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The Story of King Magnus Son of Erling, Huntington Library Manuscript, HM 6463

The Story of King Harald, calligraphic manuscript, MA 3471 [bound with Halfdan the Black]

The Story of Halfdan the Black, calligraphic manuscript, MA 3471 [bound with King Harald]

The Story of Magnus the Blind and Harald Gilli. Images courtesy of the Berg Collection, New York Public Libary, Saga Library, vol. 5.


"Bjorn's brother there saw they," verse rejected from "The Story of Hakon." 23 lines, cancelled. Huntington Library Manuscript, HM 6428, f. 45. WM's note explains that sts. 2-4 had been written for "Hakon's Song" (ff. 50-51).

"The King set there a-singing," unidentified verse from "The Story of Hakon." 4 lines from end of chatper 10. Huntington Library Manuscript 6428, f. 24.

"Wrath giver well would try him," verses from "The Story of King Olaf Tryggvison." 8 lines cancelled. Huntington Library Manuscript 6437, f. 16.

"In steel storms far more mighty," cancelled draft. 8 lines, on 2 pages (one leaf) numbered 109. Huntington Library Manuscript HM 6437, f. 95r-v.

"Jutland's king <in land now let him>," poem included in the manuscript of "The Story of Olaf the Holy" as a drottkvaett stanza, but does not appear in the published text of Saga Library, vol. 4.

"The Tale of Norn-Guest," unpublished translation of the Icelandic "Nornagests Dattr." B. L. Ms. Add. Ms. 45,317, ff. 19-28, rectos only.

'Howard the Halt," Fitzwilliam Museum  MS270 ff. 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140; and "A Gloss on the story of Haward by William Morris," ff. 241, 242, 243. (click on individual folio to see image); this is transcribed in the "List of Poems of the Earthly Paradise Period," no. C-72.

Thorbiorn, translation, Cheltenham Public Library, 9ff., 8 v. Ends, "below the ridge was a great pond: from the boat-house the foreshore was to be seen, but from the shingle-ridge. . ."

"The Words of Snorri Sturleson, Cheltenham Public Library, 2ff. and 1v. Introduction by Snorri--has written olden tales in the Danish tongue.


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