The images taken from the manuscripts within this exhibit highlight Morris’s passion for the decorative arts and book design. The many facets of the works of William Morris make proper way for an overflow of inspiration, allowing these manuscripts to exist as a site for a large number of marginal illuminations and illustrations of differing themes and styles. Themes of love, seduction, summer, and exploration are rampant within these various translations and can be represented through Morris's freehand of flowers, boats, figures, and more. Though not all are inherently relevant to the content of their corresponding works, these drawings all showcase Morris’s limitless creativity and an intersection between his titles as both literary figure and artist. 

Illuminations & Illustrations by Theme


Figures & Faces

Calligraphic Elements


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This exhibit was made possible through funding from the Iowa Center for Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. All material found within this exhibit was gathered and arranged by fellow and undergraduate researcher for the William Morris Archive, M Clark, with the help of their mentor and general editor of the archive, Florence Boos, as well as project manager for the archive, Kimberly A. Maher.