Photographs and Notes of locations mentioned in Morris's Journals by Martin Stott 

Complete List of Notes for 1871 Journals

Complete List of Entries Published in Collected Works (Vol. 8, 1911)

Slideshows of All Days Images Including Notes by Martin Stott

Illustrations featured in The Land of Thor, and An American in Iceland

An informational booklet on Morris in Iceland. 


"Morris's Journey to Iceland 1871," and "Morris's Journey to Iceland 1873," The Collected Works of William Morris, Vol. 8, p. 129 and 252, Longman's Green & Company, 1911. 

Detail of 1873 Map

Map of the Country of the Ere-Dweller's Story

Map of Iceland


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Lavinia Greenlaw, William Morris in Iceland: Questions of Travel, 2011. (portions of Morris's diary juxtaposed with peripatetic musings by Greenlaw)

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