in the home-stead of Stadastadr

Thursday, August 17th, In the bonder's house at Miklaholt

Friday, August 18th, In the priest's house at Hítardal

Saturday, August 19th, In the camp in the tún of Borg

Sunday, August 20th, In camp in the home-mead of Borg

Monday, August 21st, In camp in the home-mead at Stafhold

Tuesday, August 22nd, In the priest's house at Gilsbank (Gilsbakki)

Wednesday, August 23rd, In the priest's house at Reykholt

Thursday, August 24th, In the same place

Friday, August 25th, In camp in the home-mead at Thingvellir

Saturday, August 26th, In the same place

Sunday, August 27th, In the same place

Monday, August 28th, In a house at Reykjavík

Tuesday, August 29th, In a house (Beir Zoega's I think) in Reykjavík

Wednesday, August 30th, In the same place

Thursday, August 31st, In the same place

Friday, September 1st, On board the "Diana" off the south coast of Iceland

Saturday, September 2nd, On board the "Diana" off Berufirth

Sunday, September 3rd, On board the "Diana," somewhere between Iceland and the Faroes

Monday, September 4th, On board the "Diana," in the harbour of Thorshaven

Tuesday, September 5th, On board the "Diana" between the Faroes and the Orkneys

Wednesday, September 6th, On board the "Diana" off the North coast of Scotland

Thursday, September 7th, In England again