1. Of a River Called the Sundering Flood, and of the Folk that Dwelt Thereby

  2. Of Wethermel and the Child Osberne

  3. Wolves Harry the Flock

  4. Surly John Falls Out with the Goodman

  5. Osberne Slays the Wolves

  6. They Fare to the Cloven Mote

  7. Of a Newcomer, and His Gift to Osberne

  8. The Goodman Gets a New Hired Man

  9. The Bight of the Cloven Knoll

  10. Osberne and Elfhild Hold Converse Together

  11. Osberne Shoots a Gift Across the Flood

  12. Of a Guest Called Waywearer

  13. Steelhead Gives Osberne the Sword Boardcleaver

  14. The Gifts of Steelhead

  15. Surly John Brings a Guest to Wethermel

  16. Hardcastle Would Seize Wethermel

  17. The Slaying of Hardcastle

  18. Elfhild Hears of the Slaying

  19. The Winter Passes and Elfhild Tells of the Death of Her Kinswoman

  20. Osberne Fares to Eastcheaping and Brings Gifts for Elfhild

  21. Warriors from Eastcheaping Ride into the Dale

  22. Osberne Takes Leave of Elfhild

  23. Osberne Is Chosen Captain of the Dalesmen

  24. A Skirmish with the Baron of Deepdale in the Marshes

  25. Stephen Tells of an Adventure in the Camp of the Foemen

  26. They Bring the Baron into Eastcheaping

  27. They Parley from the Walls

  28. The Baron of Deepdale Makes Peace

  29. Osberne and His Men Return to Wethermel

  30. Osberne Goes to the Trysting-Place

  31. They Meet Through Autumn and Winter

  32. Foemen Among the West Dalers

  33. Osberne Seeks Tidings of Elfhild

  34. Osberne Sorrows for the Loss of Elfhild

  35. Osberne Seeks Counsel of Steelhead

  36. The Staves which Osberne Taught to the Dalesmen

  37. Osberne Takes Leave of Wethermel

  38. Osberne Parts from Stephen the Eater

  39. Osberne Gets Him a New Master

  40. Osberne Rides with Sir Godrick

  41. They Joust with the Knight of the Fish

  42. They Deliver the Thorp-Dwellers from the Black Skinners

  43. They Come to the Edge of the Wood Masterless

  44. They Reach Longshaw and Osberne Gets Him a New Name

  45. The Red Lad Scatters the Host of the Barons

  46. Osberne Enters the City of the Sundering Flood

  47. The Battle in the Square

  48. Sir Godrick Is Chosen Burgreve of the City

  49. Of the City King and the Outland King

  50. The Red Lad Speaks Privily with Sir Godrick

  51. Osberne is Beguiled by Felons

  52. The Meeting of Osberne and Elfhild

  53. Strangers Come to Wethermel

  54. The Carline Beginneth Her Tale

  55. The Blue Knight Buys the Maiden of the Chapman

  56. The Blue Knight Talks with the Maiden by the Way

  57. They Come to Brookside

  58. Peaceful Days in the Castle of Brookside

  59. Tidings of Longshaw and of the Hosting of the Barons'League

  60. The Blue Knight Gathers Men and Departs from Brookside

  61. The Maiden and the Carline Flee to the Grey Sisters

  62. They Fall in with Three Chapmen

  63. They Escape from the Chapmen by the Carline's Wizardry

  64. The Carline Endeth Her Tale

  65. Osberne and Elfhild Make Themselves Known to Their People

  66. The Lip of the Sundering Flood

  67. A Friend at Need

  68. The Knight of Longshaw Gathereth Force